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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stay away from me, Demon!

The mind of Father Andrews was racing. This did have to be the work of Satan. One minute he was preparing for his sermon the next morning, the next he was in some sort of loud heathen club, surrounded by youths. The worst part was that, judging from his outfit and the two breasts exposing cleavage from it, he was in the body of some harlot! He raced back to the church where he sprinkled holy water on himself and grabbed a cross for protection. Shortly after, he heard a noise and saw his old body approach. "Stay away from me, Demon!" he screamed, thinking that the only possibility was some sort of supernatural possession. "Relax," his body responded, "You're somehow in my body, and I'm guessing you're in mine...I was listening to the radio in your office. It appears this happened to everyone in the world; they're calling it 'The Great Shift.'"

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  1. here's a great resource, love the caption request page btw!