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Friday, September 30, 2016

Half Court (Part 2)

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Whatever sort of lesson Dave was supposed to learn from being in Daiyu’s body, he was clueless about. It was tough enough to piece together where she lived from the contents of her purse and by asking the friends she had gone to the gym with. Inside her off-campus apartment, he found a schedule. It seemed she was a teaching assistant in a class that started in an hour. He wasn’t very comfortable in any of her clothes. Pants were too tight, tops were to revealing. He eventually settled on a modest white dress. He wasn’t thrilled about wearing a dress, but at least it was loose and covered his body up! Once arriving at the class, he realized he knew nothing about the subject matter. It was some sort of advanced mix of Chinese and mathematics. For the most part, he just tried to smile and nod as the students talked about the problems to one another. All he could think about inside of his head was when he was going to get his own body back! He hoped it was soon...but how?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Half Court

Dave and his friends went to the university’s gym, hoping to shoot some hoops after classes. There was a group of women already playing on the court. Dave shouted at them to get off. The women felt pretty insulted, insisted that there was plenty of room for everyone. They eventually both agreed to each play on half the court. After a missed pass, Dave went running after the ball, eventually crashing into one of the women running the other way.

“I told you there wasn’t enough room for all of us on the court,” He snapped.

“What are you talking about, Daiyu?” One of the women asked, “It was your idea to let these guys join our game when they arrived.”

Dave looked down with fear. He had become the woman that ran into him! And it seemed like his own body was nowhere around. No one seemed to be concerned; it was like he never even existed. As it seems, without his presence, when his friends had shown up, everyone agreed to one big game instead of each going half court. He began to wonder if becoming this woman was supposed to teach him some sort of lesson about his pigheadedness. Maybe he was meant to understand women better and this was some sort of lesson...

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Maid Man

For years, Vivian hated the way her boss had treated her. Hugo Crump had employed her as a maid, but he treated her terribly. He overworked her, underpaid her, and forced her to wear skimpy outfits while cleaning. If she spoke up, he threatened to call immigration and have her deported. There didn’t seem to be much she could do until she heard about a new technology that allowed two people to swap bodies. Struggling to put some money aside, she finally saved enough. Then when he least expected it, she swapped bodies with Mr. Crump. He didn’t seem too upset by the swap. In fact, he just sat down and slumped in one of his large leather chairs.

“You better start doing what I say now, Mr. Crump,” Vivian tried demanding, “Or else I’m going to be the one to call immigration and have YOU deported.” Hugo laughed, “Good luck with that. It’s not like body swapping technology is exactly a secret. I have myself protected with plenty of counter technology and tons of insurance just to deal with this type of situation. I can easily identify who I really am to the authorities. And I’m sure you could only afford a one way swap, which means your stuck in my fat over the hill body unless I decide to swap back with you...which I have no inclination to do. In fact, I’ll call immigration myself, and they’ll soon be deporting your ass. Well, actually your ass is going to stay right here with me inside of the body connected to it.  You see, Viv, I always get what I want.”

Vivian was horrified.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Feels So Right

Rob had dreamed of making out with Kristen ever since he first saw her in the hallway of their apartment building. He couldn’t believe he was about to fulfill his dreams...well, sort of. The circumstances leading to this moment were rather weird. She had approached him in the hallway, offering him anything he wanted as long as he met her condition. He jumped at the opportunity and confessed his secret crush. She smiled and told him that it was now time for the conditions. The next thing Rob knew, his head was atop her body and Kristen’s head was atop his. He was a little skeptical about making out with her like this, but Kristen’s body son betrayed him. He hated to admit it, but he was enjoying this. And not only that, he was enjoying the way Kristen’s body tingled so much better than his own would under these circumstances. He knew this was weird and wrong on so many levels, but it felt so right!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Time and a Half (Part 3)

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By the time lunch time rolled around, Bruce hadn’t made too much progress on the brick laying. He kept working even after Tony blew the whistle for lunch. He decided to call Bruce over. Bruce told Tony that he really needed the money for the day, and he knew he was falling behind quotas. Tony laughed. He told Bruce to take the rest of the day off. He’d still be paying him for the full day, and he’d be getting time and a half for the entire day. Bruce’s face lit up. He gave Tony a quick hug and told him that he’d be back bright and early the next morning. Tony thanked Bruce for his work and said that he wished all his workers had his sort of motivation.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Time and a Half (Part 2)

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Tony kept watching as Bruce continued his work. With Bruce being the only one on the job and with a much weaker body, it was taking him much longer to prepare than it would normally. While Bruce would let out the occasional grunt, Tony couldn’t help but think it sounded a little sing-songy thanks to the sweet feminine voice that Bruce now had. The whole sight was rather amusing. Tony wondered how many of the other men on the construction job were in a similar situation. When they all finally started filtering back after adjusting to their new post-Shift bodies, he kept wondering how odd it would all seem. Not that it wasn’t odd seeing Bruce with his new female body working all by itself, but who knew what sort of types of bodies the various workers might be in now?

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Time and a Half (Part 1)

On the day after the Great Shift, Tony wasn’t expecting any of his men to show up. Yet he was pleasantly surprised when he arrived early at the construction site to find Bruce there working. Tony was surprised how hard Bruce was working, especially considering the body he ended up with after the Shift. He was sure Bruce’s new body couldn’t weigh more than a hundred pounds; it certainly couldn’t lift as much as his old body. But Bruce was still giving it as much as he could. He was lifting materials to get ready for some brickwork. Tony thought about telling him to go home, but he was honestly impressed by Bruce’s resolve. He was also convinced that Bruce was earning the time and half he had planned to pay everyone who showed up today.

Friday, September 23, 2016


Nate watched the timer in the app as it began to tick down to zero. He couldn’t believe this strange body swapping app actually worked, but at least he was only stuck in Rebecca’s body for a few more seconds. He counted along in his head, “Three...Two...One...” But then...nothing. He was still in Rebecca’s body! He looked at the app again. It was flashing zero; he should’ve switched back to his own body! He had been stuck like this for a day, and he didn’t want to be stuck any longer! He tried calling his own phone, but Rebecca didn’t answer. He looked for a help section of the app, but he couldn’t seem to find one. He kept telling himself that this just couldn’t possibly be happening.

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Finding himself in a woman’s body all of a sudden was something Al was having trouble coming to grips with. He was in a bathroom wearing little more than a bikini and high heels. He took a deep breath, prepared to brave the outside world when someone began pounding on the door and yelling. He became a little unsure and hid behind the sink. The window wasn’t big enough to crawl through, and it was only a matter of time before the person shouting and pounding on the other side was able to break down the door. Al didn’t think this body seemed all that strong either. Maybe there was something in here he could use to defend himself...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

End of the Line

Jason usually drove home, but after a late night with too many beers at the bar, he opted for the train. He wasn’t exactly sure when it happened due to his drunken state, but he noticed it by the time he was halfway home -- he was himself anymore. Had he suddenly transformed into a woman? Had he swapped bodies with a woman on the train? He wasn’t exactly sure; he hadn’t been sober enough to be paying attention. He became curious about his new body. He shifted his position quite often just to feel the way it moved. He was probably making a scene, but there weren’t many people on at this hour, and it was late enough that hardly anyone cared about some weirdo on the train. He wasn’t even paying any attention when the train got to his stop. In fact, he continued to be fascinated by his new body until the end of the line. He knew he’d have to get off, but he could just hop on another one going back the opposite way.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Once androids became more mainstream in the world, it didn’t take long for Nigel to create a program that would allow a person to upload one’s consciousness into the network inside the robot. He was reluctant to release his work to the public, but with his own health failing, Nigel took a risky move by uploading his own brain into the nearest android connected to a network. Within moments, he was surprised to find himself in an artificial body. He was even more surprised that the body happened to be female. The robotic joints felts stiff and very mechanical, even though he was sure anyone watching would see them as fluid and almost a perfect mimicking of a human. Then there was the bigger problem of still being connected to a network! Whoever owned this android used her quite frequently. To make speeches at sales presentations, to wave like a model. Whenever the body was sent a command over the network, he had no way to stop himself -- he had to do it! If he were just given a chance to rest, he might be able to get to a computer and disconnect himself, but he never seemed to get a break long enough...

Monday, September 19, 2016

Good Shape (Part 3)

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It only got weirder for Jim once he finished up exercising and decided to shower off and get dressed. His closets and drawers were filled with women’s clothing -- and most of it was pretty sexy! The abilities of the piece of exercise equipment went from odd to just plain unbelievable. It just didn’t make sense for his clothing to be altered. Then again, he might not want to think too much into it. If his clothing had been changed, maybe his identity had been as well. He might not have to worry about explaining his sudden change of gender to the government of his financial institution. As he thought about it all, he was absent-mindedly getting dressed without any difficulty; he slathered on a coat of makeup as if he had been doing so for years. He checked himself out in the mirror and decided he had absolutely nothing to complain about.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Good Shape (Part 2)

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Jim got off to new piece of equipment and looked in the mirror. It seemed impossible, but he had been transformed into a woman! The other thing that seemed odd to him was that he didn’t seem to be in a panic; he felt strangely calm. And the longer he looked at his new body, the less he felt any need to worry. This new body looked good and felt good; it was attractive and in great shape. So what if he was female now? It seemed like a small price to pay. Did he really want to go back to his old body that was just about one Big Mac away from a heart attack? Sure it was weird, and he had no idea how he was going to explain this to places like the DMV or his bank, but he wasn’t complaining!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Good Shape

Jim had been working out for months with no results. He couldn’t seem to lose a single pound and his beer belly looked bigger than ever. He had even filled a room in his house with all sorts of equipment to help him out. None of it did any good. But a visit to an odd shopping site on the web caught his eye with a revolutionary product that promised results. He set it up and jumped on. Almost instantly, he did feel lighter. It seemed practically impossible, but he swore his beer belly disappeared just as fast. But another instant later, he realized that his beer belly didn’t go away exactly, it was like it was moving, shifting, and reshaping. Instead of having a large gut, he now had two large breasts on his chest! In fact, when he looked in the mirror, he realized he had completely changed -- he was now a woman! (But at least he was in god shape!)

Friday, September 16, 2016


Rick was shocked when he woke up in woman’s body. The first thing he did was reach for a phone he saw charging on a nearby table. He didn’t recognize any of the contacts, of course. He tried thinking of any of his friend’s numbers, but after entering them in his own phone, he never bothered to actually memorize them. Even if could think of one, what would he tell them? That he became a woman overnight somehow? It sounded so unreal. In fact, if he wasn’t living it, he wouldn’t believe it either.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Philosophy (Part 2)

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On a practical level, Paul wondered what happened if he went out of range -- perhaps just enough to continue having his mind download to her body, but too far to allow it to upload sensations back to his brain. The researchers told him there probably wasn’t a place on earth outside of the satellite’s range responsible for the transmission. He thought about trying to challenge that by visiting a very deep mine. He also wondered if the same affect could be achieved by hacking the chips. Could his brain now be hacked?

Then there were the deeper questions of the self. If he felt everything Wei felt and controlled all her actions? Was he still Paul? Did it matter where his actual brain was located? What if it had been a brain transplant instead of a transmitting chip? Would that have made a difference? The questions were endless/

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Paul lifted up a leg to the window and wiggled the toes inside the boot. He bent the other knee and also rested it against the window. Every feeling, every sensation told him that this body was his. But, in fact, his brain was several miles away, transmitting thoughts to Wei’s body remotely thanks to a chip implanted in his brain. A chip in her brain transmitted Wei’s reactions back to Paul. The chips worked in reverse as well. Wei was still technically here in her own body, but he brain was submitting thoughts to Paul’s body with his body sending the signals back to her brain. It sure felt like they had switched bodies even though technically they hadn’t. That was the appeal of the experiment for both Paul and Wei, who were both philosophy students. The biotech department of their college had been looking for volunteers to test their device over the summer. Few showed up, but for Paul and Wei, the implications of the test extended well beyond simple science.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Jacob took one last long look at the body he had been in for three long weeks. He felt bad for the woman now trapped in there now. He knew she probably wanted to scream, perhaps even get out of the cab and harm him. But he had read the journal carefully; he knew she wouldn’t be able to do any of those things. He could tell she looked angry. She even opened the door like she wanted to leave the cab. He imagined what she was feeling as he looked upon her with her own eyes. He knew the feeling. His own body had been stolen by the taxi’s previous driver, just as he had stolen the body of this woman now. He wanted to tell her it would be okay, but he knew the rules would stop him somehow. He looked for just a bit longer before turning to leave; finally seeing the cab drive off in the side of his vision...

Monday, September 12, 2016

Dress for Success

James had run his company for fifty years; he was finally ready to retire. Yet he was unsure of who to give his company to. The Great Shift couldn’t have come at a better time. Suddenly, James found himself in the body of a young woman. He could delay his decision and continue on leading his company. However, he looked at the woman’s wardrobe and knew he needed to do something to improve it. She owned short skirts, shirts that revealed her midriff -- none of it would be appropriate to wear to the office. He simply needed to get things that were more appropriate. With a few days off due to the Shift, James was able to pull together a nice gray suit for the first day. The staff were all a little surprised to see his new body -- though many of them had unexpected changes themselves, of course. He was worried if he could command the same respect with his new, younger body, but James pulled off the first day with no problems. He thanked the suit, telling himself today’s youth had such problems with unemployment simply because they didn’t know how to dress for success.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


When the Great Shift first happened, Jackson never thought he’d adapt to his new female body. However, a mere two weeks later and he was doing quite well. He had picked up things like women’s fashion, as well as doing his hair and makeup with almost no effort. With stores opening up again, he was excited about shopping and picking out some new things. He was fully aware at how feminine he was acting, but he simply considered that a clear indication of how well he was adapting.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


Craig was pretty happy with his breakthrough research. Usually the process for genetic modification required multiple generations, but his technology allowed a living organism to undergo a change based on the injection of DNA. He was able to change his own gender from male to female, his race from white to asian, and even his height from six feet down to five. The other researchers in his lab were shocked at the results -- perhaps especially because he used himself as the test subject. Still, they were all instantly curious. Many wondered what he was planning to do to his own body next. Others asked if they would change them in some way. Craig smiled, he was keeping most of his plans to himself. But, still, if anyone made a reasonable request for a change, he was happy to oblige.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Prepped (Part 5)

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Chris couldn’t quite decide what to do next. He looked at the various outfits in this woman’s suitcase, then sat on the bed and thought about. As he did, he wondered if he even had to go out at all. After all, he was only going to experience being a woman for the short time of this vacation, shouldn’t he experience all of what it means to be a woman? Did he really have to leave the room for that? There was so much he could experience right here...and he was feeling ready for the experience.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Prepped (Part 4)

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Chris didn’t stay at the beach very long. He no longer felt unsure of himself; he was just having a hard time walking in heels! The trip down had been difficult, but trying to walk in the sand was impossible! He came back upstairs and collapsed on a chair in his room. He wasn’t sure he was going to go back to the beach just yet, but it wasn’t because he lacked confidence anymore. On the contrary, Chris was thinking about putting on a short dress and going to the resort’s nightclub. Or maybe he’d figure out one of those even skimpier bikinis and hit up the pool. The trip away from his room was brief, but it helped him settle in to this new body of his.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Prepped (Part 3)

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A few more minutes of indecision awaited Chris before he finally set himself on going down to the beach. He pondered, ever briefly, if wearing heels was the best idea. Did women wear heels with bikinis? Probably not, but he was a woman for this entire trip, he was going to know what it felt like to be a woman. And that meant heels! Sure, he might feel a little silly down at the beach, but he’d feel more silly if he let this opportunity slip by him! It all was clear now. And so he took a brave step toward the door -- if ever so small, as he wasn’t quite used to the heels...

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Prepped (Part 2)

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The longer Chris stood there, the more nervous he felt. He tried to psyche his mental mood, but he couldn’t seem to invoke that confidence that he told himself he would have. He attempted to strike a sexy pose to boost his confidence, but this only seemed to make him more unease at the fact he was now a woman. He thought about changing the bikini; perhaps finding one among her belongings that wasn’t so revealing. But he was hesitant to undress again. Plus, none of the ones she had looked straightforward. He had enough trouble when he tried to figure this one out! So he just kept standing there in the bathroom, frozen. He cursed to himself. This was exactly the sort of thing he had been hoping to avoid.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Prepped (Part 1)

Chris had tried to prepare himself mentally for his trip to Exchange Island. Before the long flight out there, he told himself that he was going to enjoy himself no matter what. It didn’t matter whether he swapped bodies with someone who was young or old, male or female, black or white. However, none of this prep work inside his head did much once he actually found himself in a new body. He sat on the bed in his room at the resort, not quite comfortable. He made a mental push and decided to go to the beach. Getting undressed was uncomfortable; it felt like he was invading this woman’s privacy. Figuring out how to put on her bikini proved to be an additional challenge. Finally, after figuring it out, he froze, standing awkwardly in the bathroom. Was he really ready for this?

Sunday, September 4, 2016


It was probably a pretty common reaction all across the globe in the moments following the Great Shift. Shock. It was probably even more common for someone like Ryan, who suddenly found himself with not only a brand new body, but also a brand new gender. His mouth went wide; he screamed. It probably would’ve turned several heads if not for the fact that his scream was just one of many at that time. In fact, no one even blinked an eye in his direction. They were all too concerned with new bodies of their own.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

On the Way Home

Donald had gotten on the subway late at night after a fun time out drinking with his friends. He was the only one in the car until a young woman got on just a few stops later. She picked the seat right next to him. He thought it was a little odd when she leaned her head onto his shoulder, but he was a little too drunk to object. He couldn’t quite remember what happened next, but he guessed that he passed out. When he awoke, he was once again alone in the car, yet he was still able to see the reflection of the woman in the glass of the train car. It took his drunken mind a minute to realize that reflection was HIS! A sense of panic set in as he couldn’t figure out how he became the woman from earlier. The panic slowly faded to curiosity as he soon found out how flexible his new feminine body was...

Friday, September 2, 2016

I Just Called to Say...

Leonard didn’t have time to react to the Great Shift before he felt a vibration and heard a ringing. He searched for a phone. It stopped for a moment before resuming again. This cycle repeated a few more times before he found the phone in a purse.

He answered. After a long pause he spoke.

“This is your body?” He asked the person on the other end.

“I guess I can stay put until you get here. I’m as weirded out by this whole body swapping thing as you are. Maybe I should give my old body a call to, but I can’t imagine what we are going to do about this whole thing at this point...”

Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Blink

The Great Shift felt like little more than a blink at first for Douglas. He had been walking across the street, but he was soon suddenly at the other side. It was as if he was magically transported the last few feet. It felt a little strange, so he turned back to see his own body still standing there in the middle of the street for just a moment before a car plowed into it. He didn’t quite believe his eyes at first; he had also yet to notice the entirely new body he now had as well. It wasn’t until other people on the street began to panic that he noticed his own change. He was in the body of a woman now, and he really did just see his own body get struck by an automobile. It all happened so quick. An instant, a blink, a fleeting moment; he never would’ve expected it.