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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beta testing (Part 1)

Peter was excited that he was selected as one of the first to Beta test a new virutal reality game. The programmers had described the experience as more intense than real life. They sat him down and put various nodes on his sensory points. After several hours of prep work, they finally activated the program, and he was whisked away to a new world. He instantly knew something was wrong. He had been put in another tester's avatar, a woman's most likely. The program's developers weren't exaggerating on how real things felt though. He could feel the weight of the avatar's hair and breasts; the restriction of the tight skirt. The high heels were difficult to walk in, and he could even feel the fabric rub on soft skin. After taking it all in for a moment he decided to speak up, "Excuse me. I think there's a problem here. Could someone get me out of the game? Hello? Can anyone hear me? Hello?"