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Saturday, March 4, 2023

Engagement Photos

In the days after The Great Shift, there was a lot of disagreement amont scientists about what was going to happen next. Some insisted the body swapping everyone experience was permanent; others suggested that people might realign back to their own bodies in a relatively short amount of time. Jenna chose to believe the latter group and asked a favor of her friend Tyler.

Jenna had engagement photos for her wedding scheduled and Tyler was the one in her body. She asked if he wouldn’t mind doing the shoot in her place.

Tyler took a breath before he spoke, “You’re asking me, a gay man stuck in your fabulous body, if I wouldn’t mind putting on a gorgeous wedding dress and posing in front of a camera for a few hours on the beach? Honey, you don’t even need to ask! I am there!”

Jenna and Tyler both smiled. Of course, the swaps caused by the Great Shift never reverted, but Tyler was still more than happy to take the photos.

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