Friday, February 3, 2023

The Pink Dragon (Part 2)

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And so Yorick assumed the life of the princess. He didn’t exactly know too much about her, but it was pretty easy to blame any abrupt personality change on the trauma of being captured by a dragon. It was basically a life of doing whatever he wanted while also being pampered. All the while, he watched as the memory of his true self become a legend. Yorick was, after all, the man who saved the princess from the dragon. He sometimes thought about revealing who he truly was for the glory of it all, but being a princess was still probably better.

As it turned out, he was able to use the truth of who he really was at least on one occasion. As the king talked of marrying the princess off, Yorick interjected, “I spoke with the man who saved me. I believe I was promised to him.”

The king tried to object, but Yorick explained that the king had not added that condition. In fact, Yorick added, “And when we spoke, he told me if he were not to make it, he would free me of our bond. Not to another man, but to myself. It is best we honor the wishes of a hero.”

And so the king relented.

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