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Friday, September 30, 2016

Half Court (Part 2)

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Whatever sort of lesson Dave was supposed to learn from being in Daiyu’s body, he was clueless about. It was tough enough to piece together where she lived from the contents of her purse and by asking the friends she had gone to the gym with. Inside her off-campus apartment, he found a schedule. It seemed she was a teaching assistant in a class that started in an hour. He wasn’t very comfortable in any of her clothes. Pants were too tight, tops were to revealing. He eventually settled on a modest white dress. He wasn’t thrilled about wearing a dress, but at least it was loose and covered his body up! Once arriving at the class, he realized he knew nothing about the subject matter. It was some sort of advanced mix of Chinese and mathematics. For the most part, he just tried to smile and nod as the students talked about the problems to one another. All he could think about inside of his head was when he was going to get his own body back! He hoped it was soon...but how?

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