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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time machine

George had developed a time travel machine with only one weird quirk: it would only transport his soul not his body, so it would be like he was possessing someone from the future. He had no control over who in the future he would become, but he could set how long he would be there for. After various tests where he would be transported five or ten minutes into the future, he decided to try something more daring, several hundred years. He found himself in a built up city in the snow, but it was strangely warm. Women were wearing bikinis; men were walking around topless. He looked down to see his own futuristic outfit and was shocked that the machine had put him in the body of a woman for the first time! His boobs shook uncomfortably as he walked awkardly in the thigh high boots. He was regreting his decision to sticking himself here for a full year.

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