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Friday, March 31, 2023

The Elevator (Part 3)

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God only knows what that creep had been doing with my girlfriend’s body all day, but at least now I was the one inside of it. I didn’t even want to think about what he was now doing with that businesswoman’s body, but it was no longer my concern.

The building was closing now, and I couldn’t hang out in the lobby anymore. I stood outside waiting as the last people funneled out for the night. There was no sign of her. Maybe she passed by earlier, and it just didn’t register with me since she had the body of that creep. (I hadn’t seen my own body either, but I’d worry about that next.)

I decided to head back to my girlfriend’s place. If she had left the building, maybe she’d be there. I had to be careful how I sat on the subway with my girlfriend’s short skirt; I kept having to remind myself I was a woman now.

When I finally got there, her roommate had told me about a weirdo that had stopped by looking for “me.” They eventually had to call the police. I could only assume that her, trapped in that creep’s body. I could just go down to the police station, pick her up, and we’d go down to the elevator in the morning. I’d be stuck as that awful dude, but at least I could get her back to normal...

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