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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Oui, Monsieur!

Becoming a tech billionaire had turned Max into a complete jerk. He loved using throwing his money around to show his power. On a personal level, this didn’t attract many girlfriends, so he often resorted to hiring “escorts.”

Max was actually Roxanne’s first client. When she arrived, Max threw an outfit at her and told her to change. He smiled as she came out of the other room wearing the outfit he picked out. But when she opened her mouth to speak with a thick Brooklyn accent, he was angry. He didn’t think this was the classy escort he had been promised at all! Not that it would stop him at all as he undid his belt.

The Role Exchanger had other plans. The blue glow paused over Roxanne and Max, pulsing through them and a few other people nearby, swapping a number of traits between them all.

Max now stood in Roxanne’s body instead of his own. He felt nervous and shy. He quickly bowed to Roxanne, who was now in his former body.

Max now spoke with a soft feminine voice with a French accent, “What shall you have me, how you say, accompleesh?”

“Better start cleaning, you are my maid, aren’t you?”

“Oui, Monsieur!” Max bowed.


  1. Is that blue light from the Role Exchanger or from the dress Max chose?