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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Maid Man

For years, Vivian hated the way her boss had treated her. Hugo Crump had employed her as a maid, but he treated her terribly. He overworked her, underpaid her, and forced her to wear skimpy outfits while cleaning. If she spoke up, he threatened to call immigration and have her deported. There didn’t seem to be much she could do until she heard about a new technology that allowed two people to swap bodies. Struggling to put some money aside, she finally saved enough. Then when he least expected it, she swapped bodies with Mr. Crump. He didn’t seem too upset by the swap. In fact, he just sat down and slumped in one of his large leather chairs.

“You better start doing what I say now, Mr. Crump,” Vivian tried demanding, “Or else I’m going to be the one to call immigration and have YOU deported.” Hugo laughed, “Good luck with that. It’s not like body swapping technology is exactly a secret. I have myself protected with plenty of counter technology and tons of insurance just to deal with this type of situation. I can easily identify who I really am to the authorities. And I’m sure you could only afford a one way swap, which means your stuck in my fat over the hill body unless I decide to swap back with you...which I have no inclination to do. In fact, I’ll call immigration myself, and they’ll soon be deporting your ass. Well, actually your ass is going to stay right here with me inside of the body connected to it.  You see, Viv, I always get what I want.”

Vivian was horrified.

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