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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The program

"Oh, my God," The sales woman in the shiny skirt told the blond woman at Bloomingdale's, "You've so got to sign up for this free bodyswapping program. My breasts are perkier, my legs are more toned, and my hair is fuller and bouncier! If that's what it did for me, imagine what it could do for you, someone who's already so gorgeous!"

The blond woman pondered the possibilities. She was beautiful now, but she could swap with a supermodel! She had to sign up for it! Of course, the sales "woman" had formerly been a balding, fat, 40-year-old man named Morty. He had really lucked out after using the bodyswap program. He couldn't believe a beautiful woman like this would ever give up her body! Then as a good salesman, he came up with his current scheme, and his new body was the perfect pitch. Earlier in the day he had been signing up other overweight middle aged men, and now it was just a matter of tricking younger women to swap with them. This blond would be the last he needed to even up the numbers.

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