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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Sister (Part 1)

Jeremy had always been annoyed by his family. His father was a weirdo inventor and his sister Kelly was obsessed with her appearance. He was thankful when she went away to college, but he groaned when she came back for the summer. He’d be starting himself in the fall, and he hoped for an internship to completely avoid his family.

As a for instance, his father was testing a weird machine in their basement. Jeremy had hid inside one of the machine’s pods just to get some time away from everyone when Kelly came looking for her yoga mat. She looked in the machine’s other pod and must have hit a button to activate it. The next thing Jeremy knew, he was inside of Kelly’s body, and Kelly was inside of his.

Their father, hearing the machine, quickly rushed down with a fire extinguisher. He was happy his body swapper had worked, but it hadn’t been quite ready. It was damanged, leaving Jeremy and Kelly stuck in each other’s bodies until he could repair it.

Jeremy groaned, because he was pretty sure he knew what was coming. Sure enough, Kelly commanded him to start her workout routine. It began with some light yoga, but quickly got more intense. But the end, he was exhauted and starving. Kelly prepared him his lunch, three lettuce leaves.

Jeremy took one look at it and asked, “Are you kidding me?”

Kelly only scowled, telling him if he didn’t follow her exercise and diet, she would make things very unpleasant for him. Jeremy sighed and chewed on the lettuce.

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