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Monday, February 15, 2016

Light (Part 4)

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Mark began to drown out the panicked cries in his head, as he began to think of all the people in his life. He realized that all of them had probably suffered a similar fate. They were now in he bodies of other people. His first thought was concern. Did they luck out like him? Were they in a safe place when they swapped? Were they swapped into a healthy body? Then his thought turned to his ex-girlfriend, who had dumped him a few weeks ago. He knew it was overly vindictive, but he hoped she found herself in the body of a guy, maybe an old man. Heck, did other people swap with animals? If so, he hoped she was now in the body of a dog...or a rat! He chuckled to himself, thinking of his ex-girlfriend stuck in the body of a rat, running around the sewers. That didn’t seem too likely. In fact, he felt just a little guilty even thinking about it. There were probably people in some truly bad situations as a result of this whole body swapping thing. People were probably really getting hurt somewhere from being suddenly swapped into a body being the wheel or a car or into a cockpit of a plane. Still, he let himself laugh just a little more at the thought of his ex running around the sewer stuck in the body of a rat. He just wanted to get it out of his system...

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