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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Not Home (Part 1)

Neil was knocked to the ground by the light. He saw the flash of brightness approaching, but there wasn’t a way to avoid it nor did he expect it to have such a force behind it. When he finally started to get himself up off the floor, he noticed a few strange people standing around. He looked suspiciously at them.

“Olivia, are you okay?” One woman asked him.

“Who’s Olivia?” He replied.

“Dammit. I guess you and Olivia were affected to. Let me explain...”

Monday, July 30, 2018

The Transplant (Part 3)

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After a week, Tim returned to the hospital for a few tests and a short interview with the researchers.

“It’s been quite uneventful so far,” He lied to the doctor interviewing him. In reality, he had called up his girlfriend and told her everything. Then they proceeded to sleep together. It was the first time since swapping with Dr. Saito that he actually appreciated being in a woman’s body. And it was also the first time his girlfriend didn’t mind being stuck in the body of Tim’s father either.

When the researchers told Tim he would need to spend a little more time in Dr. Saito’s body in order for them to gather more data, he honestly didn’t mind. He just thought about calling his girlfriend for some more fun...

Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Transplant (Part 2)

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For the next few days, Tim tried his best to adjust to being in Dr. Saito’s body. The supervisors in charge of the experiment had given him access to her apartment and a significant spending account. Tim inspected her wardrobe and it mostly matched Dr. Saito’s body -- amazingly unremarkable. It was filled with khaki pants, sweaters, and just mostly boring items. He couldn’t help but think the whole experience of being a woman might be a little more thrilling if he swapped with someone who was a little more interesting. As he took a short walk to clear his head, he thought about going to the mall to spice up his look. Then he thought about calling his girlfriend to tell him what he had undergone for her. He had given up everything to try to help her with her own problem. The doctors had told him not to contact anyone, but what harm would it do? After all, he already knew his girlfriend had swapped bodies with his father; how would it be any different if she knew he had swapped bodies with Dr. Saito?

Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Transplant

The past 24 hours had been absolutely crazy. Tim and his family had gotten in a car crash, and in order to save the lives of his dad and his girlfriend, the doctors had to perform an experimental procedure that switched their bodies. Then the doctors approached him about undergoing the procedure with one of their colleagues in order to gather more data on uninjured brains in hopes it would help them reverse the swap between Tim’s dad and girlfriend. The thought of helping his girlfriend out of a horrible situation caused Tim to agree immediately. And within a few hours, he was now inside the body of Doctor Ayumi Saito, a 40 year old Asian woman. As he stepped out into the hallway, he was really regretting this decision. He was 20 years older and a woman! And the timeline was fairly open ended -- supposedly until they got enough “data.” He just told himself that helping his girlfriend and his father would make this all worth it in the end...

Friday, July 27, 2018


“Calm,” Martin told himself, “I need to be calm. It was being calm that allowed me to astral project out of my own body in the first place and somehow project myself into the body of my own stepmom. Yeah, so messed up that I’m now inside the body of a woman my dad is screwing. The stupid woman my dad left my mom for; the woman he CHEATED on my mom with. Okay...okay...being calm about this is a lot harder than I could ever imagine. But if I can’t calm down, I’m going to be STUCK like this!”

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Physical Therapy

After getting in a terrible car accident, Alfred awoke in so much pain. The doctor began to explain various forms of physical therapy to heal, but Alfred just snapped. He wanted the least painful method possible, and, because of his wealth, money was no object.

The next time Alfred awoke, the pain was gone. The doctor explained that Alfred had gotten a very expensive, experimental treatment to cope with his physical therapy. His therapist’s brain was transplanted into his body to deal with al of the pain and challenges of recovery while his brain was inside the body of the physical therapist.

Alfred was stunned. While he had said money was no object; he never expected anything like this. He was even more stunned when he saw the body he was going to in for the next two months. It was...a woman’s! And it was gorgeous!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Date (Part 2)

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“It’s been two weeks now,” Henry said to Dave, “I think it’s time for you to turn me back to normal.”

“No,” Dave insisted, “We had a deal.”

“Yeah, the deal was that I let you use your computer program to turn me into a copy of Madison, not some cartoonish freak that vaguely resembles her.”

“Whatever. You abandoned me, and I have to go to the prom alone.”

“Yeah, and you’ve left me stuck with these heavy things on my chest for two weeks! I think if you intended to punish me, I’ve suffered enough.”

“You need to find a way to make it up to me!”

“What could you possibly want?”

“Well, I’ve always had a crush on Madison. I’ve always wanted to get into her pants.”

Henry was nervous; he smiled awkwardly not wanting to piss off his friend too much, but he wasn’t about to sleep with him!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Date

“No one in class believed you when you announced that Madison agreed to go the prom with you, Dave. Everyone said it just didn’t seem likely that your hot, college-aged neighbor would even dream of being seen at a high school event.” Henry sighed, “So it wasn’t a surprise when you told me the truth -- that you had gotten this new hardware for your computer that would allow you to literally transform one person into another and that you asked me to agree to help you and pose as Madison.

”I stupidly agreed,” Henry continued, “And now I’m standing here with Madison’s body, but I think you might want to check the numbers you entered into the computer, because you screwed up one small detail -- make that one LARGE detail! Let’s fix this and go.”

“Who says I messed something up?” Dave said with a smile.

“Oh, that’s it! Deal’s off! We are NOT going to prom at all, so change me back this instant!”

Monday, July 23, 2018


When Eileen asked Todd to meet her under the boardwalk for a fun experience, he was excited. He thought that she was going to make out with him, at the very least -- maybe more! He never expected her to shove a medallion into his chest and watch in amazement as they slowly transformed into each other. He wasn’t exactly thrilled when she got undressed and handed him the bikini she had been wearing for him to put on. When he tried to protest, she just shrugged. She told him that it didn’t matter how much he objected, they were stuck like this for the next twelve hours. He might as well try to enjoy himself and have some fun. After all, very few people will ever have the opportunity to spend some time as the opposite gender.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Wake (Part 3)

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Jason grabbed a purse he found on a table and some keys and decided to venture outside. The streets were mostly empty; it almost seemed too quiet. The first few people he passed were mumbling quietly to themselves like crazy people. He felt a little too scared to approach them.

After a short time longer, he finally found someone who explained he wasn’t alone. The whole world had swapped bodies, it seemed. Jason was fairly shocked, and he realized that meant this body was probably going to be his for good. After all, while swapping bodies still seemed pretty crazy, the idea of finding a way to swap two people back to normal seemed like a challenge, but the idea to swap billions of people back to normal seemed impossible.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Wake (Part 2)

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Jason cautiously made his way to a mirror to check out his reflection. While he certainly knew what to expect, he was still a little surprised. He wasn’t just a woman now; he was a gorgeous woman! His face was so delicate and soft; his hair seemed to be done perfectly; and while he had already gotten a pretty good look at his new body, seeing it all together nearly floored him. He was hot all around!

Of course, there were still plenty of mysteries surrounding why he now had this body. He wasn’t sure where to begin to get answers, or even if there were any answers to be gotten. Plus, he hoped his own body was still okay. If he had any hopes of switching back; it would need to be alive. He decided to head out to try to search for some answers.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Wifely Duties

“Look, Mikey, you were the one that found that odd game in the attic and insisted we all play it,” Trevor argued, “We all experienced some pretty strange transformations while playing. I get that you and Marilyn ended up losing and got stuck swapped into each other’s bodies. But you still look like Marilyn -- like my wife -- and I’m thinking you still gotta do her wifely duties.”

“Wifely duties?” Mike asked without even turning around, “What the hell does that even mean, Trevor? I know it’s hard for you to get it through your pig-headed skull, but women are people. They don’t just have to do whatever men say or even what their husbands say. I doubt Marilyn put up with this sort of crap from you -- and even if she did -- don’t expect me to put up with anything like that. If you even think about muttering the phrase ‘wifely duties’ again, I’m going to punch you so hard that you won’t wake up for a week.”

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Who (Part 6)

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After about a year, Jacob had settled into life as Evelyn. He actually enjoyed being a wealthy socialite, single mom with a college aged daughter. He could spend most of his days attending parties or on the couch with a glass of wine (or several). The only time he ever thought of his old life was when Emma would come to visit -- which she didn’t do much anymore. When she did visit, Emma would mostly keep to herself or roll her eyes. In a lot of ways, she would treat Jacob how she used to treat her mother. The truth of it though was that Emma was still looking for her mother and Jacob’s original body. She was mad because she felt like he just gave up; she only stayed in touch in the hopes that she would be able to get her mother back one day and return then to normal.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Who (Part 5)

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The next few days went well. Emma taught Jacob things about being a woman and about being her mom. Jacob was a little apprehensive, but he knew he needed to pretend to be Evelyn as much as possible, so he went along with it. At the same time, Emma was clearly working her ass off in an attempt to find a solution. Jacob would get quite a few texts a day about something he found online or something she read in the library. Most of what she found was often garbage, but an old book she got from the library seemed to be their best lead. There was only one problem: they needed both bodies to be present to restore them to their original bodies. However, neither had seen Jacob’s body since it since the swap.

Emma hadn’t really thought about it, because she had been seeing or hearing her mom’s face or voice every day; it never dawned on her that her actual mom was missing. Jacob had just been so concerned with getting his own body back that he hadn’t thought about where his own body was. Now the search was on for Jacob’s body, which they could only guess had Evelyn’s mind inside of it...

Monday, July 16, 2018

Who (Part 4)

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Jacob knew that whatever came next wasn’t going to be easy, but he was thankful he was able to tell Emma and would have her help going forward. For starters, just knowing whose body he was now in was going to make it easier. He knew his name was Evelyn; he knew where he lived. When he embraced Emma, he felt comforted and warm; probably the best he had felt since swapping bodies with Emma’s mom. It wasn’t the same feeling he had when he hugged Emma with his own body, but he chalked that up to Evelyn’s hormones or whatever. But then he began to worry about what sort of effect those hormones would have on him in the long run if he stayed in this body. He hoped that he and Emma could find a way to fix this all soon.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Who (Part 3)

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Jacob had no idea what he was going to say to Emma to explain who he really was. Finally, he just went over to her and whispered, “Emma, it’s me.”

Emma looked puzzled before responding, “Stop joking, Mom. I know you have this mistaken impression that I think I’m too cool to be seen with my own mother, but I actually like being here for you.”

“Mom?” Jacob’s face went blank, “You mean I’m...?”

The realization came across Jacob. He hadn’t just swapped bodies with a woman; he swapped bodies with his girlfriend’s mom! It took him a few more minutes to stutter out the truth about who he was; it took even longer for him to convince Emma that he was telling the truth.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Who (Part 2)

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Jacob bravely opened the door. The room wasn’t quite as crowded as he had expected, but it was full of commotion. He wondered for a moment if others had swapped bodies as well, but it mostly seemed like the talk was limited to typical party conversation. There were all sorts of photographers and Jacob swore he saw a famous model or two. But the one person he definitely saw was his girlfriend, Emma, and he was intensely grateful to see her. He could explain his situation; how he found himself in this body. Maybe she could figure out a way to help him. They could work together. He just need to explain to her who he really was...

Friday, July 13, 2018

Who (Part 1)

Jacob sat on the couch in the small room thinking. He wondered how he got here; he wondered whose body he was in. He didn’t know how any of this happened. One moment he was studying for his upcoming finals in for his freshman year of college, and the next he was in this room -- in someone else’s body -- a woman’s body! He could hear a crowd behind the room’s only door. Maybe someone in there had answers, but he was more than a little nervous to be seen like this. Then again, what choice did he have?

Thursday, July 12, 2018


When Claire and Adam got married, the wedding was beautiful, but the reception was ruined when The Great Shift struck halfway through. Ted ended up in Claire’s body, his own daughter’s body! And it seemed everyone was looking to him for advice.

“According to what a few of you have been telling me,” He addressed the group, “The news is saying this is widespread, worldwide. Fortunately, we’re not the only ones stuck in the wrong bodies. But we also need to look out for each other. We need to account for everyone who is supposed to be here. I know Adam, who is now in the body of the flower girl Anna, is making a list of all the guests and keeping track of who is who. The person I’m most worried about is Claire. Obviously, I am in her body, but she doesn’t seem to be here among the guests anymore. She does know where to find us, so I hope she thinks to come here and meet us if she can.”

Ted then stepped aside and took a deep breath. This was certainly the last thing he wanted to worry about today, and he certainly didn’t feel comfortable being in his own daughter’s body. He had to stay strong for the sake of everyone else, but it was anything but easy!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fair Trade

On paper, it seemed like a fair trade. Joe was working a low wage job in rural West Virginia when he agreed to an experiment to swap bodies with someone halfway around the work with a similar net worth. He was a little skeptical about signing up, but the incentives made it more than worth it. The details about who he was going to swap with were kept vague even leading up to the point where he was escorted into a chamber designed to facilitate the swap across the long distance. When he finally found himself in the new body, he was shocked to discover he was now a woman! And then he started to learn more details. She was a princess of a country with a very low GDP. Even his meager means made him one of the richest people here; it seemed inconceivable, but he quickly grew to love his power and relative riches. It took him no time at all to decide he didn’t want to ever swap back. Even if her net worth was equal to his, this country was so poor that his money went extremely far. It didn’t seem like a fair trade at all!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


After a long twelve hour flight, Eric was very ready to start his vacation on Exchange Island. Unfortunately, instead of swapping with another guest on the plane; he swapped with the stewardess. This body didn’t have enough luggage for a two week trip and didn’t have a room reserved at the resort either. But it got worse, because it turned out Eric wouldn’t even be able to use that room even if she had. Seeing as he swapped with the stewardess, he was expected to make another trip to the mainland with this body and then come back once again to Exchange Island. It was another twenty four hours in the air before Eric would finally be able to relax, and this time he’d have to make the flight while serving drinks and giving a lecture on safety features. He tried to complain, but it was listed in the possibilities of the contract he signed when he booked the trip. All he wanted to do was start his vacation, and instead he just got a lot more work!

Monday, July 9, 2018


“Do you know where your brother went, Miss Nguyen?” The police asked.

“No,” Tuan lied, “He left a few days ago. He didn’t tell me where he was going. Is he is trouble?”

“It seems that way,” The officer replied.

Of course, Tuan knew exactly what trouble he had caused. The money he had stolen was secure, and he was sure the police would never find it. Of course, it was obvious that he was the one who stole the money, and he needed to hide. That was where the second part of his plan came in. He had a medallion that allowed him to transform his body with merely a piece of clothing. He hadn’t planned on being a woman, but the police had responded so fast. The dress was the first thing he could get his hands on. After the transformation was complete, he put the dress on, and answered the door. He pretended he was his own sister, and so far the police seemed to be buying the whole thing...

Sunday, July 8, 2018


After the body swapper was invented, many countries put heavy restrictions on their use. James hoped he’d avoid those laws by visiting a small island nation it the Pacific. He offered a local woman a relatively low price of $50 to swap with her for 24 hours. She eagerly accepted. After a day, he returned to the hotel and waited for her in the lobby. When she finally arrived, he smiled and asked if she was ready to swap back now.

The woman in his body pretended to be confused, “I have no idea what you are talking about? Do I know you?”

James’s smile turned into a frown. Suddenly he realized those regulations might have some benefit. As right now, he was likely going to be stuck in this woman’s body from here on out...

Saturday, July 7, 2018

To the Vet

Candice didn’t know what was going on. She was locked in some sort of cage. She felt small, as the cage seemed to fit on the passenger seat of a car. The weirdest thing though was that her own body appeared to be the one driving. She tried to protest, but couldn’t seem to make any sounds that even sounded remotely human. Once the car finally stopped, Candice watched her body turn to her and smile.

“Relax, Candice,” Her body said, “It will be okay. I’m taking you in get neutered and you should calm down after we’re done.”

Did Candice hear that right? Neutered? What was going on here?

Almost on cue, Candice’s body seemed to answer that question, “I invented a body swapper and decided I wanted to steal your body. I thought about sticking you with my fat, old body, but doing so would still give you the capacity to activate my machine and swap us back, so I swapped you with my cat instead; he’s now running around in my body. You never noticed me as your neighbor, the quiet and awkward George Livoski. You never talked to me, never said ‘hi’ in response to my shy waves. And now you’re a cat. And if you’re not good, you’ll soon be a stray cat. Now, let’s get you neutered and declawed.”

Friday, July 6, 2018

The Heist

“We transfered the money out these broads’ accounts three days ago; why are we still in their bodies?” Vince insisted, “You said this plan couldn’t fail.”

“Technically it hasn’t failed yet,” Charles informed his two impatient colleagues, “We used that machine to steal their bodies and drain the bank accounts of their rich husbands into our own. We had no idea they would escape with our bodies. All we need to do is find them and swap back.”

“But they could be anywhere!” Hank interjected, “And this woman’s husband is frisky! I can only pretend I’m on the rag for so long.”

“Look, they probably want our bodies back even more than we do. We just need to wait them out. They’ll come to us.”

While Charles talked a good game, he was actually lying to his heist partners. Stealing the money was a red herring; his plan all along was to steal Ling’s body. If that meant sticking Vince and Hank in Amanda and Carol’s bodies, so be it. In fact, their original bodies hadn’t even run away, Charles had killed them to ensure he’d never have to swap back to his own body. He just needed to keep up this ruse with these two a little while longer.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Wandering Eye

The visit to the pool seemed innocent enough. Jason was expecting a rather average day with his girlfriend. He wasn’t sure what warranted it, but she suddenly slapped him across the face.

“What was that for?” Realizing his voice seemed strange, a concerned Jason added, “What did you do to me?”

His girlfriend smiled, “Look down.”

Sure enough, Jason looked down to see he was clearly a woman with two breasts peaking out of a one-piece swimsuit.

“What the hell?” He asked.

“I saw your wandering eye. You wanted to stare at her more than me? now you can do so any time you want!”

“I wasn’t staring at anyone! I don’t know why you did this to me! Please just swap me back! I wasn’t looking at anyone; I swear!”

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Taking the Case

Roger’s high intellect made him a great lawyer, but he certainly didn’t have the skills to be working in a nail salon. He was still trying to wrap his brain about how he swapped bodies with a manicurist. He had taken a pro bono case of a man claiming innocence in a murder. He explained to Roger that the real murderer had stolen his body, and he could prove it to Roger by telling him where the machine could be found. Roger trekked to a seedy part of town, and sure enough there was a large machine in the basement. But how would he know if this thing could switch bodies? As he began to examine it, the damned thing somehow went off, and he found himself in the body of one of the neighbors, a young woman who worked in a nail salon. Until he could figure out how to explain this whole body swapping thing and present the evidence to the court, he decided to pretend to be who he appeared to be. Of course, that meant doing a job that he had no idea how to do...

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Used Body Salesman

On some days Paul wished body swappers were never invented. He was probably one of the best used body salesmen in the country, but he also really hated his job sometimes. Today was one of those days. He saw a few guys lurking around the showroom who seemed to not know what they wanted. Of course, Paul knew a sure fire strategy of how to convince them.

He went into the back and swapped himself into one of the bodies the store had for sale. Then he walked out onto the showroom floor to do a seductive dance. He had learned how to be very feminine for these types of occasions. The guys were drooling. Paul knew the exact type of body these creepy guys wanted; they were just too shy to admit it without some prodding. He announced into the microphone that the guys could bid on this body and sure enough they did.

Paul knew that sort of performance netted him three times as much as more traditional sales, but he always hated doing them. He hated being in a woman’s body -- even if for only a short time -- and he hated acting all sexy. But it sure was able to move his inventory of used bodies!

Monday, July 2, 2018

The Spot (Part 3)

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Over the next few hours, more information filed John’s brain. His body lived nearby, and he couldn’t help but wonder if she had somehow known what would happen up there, as if it was a way out of this place. He thought about going back up to the spot, but when he tried he seemed unable to do so. He wondered if he could try again at some point. He might try every week. In the meantime, he was going to have to adapt to this body and to this life. The memories that continued to fill his head ensured he was going to live this life, but still none of them made him comfortable in this new skin...

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Spot (Part 2)

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As John neared where his car was parked, another group of people started making their way down the path toward the hill. He wanted to shout out and warn them not to go, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. At the same time, a few important memories popped into his head. He knew he shouldn’t go back to his own car, but instead to the car that belonged to this woman. He was getting just enough in his mind to live her life, but certainly not enough to be comfortable. In fact, he felt quite awkward in her body. His hips seemed to sway without any effort; even walking felt weird. All the clothes on his body felt too tight. And then there was his butt. He felt like he was going to bump into someone with it. It felt so big and bubbly! He wasn’t sure if he was ever going to get used to any of this!