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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Freddy's back

Robert Englund, most famous for playing Freddy Krueger, thought his career would be finished after The Great Shift. No one would want to hire a sexy woman to play Freddy! However, what happened was he was quickly able to get over being type cast, and the offers for the attractive woman quickly flooeded in!

The pink stuff

After trying a small taste of a strange pink paste at a potluck, Joey and Grant were surprised that the pink stuff had magically turned them into girls. As they kept eating more and more bits, they became more and more feminine--even their clothes! It was totally weird. After about an hour, the effects started to wear off, and they were finding that they were needing to eat more and more to maintain their newfound femininity. It wasn't long before they were snarfing down huge spoonfuls of the stuff. It was almost as if they were addicted to being women. But what would they do when it ran out?

The night of nights

This was the only night of the year he could get away with something like this. Ben had painted his nails, put on a dress and a wig, grabbed a puse and went on the town. Oh, he almost forgot the mask to hide his face. No one would know that under that sexy female guise was a dude. He was living his secret desire on the one night. He could dress up as a woman, and if anyone found out he was actually a man under it all, he could blame it on the night; it was Halloween after all.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Things couldn't have turned out better for Michael. Years after inventing a bodyswitching device, he finally tricked a young woman down into the basement of his store where he hid it. After trapping her inside one of the pods, he got in the other, but he hadn't noticed that a chicken had stuck in with the woman as well. Michael was now safely inside the body of the young woman; the chicken was inside his body, leaning against the side of his store, unaccustomed to a human body. Meanwhile, the woman was now a chicken. Unable to cry for help or explain her situation. No one would be able to rat on him!

Red light

After being engulfed by a strange red light, Bruce was shocked at the changes in his body after it passed. He hadn't been able to move or feel while the light surrounded him, but now he regained that ability. Something told him he had the body of the last person the light encountered, and the next person it passed would get his. He somehow knew he was now a young woman by the name of Betsy Stark, and attending classes at the local university. She was still a virgin, but seriously considered giving it up for her current boyfriend. That thought grossed Bruce out...he may have had the knowledge on how to be Betsy, but he was still himself inside...this was all very weird.

Sleeping on the job

The other construction workers had warned Harry repeated how dangerous sleeping on the job was--he could fall off or injure himself in some other way. This time they were going to teach him a lesson. One of the others workers was a specialist in the black arts and cast a spell on him, transforming his body into that of a woman. When he woke up, he'd learn the biggest danger of sleeping on the job, the pranks of your co-workers.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Laundry day (Part 1)

One moment Jacob was taking his clothes out of the dryer at laundromat, and the next he was in front of a washer feeling like he was teetering on his own feet. He fell over backward into a laundry cart, and noticed the high heeled boots that made him fall, along with the sexy legs clad in pink leggings attached to them. The TV on in the corner soon came on with a news report about something called "The Great Shift," which was responsible for a world wide bodyswap. Well, Jacob thought, at least he was in a laundromat where he had access to clothes of this new body that would fit him...though he wasn't looking forward to the idea of wearing panties for the rest of his life...


Fred felt awkward when the Great Shift hit swapping him into the body of a woman wearing only tall boots, a bra, and panties. He wasn't able to find any pants--heck, he would've even settled for a skirt--anywhere. He luckily found a shirt, but because of his new bussoms, he wasn't able to button about half of it. The boobs popping out made him feel even more awkward. He didn't think he was going to enjoy his new life as a woman.

Another fine mess

"Well, Morty, this is another fine mess you've gotten yourself into," the 40-year-old male scientist said to himself as he stared at himself in a hotel mirror, "You had to try to impress the others on the convention floor, didn't you? You hadn't fully tested that machine that could completely disguise your identity, and now look at you! You're stuck in the body of a sexy woman! Sure, you could've picked any body to morph yourself into using that new invention, but you had to choose something 'challenging!'"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Angie was truly mortified by the results of the Great Shift. She lifted up her shirt to find that her breasts had been replaced by a hair flat chest! She screamed with horror, and then it only got weirder when her old body came over to give her a big hug. Apparently, the hairy man had swapped with her and was surprisingly happy to be in Angie's body. However, Angie would find it much harder to adjust.


While many people thought the year anniversary of the Great Shift was a time to be depressed, others used it as an excuse to party. Duncan, for one, decided to have a party to celebrate his transformation from nerd to sexy goddess! He was so happy when he saw his old body walk into the room! He had been in contact the whole time, but wasn't prepared for his old body's makeover! His face dropped with joy again when the woman whose body he now had arrived in her own new body! It was like the strangest, most wonderful reunion ever.

A long night: The week continues...

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Chuck knew his mind had regressed as he played in his daughter Diane's play area, but he couldn't do anything until she was released from the hospital in his body. Then a phone call in, and his other daughter, Rebecca, answered it. It was the hospital explaining that Chuck's body was ready to be picked up. Rebecca grabbed Chuck's hand, but he began to cry! He wanted to play more! After a minute, he pulled himself together; he knew that if he didn't switch back soon that his mind would just continue to regress...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Chuck sat on the dock where he used to go fishing with his dad. He couldn't believe how he had freaked out when he came home from college after the Great Shift hit. His dad had disowned him for being transformed into a woman. This wasn't his fault, but his dad acted like it was! Didn't he know that the Shift was random? He couldn't only think back to the good days. He wished his dad would understand...

Stop looking at me like that!

"Would you stop looking at me like that. Oh, and stop asking about having sex with you! I may have your girlfiend's body, but I am NOT her. You may be a lucky unshifted one, but I assure you that this is very real for the rest of us. Just watch the news!" Mike had been caught in an uncomfortable situation by being swapped with a sexy woman as a result of the Great Shift, who was alone in her boyfriend's house. The boyfriend was unshifted and had hoped to get lucky that night. Mike kept turning on the TV and radio to convince him that The Great Shift was a REAL phenomenon, but it seemed impossible to get through the guy's head. He would've left, but the news reporters recommended that everyone stay put as streets were unpassable due to shifted drivers. But Mike was fearful of what might happen if he didn't get out of there soon!

Back from the bank

"Hey, Dennis. It's Jake. Can we do a change of plans? I know I was supposed to steal this woman's body to empty her bank accounts, but in the time it took me to go to the bank, I have fallen in love with being in this body. She's still in my body locked up int he basement. As her, I have access to her money. Can't we just kill her in my body, and then I can have access to not only her bank account, but also her mansion and more...forever!...Side effects of the swap? What are you going on about Dennis?"

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lean back

Tyler leaned his head back. He had dreams of being a woman, but never expected it to feel so good. Did he have some regrets about stealing Megan's body? Sure, but it was hard to think about them at the moment. He was too busy enjoying the feel of all these new feelings coming from her body. He also knew it wouldn't be long before she showed up demanding her body back, so he had to be quick if he wanted to do any real experimenting with her body.


Jesse was settling in for a nice relaxing evening at home when all of a sudden he was behind the wheel of a car. He slammed on the brakes and swerved, narrowly missing another car. What the heck had happened? He pulled down the mirror and saw the shock of his life. The face looking back at him wasn't his own, but that of a young woman instead. He turned on the car's radio to a report about "The Great Shift," which had apparently been the cause of all of this. He was probably one of the lucky ones, considering it would've been very easy for him to have wound up in an accident.

The stone (Part 1)

Bob was cleaning his apartment when he noticed a weird stone on his floor. He picked it up, and it became hot. Too hot, in fact, as it burnt his hand. He dropped it on the ground, and it started to glow. He could only stare at the glowing stone as it burnt a small hole in the carpet. He was so focused that he didn't realize the changes happening to his own body, as it slowly morphed him into a woman wearing a sexy outfit. That is, he didn't notice until the stone disapeared in a flash of white light. How was he going to live his life in a brand new body?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Super soldier

When Vance joined the army, he said he'd do anything for his country...he had no idea they would do THIS to him. When they asked him to try a serum that would turn him into a super soldier, he said, "Yes, Sir!" At first, he was stronger and more agile, but the negative effects quickly became apparent. It took several months as his chest slowly inflated, his testacles shrunk to nothing to be replaced by a feminine slit, and even his hair grew out from its crew cut faster than usual. He wasn't exactly a super soldier these days, but he certainly gained some new skills.


When the Great Shift happened while Zack was interning at the financial institution, he was swapped with another intern who worked at for nearby fashion designer. Both expected to be sent home, but the demanding industries continued to push everyone hard, even the interns. Fetching coffee had been annoying enough for Zack, but today he had to do it in was the worst.

Time machine

George had developed a time travel machine with only one weird quirk: it would only transport his soul not his body, so it would be like he was possessing someone from the future. He had no control over who in the future he would become, but he could set how long he would be there for. After various tests where he would be transported five or ten minutes into the future, he decided to try something more daring, several hundred years. He found himself in a built up city in the snow, but it was strangely warm. Women were wearing bikinis; men were walking around topless. He looked down to see his own futuristic outfit and was shocked that the machine had put him in the body of a woman for the first time! His boobs shook uncomfortably as he walked awkardly in the thigh high boots. He was regreting his decision to sticking himself here for a full year.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Frank sat seductively on the psychiatrist's couch as he eyed up the doctor while he explained his problem, "I just don't get it, Doc. Ever since the Great Shift I feel like I've not only embraced my new womanhood, but I've overloaded on it. All my other guy friends who were turned into woman are totally acting like tomboys, but look at me! I mean, seriously, look at what I'm wearing right now, and I'll tell you that it feels good. I've never crossdressed before or even been curious before the Shift! I just can't contain my sexuality. In fact, if you'd pull down your pants, I'd be happy to demonstrate EXACTLY what I mean."

Around the house

"I know you have a week long pass to Bikini Beach and all," Matt asked his roommate Danny as he came out of the restroom, "But do you have to wear that bathing suit around the house? It's way too revealing, and sort of making me horny even though I know that you're like my bro!"

"Sorry, dude," Danny retorted, "It's only for two more days, and this seems to be the only thing that fits me anymore."

The whole package

It had been months since the Great Shift, but Todd still had to look in the mirror regularly in complete disbelief at the beauty that looked back at him. With the roulette wheel of the Shift, he really won big. His best friend turned into a 90-year-old man; his girlfriend had become a baby--barely able to explain who she was. But look at him! Attractive, young, fit...Todd had the whole package.

Friday, October 23, 2009


After a strange light hit their house, Mark was looking around for his wife. He eventually found her in the basement sucking on her thumb. He thought it was even stranger when she started talking like a little kid. He would later find out that the thing is result of something called the Great Shift. A small boy was inside his wife's body. The next couple of days were quite awkward, but things got far worse when his wife returned, now inside the body of a 5-year-old boy.