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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Unremarkable (Part 3)

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“How about those two?” Melissa pointed to an old man being attended to by a hispanic aide. They were often seen on campus. The rumor was the old man used to be a genius professor who had gotten senile or whatever.

“That seems almost cruel...” Neil mused.

“Consider it an experiment. Does the disease only affect the body or does it fundamentally change the soul? There’s nothing stopping you from swapping them back to normal right after we do an observation.”

Neil eventually gave him and swapped the pair. He briefly passed out from exhaustion. When he came to, he asked Melissa about where the old man and his aide had gone, wanting to immediately swap them back.

“They left,” She explained, “But it was pretty interesting. For a very brief minute, they were both quite lucid. But aide in the old man’s body faded fast. The professor was able to escort her away. It’s a shame his brilliance is now restored, but it’s unlikely anyone will take him seriously as that cody hardly hasthe degrees or credentials associated with all those smarts.”

“But we have to...” Neil was going to insist on finding them, but he was so tired that he could barely stand. Swapping people was taking a lot out of him.

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