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Sunday, February 12, 2023

The Switcher

Irving and Wesley were a little surprised when their friend Nathan just walked by them without saying a word. They had all gone to the carnival together, but Nathan had insisted on going on a new ride called The Switcher. They thought he was angry at them for not coming along and were about to try to smooth things over when a woman approached them.

“I told you guys,” The woman said, “You REALLY missed out.”

Irving and Wesley stared blankly for a few minutes.

“Oh,” The woman finally added, “It’s me, Nathan. The whole deal with The Switcher is that you swap bodies with someone else on the ride. Not bad, right?”

Irving and Wesley were even more speechless now. Wesley began pointing to the ride and then pointed at Nathan.

“I’m thinking of giving it anothe try,” Nathan continued to add, “I mean, this body is good -- and, trust me, it feels good -- but have you seen some of the people currently in line? I mean, damn! I’m going for another attempt.”

This time Irving and Wesley followed Nathan without question. All three waited in line to see what bodies they’d get from The Switcher.

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