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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Paul couldn't believe how the discovery of technology that could swap two people's personalities could change the world in such a short time. It had only been five years, and it had already helped him score an interesting new job. He had been a non-smoking advocate for years and used to work counseling people on how to quit. Now, he would just go to the lab, swap with someone, quit for them, and then swap back. He had done this six times now. Each case took a few months, but the pay netted him a six figure salary. Today, he started on a new assignment. What made this one different was that it was the first time he would be helping a female client. The very thing he felt the need to do after being swapped with her was light up a cigarette, which he did; it was very common for him to smoke like a chimney for the first week or so in a smoker's body. As he rode her bike back to her house, he felt so winded and tired. He couldn't wait until he could clense this body and get it feeling better.

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