Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The Elevator (Part 2)

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I rushed down the bottom floor where I waited very impatiently in the lobby. I made sure to get a view of every group of people coming out of the elevators and kept an eye on the stairs as well. The creep who stole my girlfriend’s body and left me stuck in the body of this businesswoman must’ve been hoping to wait me out on the many floors above. As the hours passed, the businesswoman’s cellphone was going off with calls and texts. Her work was furious she hadn’t shown up yet, but I presumed the woman would rather be fired than potentially be stuck in the wrong body forever, so I ignored them.

It was almost 5 o’clock before I finally saw him coming out the elevator in my girlfriend’s body. I grabbed his arm, demanding he swap us back to normal. He shrugged, saying our original bodies were nowhere around to be swapped back into. I almost gave up and let him go in that moment. But I made an alternate demand. He and I would go back into the elevator. He would swap bodies with me and show me how to do it. Then he’d be the one in this businesswoman’s body, and I’d be my girlfriend. It wouldn’t be ideal, but at least I could keep her body safe and prevent this guy from doing anything weird to it. He tried to resist. But I insisted, and ultimately he agreed. And so we headed back into the elevator together.

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