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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Waiting Outside

Evan hated his stepmom. He hated her ever since his dad started dating her ten years ago. She was nagging him all the time about being more perfect or doing better in school. By the time he hit 18, he just wanted to move out. In fact, he told himself he’d do just that as soon as school was over for the year. He just had to wait three more months.

But the day after he made this decision, something truly awkward happened. He woke up inside the body of his own stepmom, and she was now in his body too! She told him she’d handle school for him, and be sure to ace all his tests for him. He groaned. She told him to meet her outside after. He agreed and had a pretty easy day.

She didn’t have a job, so he just watched TV for the most part. Her closet was filled with dresses, but he luckily found a pair of yoga pants in the back. When it was time, he threw them on with a sweatshirt and a coat, and went outside the school. All of the other kids passed by, but Evan didn’t see his stepmom with his body. She came grumbling out two hours later, complaining about her how her stupid teacher gave her detention. Evan chuckled before asking if she knew of a way to get their own bodies back. His stepmom said she might, but she wanted to show Evan’s teacher a thing or two tomorrow as revenge. Evan groaned again; he’d stepmom wouldn’t give this up any time soon.

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