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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Transformation Pad

“How much longer do I need to stand here?” Caleb complained, “My body transformed almost an hour ago.”

“The pad transforms more than just your outer form,” Dr. Lurie explained, “If you were to step off now, you would still look like Miss Newton, but you’d still retain your own mannerism. People would question why such a lovely woman held herself like a man. Your accent would be off as well, and you’d lack some pretty essential knowledge about being a woman that you’ll likely need. If you want to properly pass as Miss Newton for this mission, you will be patient and let the pad do it’s job.”

Caleb wasn’t sure he could be patient much longer. He was sure he could fake that other stuff. He already looked like a woman, how hard could it be to act like one? Still, he knew if he stepped off this transformation pad before it was done, the higher ups might cancel his mission entirely; he’d just have to wait until it was done.

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