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Monday, February 6, 2023

Rural Route (Part 1)

My grandparents had owned a parcel of land in a remote part of the state, and when they died it was passed down to me, their only grandson. I didn’t know quite what to do with it, so I went to scope it out. I hadn’t seen the place since I was a kid, there was a small barn and farmhouse, but not much else.

As I drove down the rural road, I saw a woman standing there. Considering how empty the area was and with no vehicle in sight, I figured she was in some sort of trouble. She had looked innocent enough, I figured I could give her a lift to wherever she needed to go.

As I pulled over and rolled down my windows, she shot me a death stare. I wasn’t even able to get any words out before I heard rubber burning on the pavement and saw my car drive off in the distance.

At first I was mad that she had stolen my car somehow, but a few seconds later I realized she had stolen much more than that. I was now the one standing on the side of the road. I was wearing the clothes she had been just moments ago. And sure enough, she had swapped me into her body and stolen mine!

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