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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Alternate Reality

Larry had only learned yoga because of his wife’s pleaded. He had considered it, like most things, to be a waste of time that distracted him from his inventions. Of course, he never expected the skill to come in handy when his latest device went awry. The thing he had made was nothing short of incredible. It was a device that allowed him to travel to alternate realities. It wasn’t until the fourth reality that he discovered it’s flaw. Only his spirit was traveling -- neither his body nor the device were going with him. In this reality, he had an extra X chromosome, and was, therefore, born a woman. As a woman, he was never pushed to study science. As a result, in this reality, he was never an inventor and never made the device, which meant it didn’t exist here for him to use to return. Worse still, he could feel his mind slipping, adjusting to this reality. That’s where the yoga came in handy. He was able to use it to focus, to remember who he really was and the skills he had. He needed to focus to be able to reconstruct the device in this time line in order to return to his own reality. It would take several months to build the device again, and he each day his yoga session got a little longer in order to achieve that focus. He couldn’t have been more thankful that his wife had forced him to learn.

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