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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Another Jolt

“This seems dangerous,” Elizabeth whined.

“A jolt of electricity swapped us into each other’s bodies,” Isaac snapped turning his head back to look at Elizabeth, “Maybe another jolt will swap us back.”

“But standing outside like this in a thunder storm? Even if it works, we’re going to end up in the hospital.”

“Better a few weeks stuck in a hospital for a few weeks than to be trapped in the wrong bodies for the rest of our lives. You probably can’t wait to go back to spending hours each morning on makeup and hair, getting hit on by guys all the time, and dealing with uncomfortable clothing, but I...wait, Elizabeth...where are you going?”

“You’re starting to make it sound like I might not want to go back to being a woman. At least not under this sort of risk.”

“Okay, okay! We’ll find another way...just don’t run off to leave me stuck as you, okay?”

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