Tuesday, March 21, 2023


A few moments ago, Mei had heard noises in her apartment. When she had gone to investigate, something (or someone) had hit her over the head. The next thing she knew, she was looking down at herself. When she placed some laundry under her own head, she noticed the gloved hands she now had -- much larger than her own. She quickly rushed to a mirror to see a man in black looking back. She could only assume the man she was looking at was some sort of robber, and that she had swapped bodies with him after he hit her over the head. That meant he was likely passed out in her body in the other room. She couldn’t call the police; they’d likely just arrest her considering the body she currently had. She couldn’t just leave; trusting the robber alone with her body seemed like a bad idea. She decided to tie him up until he awoke. Maybe he had some answers, maybe he could explain why this happened, and maybe she could force him to swap them back to normal. She didn’t want to be in his body, and she certainly didn’t want him to be in her body either!

Monday, March 20, 2023

The Yoga Class (Part 4)

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Over the next few weeks, Keysha assumed Ming’s life. Ming tried to fight for it back, to explain who she really was. However, because of the brief period where the class had agreed to be who they appeared to be, it became impossible to convince everyone of the truth after the fact. Keysha loved being Ming; she loved being beautiful and skinny. She enjoyed going to the gym and being able to do effortlessly do things.

She switched into a different outdoor yoga class, but one day after a year, a new participant joined. It was Ming. Ming looked at her former body with disgust.

“How could you?” Ming asked, “The Great Shift took my body from me and gave it to you by chance. But you took everything from me by choice -- my life, my husband, everything! Why? Is being me really what it takes to make you feel better about yourself? I’ve started dating again after your husband wen missing during the Shift. You probably don’t even know he went missing, did you? You’re just happy that you took mine. I know your body may not exactly be the most conventionally attractive, but I’m feeling good about it now. I continue the workout stuff not to make your body look better, but because I enjoy it. Doing these things simply makes me feel better! I can find my own happiness no matter what body I am in. But you are just a b*tch who needs to take it from other people. I’d watch your back if I was still you.”

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Leading Edge (Part 1)

David had always been a bit enamoured with the idea of a festival dedicated to self-expression, and even though he knew it had recently felt taken over by tech bros and Wall Street types, he had to believe the original spirit was still there.

And so he arrived at the desert with high hopes. It was wild, but even as he tried to lose himself to it all, he still felt like some of the magic was gone. It didn’t help when a woman approached him to tell him about some “weird shit” some tech bro was showing off, and how it was going to be “bigger than the iPhone.” He tried brushing her off, but she was persistent; he finally agreed to come along with her.

He didn’t get to hear what the thing did when the tech bro was already asking for volunteers. The woman grabbed David’s hand and raised it with hers. He walked over and aimed a small device at them both. It sparked; it flashed; it caught fire.

David was about to laugh, but as he put his hand on his hip, he noticed something felt strange. It seems that despite getting destroyed in the process, the device had worked as it was designed; and it swapped David’s body with the woman’s. He was now her, and (looking at the state of the device) it seemed like he would be for quite a while.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

VR Malfunction (Part 3)

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A few months passed, and I began to really began to embrace the fact that I was a beautiful woman. Part of this was likely due to the fact that I had quit my job immediately (I felt like I couldn’t explain what happened to me with a straight face), and I ended up taking up work as a model to pay the bills. The photographers and talent scouts were underandably impressed with the sort of superhuman things I could do.

Marvin also helped with the rent in the early months before the checks starting coming in. He was always a good friend, and his name was on the lease of the apartment we shared, so it made sense. Because of our long friendship and his kindness, we tried dating. Unfortunately, my super strength extended to all the muscles in my body, and I ended up severely injuring him when we got close enough to try sleeping together. While he was in the hospital recovering, I stayed by his side with only short trips to the nearby park for some fresh air. I used it to clear my head; I thought about breaking it off. But we ended up deciding to stay togethr; we just weren’t going to do THAT again any time soon.

Friday, March 17, 2023

A Choice

Eddie had estimated it had been about two weeks since he was locked in this glass cage. He didn’t know for sure; there were no windows to see the sun and no clocks. And who knows how long he had been passed out after all the weird experiments he had been put through -- the latest resulted in him being in the body of a woman. He’d often yell at the people who brought him food or brought him to the various experiments. They never responded.

Except for today.

“Haven’t you done enough?” He shouted, “Let me go!”

The figure looked at him for a moment, “Is that what you really want at this point? The world would never believe you, and we will never be found. Your brain is presently Miss Cortez’s body. You know nothing of her life. It might be fine, or it might be more difficult than you could ever imagine. We will keep you safe here, and ensure your safety when we are done. If you left now, you’d be on your own in a life you are not at all prepared for. Is that what you truly want? Perhaps I should grant your request for freedom, but I might give you one more opportunity to change your mind.”

Eddie took a deep breath before giving his answer...

Thursday, March 16, 2023


With his wife out of town on a business trip, Sean had decided to go see a movie on his own. A couple on a date together sat down next to him, and he was so engage with the plot that he didn’t even notice when he swapped bodies with the woman sitting next to him until her date leaned over to try to make out at one point. He screamed, which set off a chain reaction. It seemed a few other people in the theatre had swapped bodies without noticing. Despite a bit of chaos, Sean was able to exchange information with the couple in order to stay in touch. As he walked home, he still couldn’t believe he was now a woman. What was he going to tell his wife?

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Quick Decision

Brandon hadn’t slept a wink since swapping bodies with that taxi driver yesterday. He was in shock when it happened, yet somehow managed to drive back to the cabbie’s filthy apartment, as if by instinct. He read the journal and immediately vowed to find a new body. It was a grueling task as he darted through traffic on the streets of one of the busiest cities in the world. Night was pretty dead, but the morning rush offered him hope. Sure enough, a woman headed to Times Square from Brooklyn had a ride that was just long enough to trigger a swap. He knew he didn’t have much time to decide. She wasn’t exactly pretty, but her clothes looked expensive...and (of course) he’d be a woman. As she got out, he took a deep breath and said, “Have a nice day.” A gust of wind hit his face as he now stood outside. He had stolen the woman’s body, leaving her trapped inside the cab driver’s body until she stole a life of her own.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Law of Averages

While it’s true that when you go to Exchange Island, you have a chance of swapping with smoking hot body; you also have the chance of ending up with a body that’s truly horrible. But most of the time, you end up with a body that’s just sort of average. I supposed it was fair. My average middle aged male body went into the pool for someone to get for the week, and in exchange, I got this average middle aged woman’s body. Like I said, it wasn’t a jackpot, but it wasn’t bad either. I could still experience womanhood, and I will still having a pretty good time. When I looked around, I knew there were better bodies, but, really, there were many like the one I had as well, probably most of them. It was all just the law of averages...

Monday, March 13, 2023


Calvin lived a hard life. He spent long hours at work, and still often had to put in time on side gigs just to make ends meet. He envied celebrities that seemed to live such easy and carefree lives. He wished he could live the life of a celebrity. And one day, he awoke to find his wish came true. He woke up in a strange room, but when he looked in the mirror, he certainly recognized the female face that now looked back. Being a female wouldn’t have been his first pick, but he couldn’t complain.

Over the next few months, he just sort of lounged about, doing whatever he wanted. He ignored calls from the woman’s manager and agent. And that sloth lifestyle eventually got the better of him. He would look in the mirror and no longer recognize himself due to the weight gain. He finally answered a call from the woman’s personal trainer and met up at the gym. Getting back in shape was going to be hours of hard work, and plans to get back into the limelight sounded like they were going to be even more difficult. But it also appeared he was going to have no choice, the debts this woman had that he had ignored since finding himself in her body were coming due...

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Blind Date (Part 1)

I nervously walked into the dimly lit restaurant to meet my blind date that my friends had set me up with. The hostess brought me to the table, and I didn’t even get a word in before she said...

“I don’t think so. I don’t date slackers.”

I was about to tell her about the tech company that I had founded, but I didn’t get the chance. Of course, she didn’t get the chance to walk out so quickly either. It was at that moment the Great Shift struck. While we’d all come to learn the body swapping event affected the entire world, when it happened, I was much concerned that I was now in the body of my blind date.

I sat there dumbfounded. From my own body, she looked at me the same way. We sat down and talked. Some of it was weirdly typical first date stuff. I learned her name was Jennifer, and that she was a lawyer. Or I guess my name now was Jennifer? Some of it was much more focused on the issue at hand. She told me about things like her birth control pills, and how to properly take care of a woman’s body -- normally, I’d say that was information I didn’t need, but given the situation, I clearly did.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Safe Space

In his four years at college, Ethan only ever found one place where he fit in, and that was with the gamers. They’d play D&D, board games, video games, whatever. They all knew they weren’t popular, but they didn’t care. But when the Great Shift struck, it was like they all won the lottery. Suddenly, they were all in very attractive bodies. Ethan, for instance, was in the body of a junior named Christina, who could’ve easily been a model. Unfortunately, he was also now the only girl in the gamer club. And it seemed like all his geeky friends (now in the bodies of quite attractive guys) seemed intensely interested in Ethan’s affections. She looked across the table to Mia for help or support, but Mia (who had been the only female member before the Shift placed her in a man’s body) was also a little interested in Ethan herself. It seemed the gamer club was no longer the safe space for Ethan it once had been...

Friday, March 10, 2023

Toughest Professor (Part 3)

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And so reluctantly, Doug went to the mall to pick out an outfit like the one’s he seen girls in his class wear on Friday nights, and he forced himself to wear it before heading to a club.

The loud music bothered him at first in a way that loud music had never bothered him before. He went to the bar to buy his first beer, spitting out the first sip due to how disgusting it tasted. He was ready to call it a failure and go home until a pink drink with an umbrella showed up next to him. The bartender told Doug it was from a man at the end of the bar; Doug didn’t even look to acknowledge.

The pink drink wasn’t bad, and he ended up having several more. This gave him the courage to go on the dance floor. Things didn’t seem nearly as bad now, and he was feeling happy for the first time in forever.

He returned to the bar again and another pink drink was waiting for him. The bartender explained it was from the same man. Doug looked over to see an older man -- scratch that, technically this man was now probably around his age -- who looked like a silver fox. Doug couldn’t believe it, but his body was actually feeling excited, and to a man at that! Doug decided to take the next step and flirt a little. He put on the biggest smile he could and walked over.

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Digging Through Debris

Knowing the storm was likely to knock out power lines, Grant and Julie had intended to use the Medallionof Zulu to swap bodies for a bit as the bad weather passed overhead. It was certainly entertaining to be someone else for a little while. However, the storm ended up being more severe than predicted, and they were forced to evacuate. Unfortunately, they had left the Medallion behind, and (even worse) when they returned, the entire house had been destroyed. Grant immediately began to dig through the debris, not wanting to spend longer in Julie’s body than he had to. It ended up being a fool’s errand. The Medallion was nowhere to be found, and it seemed Grant and Julie would be stuck as each other forever.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Doctor's Visit (Part 3)

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I left the doctor’s office fairly angry, but I asking myself what if he was right? I sat down for a moment to try to clear my head.

If I had been a guy up until today, there should be some sort of evidence -- photos, social media, or something, right? And if I had a slight bit of a secret desire to be a woman, shouldn’t I be happy now? Was I happy now? I’m not exactly unhappy with this body. I just went to the doctor because I was...concerned that it happened.

But what if I had always been a woman? And this whole thing was just my way to cope with being trans? Wouldn’t I want to go back to being a guy? I didn’t feel like I wanted to go back. Do I miss the old me...if the old me even existed? I mean, I guess. But am I going to be happier like this? I don’t know. The biggest draw back when I woke up was people not knowing who I really was, but (based on my doctor’s visit) that doesn’t seem to really be a problem now...

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Sister (Part 2)

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Jeremy had a miserable summer following the instructions Kelly was yelling at him all the time about what to eat and when to exercise. He would ask his father every day if the body swapper was fixed, but his dad would often just shake his head or answer with a sigh.

When fall rolled around again, Kelly would have to go off to Jeremy’s college and Jeremy would go off to Kelly’s. She made him promise to follow her workout routine and diet. He agreed, but with the unlimited food at the college cafeteria and without Kelly yelling at him, he certainly slipped.

When winter break came around, both returned from their colleges, and Kelly was horrified to see how much weight Jeremy had put on her body. She watched him prepare a meal that was gigantic! She began to yell at him about it when their father entered the room, saying the machine was fixed and able to swap them back to their own bodies.

Kelly cried, saying she no longer had her body to return to. As Jeremy ate, he licked his fingers and spoke with a mouth full of food, stating that he didn’t mind staying like this either. Kelly shouted that wasn’t what she meant, and that she wouldn’t swap back until Jeremy lost the extra weight he had put on. Jeremy smiled and told her she was going to wait forever then.

Monday, March 6, 2023

Rural Route (Part 2)

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It was a few miles back to my grandparent’s old farm, which would usually be easy enough to walk to. However, this woman’s heeled boots and leather pants wouldn’t make it easy. I decided to try it anyway. Not many cars drove down this way, so I paid attention if any came.

As it turned out, two did drive by that day. When they did, I tried my best to grab their attention. I waved my hands frantically and put on the biggest smile I could to seem non-threatening. Of course, neither of them ended up stopping.

About a mile in, I made the decision to turn off the main road and onto a small path. If memory served me correctly, it was a bit of a short cut, and I figured the sooner I could get to shelter and regroup, the better.

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Unremarkable (Part 4)

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Neil was absolutely exhauted after the latest swap. He had already passed out, but he still felt like he wanted to sleep for a week. He was snapped back to an alert state by a familiar voice.

“Hey, Melissa,” The guy said addressing Neil, obivously without knowing who he really was, “What are you doing hanging out with that loser?”

It was Brett, a guy who was always needlessly mean to him. He was sitting there with his girlfriend. Neil thought back to all the times Brett had made fun of him for not being “manly” enough. With the last ounce of his energy, Neil swapped their bodies.

He wasn’t conscious to see it, but apparently they both totally freaked out. While Melissa enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to tell Neil about it, she was getting more than a little concerned about Neil’s health and (for that matter) any sort of ill-effects that her own body might end up inheriting, as Neil was still in possession of it at this time.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Engagement Photos

In the days after The Great Shift, there was a lot of disagreement amont scientists about what was going to happen next. Some insisted the body swapping everyone experience was permanent; others suggested that people might realign back to their own bodies in a relatively short amount of time. Jenna chose to believe the latter group and asked a favor of her friend Tyler.

Jenna had engagement photos for her wedding scheduled and Tyler was the one in her body. She asked if he wouldn’t mind doing the shoot in her place.

Tyler took a breath before he spoke, “You’re asking me, a gay man stuck in your fabulous body, if I wouldn’t mind putting on a gorgeous wedding dress and posing in front of a camera for a few hours on the beach? Honey, you don’t even need to ask! I am there!”

Jenna and Tyler both smiled. Of course, the swaps caused by the Great Shift never reverted, but Tyler was still more than happy to take the photos.

Friday, March 3, 2023

Weird New Roommate (Part 1)

When my old roommate moved out, I put up an ad online looking for a new one. I was a little surprised to only get one response, a woman named Mihn. From day one, Mihn was sort of odd. She never seemed to have a job, but was also never late on her share of the rent. She would strike up conversations without saying hello on the oddest topics.

“Would you ever want to swap bodies with someone?” She asked one day.

I shrugged. I hadn’t really thought about it.

“Let’s try it,” She said as she pulled a medallion out of her bag. She then touched it to me, and we transformed into each other! We quickly swapped our ill-fitting clothes. I was in shocked as I look at Mihn in my body while I was now in hers, wearing the turtleneck she had on a few moments before.

“What the hell?” I asked.

“Don’t worry,” She said, “It’s temporary. We can use the medallion to switch back after 12 hours. Unless you want to stay swapped for longer!”

“I don’t think I want to be you at all, but if we’re stuck like that, I guess that means we’re stuck like this. Just try not to embarass me at work...”

“Ooooh! I get to go to work! That should be fun!”

Like I said, she was weird.

Thursday, March 2, 2023


There was probably some explanation why I suddenly swapped into this woman’s body as she stood at the altar. The eyes of the church were on me. I think they were expecting me to say “I do,” but instead I ran. I found the nearest bus stop and waited. I didn’t have any money on me, so I hoped the driver would take some pity on me and let me skip the fare. I just don’t know how this happened! I was just an average guy playing video games one Saturday, and the next I’m in the body of a bride. Well, that was one commitment I didn’t sign up for, so I wasn’t about to go through with it. I don’t know why these thoughts still ran through my head as I waited. I knew I shouldn’t feel guilty for running, but for some reason I did. For some reason, I needed to keep rationalizing it to myself. I hadn’t even yet considered how I was going to get my own body back...

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Kpop Star (Part 2)

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Jason had assumed he would swap back to his own body right after the concert -- which went surprisingly well; he nailed the lyrics and somehow even the dancing -- however, instead he was rushed by Kim Soo’s management team to her hotel room. He felt nervous when he changed into more casual clothing, as it felt like he was violating Kim Soo’s privacy. Being in someone else’s body made sleeping difficult; in fact, he ended up staying up all night. Mostly he watched TV, but he also had a lot of time to think. Was he ever going to swap back to his own body? Maybe when he was finally able to sleep? He didn’t know if this was a dream come true or a nightmare. He loved being able to attend the concert, and it was even better experiencing it from a first person point of view, but did he want to be Kim Soo forever? But did he even have any sort of choice in the matter? As he thought about it, there was a knock on the door. He was going to need to catch a plane back to Korea.