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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Kpop Star

Jason was a big fan of Kim Soo, the kpop star going on her first American tour, but tickets were through the roof and sold out faster than anyone could imagine. All he could do was hope there would be a next time.

However, shortly before the show, he was at the mall and spied a store he had never seen before that had an advertisement for Kim Soo tickets in the window. It didn’t seem like the type of store to sell tickets; it was mostly filled with old junk. Jason became even more skeptical when the white-haired man behind the counter said he only had one ticket left, for the final day of tour, and that it was only $10. Jason was pretty sure it was a scam, but for $10? He threw it down and entered his email, with the assurances from the man.

Each day Jason waited for an email that never arrived. The final night of Kim Soo’s tour came, and there was still nothing, but Jason oddly felt himself tired quite early and collapsed asleep on the couch. He awoke to cheers and shouts. He was backstage at a concert, Kim Soo’s concert! He hadn’t remembered seeing the tickets or traveling to the venue, but somehow he was here! And backstage on top of it all! He was psyched! He decided to take a selfie of the experience, and pulled out his phone. In the phone’s frame was Kim Soo! He looked behind him, thinking she’d be there, but he soon realized she was in his selfie because he was in Kim Soo’s body! Panic began to set in. How did this happen? How was he now Kim Soo? He was sure he knew the lyrics well enough to perform this concert, but the dance moves? Could he pull this off?

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