Friday, February 17, 2023

Going Home

Sean was pretty happy to finally be going home. The Great Shift had happened over a month ago now and while most people swapped into bodies that were a few feet away, Sean swapped into a body on the other side of the planet. He had a lot of trouble convincing anyone who he really was. For starters, he didn’t speak the language, and it was hard for him to find someone who understood him. He was also tired a lot. The woman whose body he now had was more than twice as old as he had been -- apparently old enough to be a grandmother, which she was! He wasn’t sure if the tiredness was due to her age or if she just had lived a tough life. Regardless, he was pretty happy to finally be at the airport and about to take a flight home. He couldn’t wait to see his own family again -- even if it was going to be awkward to see his parents in bodies younger than he was; they ended up in the bodies of a couple of college student -- and his girlfriend, who was still in her late 20s but now a man insted. It was all going to be very weird.

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