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Monday, December 31, 2012

Baby mama (Part 2)

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TG Caption Great Shift new
The streets seemed pretty dead, and after only a little bit of walking Kenneth regretted his choice of high heels. However, just as he was about to give up and go back, he saw a woman. She was older, probably around 40, wearing jeans. He wasn’t quite sure how to ask what was on his mind without seeming crazy, but he tried his best.

Not coming up with anything better, he simply blurted out, “Excuse me, do you know what’s going on here?”

The woman laughed, “You haven’t see a TV or anything? The whole world has swapped bodies.”

Kenneth was sort of relieved to hear this.

“The name’s Gus, by the way.” The woman said, “I thought I had it bad being a woman as a result of this whole thing, but at least I didn’t end up with a little brat!”

“The baby’s not so bad,” Kenneth replied suddenly feeling a sense of love toward the infant, “And my name’s Kenneth. It’s nice to meet you.”

The prude (Part 8)

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Ryan attempted to enjoy his euphoria for as long as possible before reality set in. While he loved being in Dr. Wong’s body, there was no way he could live her life. She was a genius and he was an idiot lab assistant. Sure, there would be a few more days of attempting to switch back, but she had upcoming meetings and so on. Ryan’s sabotage would prevent any hope of switching back. Dr. Wong’s pride would prevent her from spilling the truth. Ryan guessed she’d probably use his body to go back to school, ace a million classes, and earn countless degrees. But what could Ryan do with her body? Continuing Dr. Wong’s work was just beyond his mental capacity. Sure, he had her resume as well, but without the skills to back it up, what good would it do him? At the same time, that inflated resume would make him overqualified for jobs he’d actual be good at. He tried making a list of options, but all he could come up with was “trophy wife” and “stripper.” He really hadn’t thought this through!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Brain power (Part 3)

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It had been well over half an hour now since Ben switched bodies with his neighbor Joy. He figured she’d storm over enraged immediately. The fact that she hadn’t simply didn’t make any scientific sense. Then he thought about it. What if his machine had worked? What if it didn’t swap their brains; what if it just boosted his so much that part of him was forced into Joy? His original body wouldn’t even know. Ben thought about rushing over and telling himself that the machine had worked, but then he thought about it again. Joy seemed to live a happy life. He could just take it over, act like her, become her. No one would ever know. He sat back. Yes, that was the perfect plan.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Zen (Part 4)

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Nick always struggled with yoga, but he soon discovered that it was so much easier now that he had traded bodies with his instructor, who went by the name “Moon.”

His mind started to wander, wondering if Moon was her real name. Somehow he doubted it. That’s when he noticed his own body struggling with a very simple position. Moon was frustrated in Nick’s body; it just didn’t bend the ways she was used to.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Drunken (Part 2)

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TG Caption body swap
After about an hour, Albert started to turn and flutter his eyes. He was having trouble recalling exactly what had happened. He remembered the party clearly enough, but he hadn’t drunk too much, so why did he feel so tipsy? Had he been drugged? He thought about it some more. He didn’t even remember passing out; all he could think about was a dream he had about switching bodies with Jenny. As he became more and more awake, he quickly realized that what he remembered was not a dream at all!


Uh-oh. This was bad. Jesse had signed up for an experimental procedure to switch bodies with another volunteer. He had swapped with a young woman named Hilary. They were free to do whatever they felt like for the next 48 hours, but they had to return at the end of that time and not a minute later. Jesse had decided to do some camping in Hilary’s body. It was his favorite activity, but for some reason it just wasn’t as much fun now that he was in Hilary’s body. He was sure the researchers would find that interesting. He thought about it as he drove back from the campsite. That’s when his car broke down. He had been stuck now for three hours without a single person passing by. He needed to get back in less than a hour. Considering he was in a remote location with no cell phone service, he was running out of time and options.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Something weird (Part 1)

Roberto had never really been there for his daughter, Andrea. He had seen her twice since the day she was born eighteen years ago. Now he was hoping to be a part of her life, but it was already not easy. His plan to have dinner with her one weekend forced her to cancel a date, and she was upset. As he tried to apologize after, something weird happened. Roberto realized he was now in his daughter’s body. He had wanted to be closer, but he never expected anything like this! Both were just hoping whatever was going on would somehow resolve itself by Monday.

Side effects

Blake was quickly regretting getting that experimental injection. He had been paid quite well for the session and was told he’d be reporting back in a week. He had woken up after the first night transformed into a woman! It got worse the following morning when he had discovered that he had sprouting additional sets of breasts! He wasn’t sure he could wait a week before reporting back! These were some really freaky side effects that demanded immediate attention!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


TG Caption magic body swap
Ronald considered himself a pretty lucky guy to have a girlfriend like Stephanie. She had the physique of a model, worked as a fashion designer, and was also a witch. These three things put together proved for many interesting situations. On nights before shows, she’d ask him to help out with fittings. She’d cast a spell to switch bodies with him and use him in her body to size clothing and make adjustments. Ronald never complained about the experience. In fact, he had to admit that he often enjoyed it. He often thought about suggesting she use the body swap spell for a bit of pleasure instead of for work, but so far he hadn’t built up the nerve.

Sportscar (Part 3)

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For the time being, Jake decided to assume this woman’s identity. He figured anyone would have a hard time explaining to anyone that he was someone different from who she appeared to be. He thought it would have been tough to assume the role of a woman, but somehow he eased into it without any effort. Part of him even enjoying picking out sexy outfits to wear--something he never would have expected a few days ago. He was right about her being rich, and she didn’t just have one nice car but a whole collection! Jake realized that he couldn’t see a single downside of taking over this woman’s life!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


TG Caption body swap
It started as a normal walk in the park for Jacob. Then he saw her. She was one of the most beautiful women he could ever remember seeing. She was blond and wearing tight leather leggings. She leaned on the railing of the park’s path. He paused for just a moment, hoping to introduce himself, but he just couldn’t find the words.

“What the hell are you staring at?” She snapped at him.

Jacob was still fumbling, “I...just...”

But before he could get a third word out, something strange happened. He was now the one leaning against the railing. He could feel the tight leather on his legs and hair brushing his shoulders. He put a hand on his hip, “I asked what you’re looking at!”

Jacob could see his former body was even more dumbfounded than he had been. Likely the woman was confused to be in his body, probably more confused to see her former body acting like nothing was wrong. Jacob was enjoying every minute of this.

Merry Christmas

Even Santa Claus wasn’t immune to the effects of the Great Shift. The jolly old elf was sure that his new body would change the image of Christmas and gift giving for years to come. Fortunately, despite having the body of a young woman now, he still had his magical gift delivering abilities along with his immortality. Christmas would not be canceled, but it certainly would be a whole lot sexier this year!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Half way

TG Captions
Earl had agreed to test out his company’s latest invention, a device that promised to give anyone the body of their dreams. It looked just like a simple shirt and shorts. This was by design, as it was intended to be hidden under clothing. He’d wear it for a week as it transformed his body, then he’d have that new body for a month before putting the device on again for another week to revert to his original self. To test the device fully, they selected a rather extreme chance for Earl. By the second day, it was obvious that they were changing him into a woman for the trial. By the fourth day, he couldn’t believe how different he looked. But he wondered, if the device was only about half done transforming him, what would happen over the next three days? Would he become more feminine? More shapely? Would he get bigger breasts? It was hard for him to imagine since the ones he had were already starting to hurt his back.

Tickets (Part 3)

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After his first full day on the job in the body of Alice Han, Hal felt great. He arrived back in the central station with a smile on his face. He had a ticket back to Alice’s--er, his home. He wondered if he would ever see Alice with his body again. Part of him guessed that she was simply an angel granting his wish. There was no possible way a young woman like her would give up her life to have an old body like his. On that assumption, he knew he never would see her again, but he so desperately wanted to thank her.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The prude (Part 7)

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The following day dragged for Ryan. He could only stand in the lab as Dr. Wong made numerous attempted to reverse the experiment that had swapped their bodies the day before. Ryan knew that thanks to his sabotage, none of them would work. When the work day ended he practically bolted out the door. His first stop was the mall, where he bought himself nearly $1000 worth of clothes. He rushed back to Dr. Wong’s home and into her bedroom to try on the various items, which ranged from the silky and elegant to slutty and skimpy. After a while, he collapsed on the bed in sheer ecstasy. He couldn’t have been happier with the way things had turned out.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Coma (Part 6)

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That was the final straw. Charlie was sick of feeling like a corporate puppet. He was sick of never having any meaningful time in the lab. Wu Ji had built up a lot of good will, and Charlie had improved upon it. He had always resisted outside modeling and marketing offers from other companies because of the lab. With the lab starting to feel like more and more of a tease, Charlie decided to quit. He realized he didn’t even have to take many modeling jobs to amass a good deal of money. He soon leveraged that into business ventures of his own. Now as a successful businesswoman, he was truly free to explore any avenues he felt like...and he was particularly hands on with his science ventures.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sharing an apartment (Part 2)

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TG body swap caption
“So I still can’t find anything about people actually switching bodies on the web,” John told Monica, “But I found a lot of folks who write fiction about it...not much help if you ask me.”

“You’ve been searching on your laptop and phone ever since we swapped bodies a month ago.” Monica retorted, “Maybe it’s time to just to just relax and accept it.”

“I don’t think I can accept being a totally different person, even if it is you!”

Monica paused before answering, “I don’t recall owning those leather pants. Did you buy those?”

It was John’s turn to pause before responding, “Hey! A girl’s got to look good, right?”

Agent #2023

He was part of a secret shadowy part of the government. No one would ever acknowledge the group’s existence, but they kept the country safe. He had been training with the group for years. Since his first day, he had only been known as Agent #2023--his original identity remained confidential. Training had been hard work, but today would be his first official day in the field. Or it would have been. A comparable agency from an enemy country had discovered the group’s base, and they had an evil plan. Conventional weapons would’ve been far too easily identifiable, so they had developed a weapon of confusion--a weapon that could switch people’s brains. As Agent #2023 started getting ready for his first mission, he suddenly felt strange. He son found himself in another part of the base wearing a white lab coat--and in the wrong body! He recognized whose body it was, Agent #1897, she was one of the scientists at the base. While the weapon did cause some confusion, it was too short for the enemy to take advantage of. Within moments, Agent #2023 had new orders. He striped out of Agent #1897’s lab coat and into the standard issue outfit for female spies. He grabbed a gun for what would now be his first mission--vengeance against the enemy who attacked the base with that strange bodyswapping weapon!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The dud

TG Captions
“It’s just not fair,” Wayne complained, “I was the one that did the research to discover the body swapping spell. I gathered the ingredients. So how come you guys got to swap with three hot, popular chicks, and I got stuck as the dumpy nerdy girl!”

“That’s just the way things turned out,” Taylor shrugged with a smile, “When we swapped with the girls in our gym class, we each knew that we all had a one in four chance of getting the dud. It just turned out that it happened to be you. But, hey, how about we have a slumber party tonight and give you a makeover? Who knows, it may even just make you as hot as the rest of us!”

Change of plans (Part 6)

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After a short engagement and a few months of marriage, Tom got what he had been wanting since the Great Shift placed him in a new body. He could feel the new life slowly growing inside of him. He felt like the mother he was destined to be, and it felt good; it felt right. He smiled as he felt the baby’s first kick.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Not a bad deal (Part 1)

TG Caption body swap exchange island
Despite its many magical abilities, the resort on Exchange Island was still subject to the wears and tears of the weather. Things needed to be repaired and structures needed to be built. Construction workers brought in for the tasks weren’t immune from the body swapping effects of the island. The staff did their best to make sure the workers swapped amongst themselves by bringing them in at odd hours or during the off-season, but from time to time, they’d end up switching with one of the guests. From the latest batch of workers, it seemed only Al ended up switching with a guest. At first he was furious. How was he going to be able to do his job like this? There was no way these frail feminine arms could continuously lift the fifty pounds required. He was told not to worry. Someone would be hired to fill in for his job. In addition, he’d be getting paid for his time as well. In fact, while the repairs were being done, he could enjoy a paid vacation in his borrowed body. He looked over to see his colleagues hard at work while he was about to change into a bikini and relax on the beach, getting paid while not having to lift a finger.This wasn’t a bad deal at all!

Pink lightning

The storm was sudden and like nothing anyone had seen before. When the television studio’s building started to shake, producer Shawn Lowski knew he had to get his guests out of there for their safety. It was a mistake. As they reached the door, a pink bolt of lightning hit the group. Shawn regained consciousness several hours later. The storm had passed, but the pink lightning had a strange effect. It had swapped everyone’s bodies! Shawn had swapped with a model hired to show of the latest in summer swim wear fashion. He realized he had absolutely nothing to complain about.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


TG Body Swap
An archaeological excavation under a large European city wasn’t a rare and exciting experience for Dr. Hal Singer. There were plans to build a new subway line, and no government official wanted to disrupt ancient ruins. Hal dug is a portion far away from the other archaeologists. If he was gong to find something, he wanted all the credit! He was surprised when his digging opened up a large underground cavern. At first, he thought he had stumbled across the part of the subway that had already been built, but he soon discovered a large portion of the cavern occupied by a strange steam machine. He could date it to the early part of the industrial revolution. It wasn’t exactly as old as they were looking for, but an interesting find nonetheless. Writing on the pipes indicated the user of the machine would switch bodies with a person on the surface directly above. Hal laughed. He was sure one of his colleagues was playing a prank on him now, but as he made his way out, he tripped and activated the machine. It didn’t take him long to find out that the machine actually worked and did exactly what it promised. It also seemed that a strip club now rest directly above the machine’s location. Hal certainly didn’t know how he was going to explain this to his colleagues, except perhaps to encourage them to try it for themselves!


A bright light flashed in Joshua’s eyes, and he could immediately feel how his body felt different. He was still no less shocked when he looked down to see his new, feminine body. He was wearing some sort of see-through top, which showed off a bra fortunately covering his new breasts. His pants were so tight! He wondered how he could even walk! And then there was the hair! It felt so long and heavy! All of this was unfamiliar to him!

Monday, December 17, 2012


TG caption
A month ago, Arnold had a one night stand with a woman named Jessica. He woke up the next morning alone to find that she had switched bodies with him. There was a note by the side of the bed. It explained that a long time ago Jessica had discovered she had the power to switch bodies by having sex with them and wishing it. She used it to get revenge on her boyfriend for cheating on her, but discovered her bodyswapping power stayed with her female body. He often begged her to sleep together again to switch back. She refused, and he eventually decided to go to a bar and pick up a man to swap with. Jessica’s body had been passed on from man to man, and Arnold was the latest victim. After some time, Arnold realized he had a choice. He could stay in Jessica’s body, or he too could find someone’s body to steal. He put on a leather dress and went to a bar to see what kind of guy he could pick up. For most of the night, he was disappointed by his prospects and started to think that maybe he should enjoy his new life as Jessica. That is, until an attractive young man started to hit on him, and he realized that this guy could be the one he could leave in Jessica’s body.

Brain power (Part 2)

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Ben thought he saw someone coming. He squinted his eyes. He realized that Joy didn’t see all that well. He plucked a pair of glasses from the table, and things were clearer. Joy must have worn contacts, as he couldn’t once remember seeing her in glasses. He looked back to where he saw the person coming. There was no one there. Next, he reached for a pile of clothes he noticed not far from the glasses. He had felt a little awkward wearing just Joy’s bikini. After all, this wasn’t his body, he should have some modesty. The whole ordeal had taken quite some time, yet Joy still hadn’t stormed over with his body. He couldn’t imagine what the hold up could be. She couldn’t actually be happy to be in his body, could she?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Talent (Part 2)

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Larry couldn’t believe it! He had become a woman--and a gorgeous one at that! He was sure that with a body like this, he could be a pop superstar. But there was a problem. As he started to play on his piano, he realized it now sounded like dissonant pounding instead of beautiful music. When he said he’d trade anything to be beautiful, he never meant his talent! He sighed as he sat on his piano--it was no more than a worthless piece of furniture now. His dreams were crushed...or were they? He thought about it. He was beautiful now. That’s all that matter; when was the last time a pop star had any actual talent?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Zen (Part 3)

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“You’ve got to be kidding me!?” Nick exclaimed.

“It’s never happened with between a student and myself before, but I have heard a few stories from some of my fellow teachers,” The instructor said, “If you hope to get your body back by the end of this session, I suggest you calm yourself.”

Nick groaned. What choice did he have? He tried to relax as he followed instructions for the first pose.

Friday, December 14, 2012


TG caption body swap
Perceval had been looking to prove himself as a knight. The others of the round table had slayed dragons and saved kingdoms, but he had yet to distinguish himself. One day at a tavern, he finally heard of a maiden captured by a witch. He bravely made his way into her lair and found the damsel with relative ease, but they were discovered before escaping. Perceval charged as the witch cast a spell. Perceval prevailed, but the spell’s damage had been done. His body had been destroyed and his soul had been pushed into the body of the maiden. As he placed his armor over her tattered dress, he wondered what had happened to the maiden’s soul. He felt like a total failure, but he figured he was certainly distinct from all the other knights now at least!

Unprofessional (Part 2)

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Despite Will’s initial hesitation, he eventually gave into Lloyd’s advances. The two soon started feeling each other up and fooling around. Will knew it was against good business etiquette and certainly against many of Exchange Island’s rules of being in a borrowed body, but as things got hot and heavy, they soon stopped caring. Of course, once word got around about Will and Lloyd breaking the rules, any hopes of a business deal was off, and the pair were forced to spend an extra week in the bodies of women--neither of them complained.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nowhere (Part 1)

Buying a house in the middle of nowhere was a dream come true for Phil. He loved the outdoors, and it soon became one of his favorite activities to go walking in the vast forest behind his new home. He’d spend hours, often getting lost, just walking around. One day he found an area by a stream with mossy rocks, but the most fascinating thing was that the air seemed to literally sparkle. He watched the sparkles dance around for a while before he realized they were all settling on his skin, encasing him. He began to panic, but they soon disappeared. He was felt such a relief that he hadn’t noticed how the sparkles had changed him. They had completely transformed his body, but for the time being he seemed oblivious.

Groupie (Part 3)

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As Bruce considered the possibilities, he heard a voice, “Hey, you aren’t supposed to be back here.”

Bruce recognized the voice immediately and replied, “Fuck off, Morty; I ain’t who I look like.”

Morty could immediately recognize the accent and style of speech. He asked, “Bruce?”

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“Why would you want to be a woman?”

“Want to? Look, I’m not sure how this shit happened, but it happened! You think I enjoy this?” Bruce made an awkward semi-feminine gesture with his skirt, but it still came of quite manly, “And if you make some sort of damned comment, I’ll punch you in your goddamn face.”

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Baby mama (Part 1)

TG Caption
Kenneth had awoken to a surprise. He looked down and discovered he was now a woman! The house he was in certainly wasn’t his own either. He immediately explored her closets to put on a cute leather skirt and sweater. He was enjoying being a woman so much until he heard a sound from the other room -- a baby crying. He realized no one else was going to answer its cries, so he figured he would have to tend to it. As he changed the baby’s diaper, he decided that being this woman simply wasn’t fun anymore! Ultimately, Kenneth decided to explore the neighborhood, hoping he could find someone to shed light on the woman he now was.

The one (Part 4)

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Though Howard’s actions seemed quite strange to many around, several guys were attracted to what they saw as a strange and spirited woman. A man soon approached, asking about a date. Howard’s face lit up with excitement. He agreed with a smile, feeling truly like a woman. He also realized his “the one” may in fact be a man now.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


TG Caption husband wife swap
Oliver had swapped bodies with his wife six months ago. When it first happened, they immediately went to the doctors.. At first, the medical experts thought both of them were crazy, but comparing brain scans to previous ones seemed to confirm they were telling the truth. Doctors had no way to explain the swap, and it wasn’t long before it took a toll on Oliver’s marriage. He and his wife had a hard time being in each others’ bodies. She left him last week, taking most of his clothes with her. He guessed it only made sense -- after all, his own clothes didn’t really fit him -- but it was hard to see so much of what he felt was himself go. He ended up digging through the back of the closet to see what she had left behind, hoping for some familiarity. He found his old high school letter jacket. He hoped putting it on would make him feel better, but the fact that it was so big on him only reminded him of the small, feminine frame he now had.


Nate wanted to scream when he switched bodies with a woman at the library, but proper etiquette of the location won out. Instead, he started digging into any of the books around, thinking there had to be something inside one of them that caused this.And that’s when he heard the whispers. It was two men. They were talking about magic and about how their initial test had been a success. Then they talked about plans to pull off a crime spree. Nate recognized one of the voices. It was his own--or rather, his voice before he swapped bodies with this woman!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dorky (Part 1)

TG Caption
Amanda had always been embarrassed by her dorky brother, Ed. She hoped that as he got older, he’d become more normal, but he never did. She couldn’t understand how a man in his 20s got excited about dressing up in costumes. He would tell her it was only for something called “ComicCon,” and he acted like it was the most important event of the year. She just didn’t get it.

Amanda always had hope she could change him, and one year she got desperate. She borrowed a device from her father that was capable of switching bodies. She hoped that if she showed Ed how his body could dress cool, could look cool, and could be cool, it might influence him. What she hadn’t banked on was initiating her plan the night before ComicCon.

Ed was shocked to be in Amanda’s body, but he wasn’t about to let that spoil his fun. In fact, he realized his sister’d body opened up all sorts of new costumes he could wear. When the two met up, Amanda was shocked at how dorky her body was dressed up!

Her plan had backfired. Instead of people seeing Ed look cool, they’d see her dressed up as a dork! She knew no one she knew would ever be at something as lame as ComicCon, but who knows how many had already seen Ed dress her body up like that!


Victor hadn’t owned a bicycle since he was a kid. He knew they were popular in the city, but he never used one. He had always taken a cab everywhere. That all changed after his body was stolen by a cab driver. He thought he would trapped in that fat, middle aged body forever, but after weeks of driving, he thought that if his body was stolen while in this cab, maybe he could steal someone’s body as well. Soon enough, he found himself in the body of an attractive young woman. He soon realized cabs were no longer an option. For starters, he didn’t want to risk being stuck in that cabbie’s body again--not even for another second! Next, this woman was poorer than he had been. He might have been able to afford a cab once and a while as a treat, but not on a regular basis. He decided it was time to ride a bike again, and (as the saying goes) he had never really forgotten how. As an added plus, it kept his new, beautiful body in great shape.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Conformist (Part 2)

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Cosmo looked at his reflection in the window on the side of the van. It was exactly as he feared. He guessed this woman had two kids and a husband somewhere, probably a nice house too. Cosmo couldn’t even remember the last time he showered! He wasn’t about to change his hippie lifestyle just because his body didn’t match it.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blood sugar (Part 2)

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Despite the clear evidence in the mirror, Jim still had a hard time believing the woman’s reflecting back at him was now his. He kept looking back, expecting to see her behind him. But it never happened. He was alone in this room, and that meant the reflection was his. He was this absolutely gorgeous woman. It still seemed completely unbelievable; no, it seemed impossible! But the evidence kept staring back at him every time he turned to look at the mirror.

Friday, December 7, 2012


TG Caption Body Swap Upload Download
When Jared and Aaron entered the room, there were already two women sitting across from them with helmets on their head. The two men proceeded to place similar helmets on their own heads with a sense of giddy anticipation for what was about to happen. There was a quick jolt, and the men watched as the women’s facial expressions turned blank. It was the first step. The women’s memories and personality were being removed from their brains. The men knew they would soon follow. In fact, it wasn’t long before they felt another jolt and had their own memories and personalities sucked away. All four had the consciousness in the central computer for a few moments before downloading commenced. Jared was downloaded into the body of the woman on the right; Aaron was placed inside the woman on the left. The two women were now in the matching respective man. It had taken a good amount of time to upload and transfer an entire self from one body to another, but the procedure had been a success!

Brain power (Part 1)

Ben had been working on his invention for months. It was supposed to boost brain power, and he was going to be his own test subject. He strapped himself in and activated it; something unexpected happened. Instead of boosting his brain power, it displaced it. His brain had been zapped into the body of his neighbor, Joy. She must have been planning to go swimming in her pool, judging from what she wore--what he was now wearing! This was completely unanticipated. Not that Ben was complaining. The scientific ramifications were huge! Though he also realized Joy in his body would be pretty upset; he was sure she’d be storming over any second now.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Statistically unlikely

TG Caption Magic Taxi
After falling victim to the magic taxi and finding themselves in a new body, most people tended to avoid taking a cab. But not Malcolm. It had been a year since his encounter, and he had not stopped taking taxis since. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy his new life as the wife of a high power stock broker, he just felt it was statistically unlikely that he’d ever end up in that cab again. Even if he did, what was the worst that could happen? He’d spend some time in a gross body, sure, but then he’d just target an even richer, sexier body. Finding the cab again seemed like it would be a win for him. Though he still didn’t expect that would ever happen.

Dream vacation

It was supposed to be a dream vacation in a tropical paradise at a luxury resort for Paul. For a few days it was, but as he sat on the beach sipping drinks, he exploded at the local woman serving him for being a bit to slow. She tried to explain the beach was busy that day, and she had to make sure everyone was taken care of, but Paul just exploded. The woman turned back to him with a glare and the mumbling of a few words. He went to sleep in a comfy bed and thought nothing of the events of the day until he woke up the next morning. A drip of water fell on him. The roof was leaking, the bed he slept in was hard and uncomfortable, and there was a draft. He shot upright; he realized these were not the conditions of the luxury hotel! He was in one of the shacks that the locals lived in, many miles from the hotel. At first he thought he had been kidnapped, but then he tried to stand up and realized he was attempting to do so on heels. He was in someone else’s body. He searched for a reflective surface, and when he found one, he was shocked. He had switched bodies with the server he yelled at yesterday!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


TG Captions
Mr. Saunders took great pride in his job teaching math at a local high school. He often spent free periods tutoring students who were having trouble one-on-one. This would be his third time meeting with Alyssa. She was having more trouble than anyone. He wondered if it was because she was more focused on boys than her studies. As he worked with her, a strange smoke oozed into the room from the neighboring chemistry class. They both coughed for minutes until it cleared up, and they found themselves in each other’s bodies! Mr. Saunders was in a panic. Not because he was in the body of one of his students, but because she was in his! She barely understod this stuff; she certainly couldn’t teach it! He sat down to prepare a cram session, but soon found it all too difficult for him. Alyssa, on the other hand, seemed to now take to it like a fish to water. As Mr. Saunders tried to focus, his mind soon shifted to other thoughts -- like cute boys!

Crack whore

Aaron recognized the building that he found himself inside from his days as a social worker. It was a place where druggies, the homeless, and crack whores hung out. He hadn’t been here a moment ago. He had been sitting on his couch at home, but a strange flash of light blinded him and he was now here. It wasn’t just that he was in a new place, he realized he was also in a new body. He knew based off the people that frequented this place that no body he could’ve ended up in would be a god one. He wasn’t exactly surprised by the skimpy outfit he now wore. He could only figure he was in the body of a crack whore. The hardest part would be withdrawal, but his social worker career gave him plenty of knowledge of how to break the habit and where to go for support, even if this woman was flat broke. He just needed to get out of this building and find some place safer. The building was no only famous for its poor residents, but its crime rate. There were murders and rapes on a daily basis, and Aaron didn’t want to be a victim of either.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


TG Caption cultural change
It happened when Henry Jones was attending college in the 70s. The young Republican met a woman in one of his classes. He had tried to date her, but she had other ideas. Using an ancient spell, she stole his life and his future. But just because he was in the body of a black woman didn’t mean he was going to give up on his dreams to succeed in politics. In fact, many years later he looked back on it all and decided he did pretty well for himself despite his swapped body. He had never told anyone about the body swap, but the incident had actually confirmed his conservative values. After all, he ended up making it in the world despite now being female and black, why couldn’t any one else just do the same?

The prude (Part 6)

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Ryan quickly rushed to put all of Dr. Wong’s clothes back on. He grabbed her keys and headed back to the lab. As he drove, he thought about it. Did he really want to be stuck in Dr. Wongs’s body forever? He looked down to see the sexy leg pressing on the gas pedal with a high heel. Oh, yes, this is what he wanted! It wasn’t hard to screw up years of work in only a few minutes. And after he was finished, he knew his fate would be sealed.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The mission (Part 2)

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The rest of the crew would be coming out of stasis shortly, and it was up to Commander Talcon to prepare for them. He needed to have an aura of confidence and present a read-to-go attitude. Coming out of stasis can be quite disorienting. The computer had woken him up first so none of the crew would see him stumbling around and getting a hold of himself. He had the added surprise of waking up as a woman, so he certainly hoped he had enough time to overcome any personal difficulty he might have with that scenario. He had to admit that it didn’t seem so bad thus far.

He felt a little odd as he moved about, but he suspected no one would notice his discomfort. The first place he went to was a small locker. Inside were the few personal items he had been allowed to bring. He took out a pair of glasses; they blurred his vision. He had know it would probably be silly to bring them. It was unlikely his inherited body would need them, but he had read so many good books with these glasses, he felt the need to take them for the sake of memory. They’d always remind him of his past.

Immediately (Part 2)

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Great Shift TG Captions
After reacting with initial curiosity with a hand straight down his pants, Kevin became a little bit more interest in his new body. He took off the jacket he wore and thought about stripping completely naked, but he also realized he was in the middle of a street. Though it seemed pretty deserted at first, it wasn’t long before another confused person crossed his path. Kevin sighed as he put back on the jacket. Further exploration would have to wait.