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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fair Trade

On paper, it seemed like a fair trade. Joe was working a low wage job in rural West Virginia when he agreed to an experiment to swap bodies with someone halfway around the work with a similar net worth. He was a little skeptical about signing up, but the incentives made it more than worth it. The details about who he was going to swap with were kept vague even leading up to the point where he was escorted into a chamber designed to facilitate the swap across the long distance. When he finally found himself in the new body, he was shocked to discover he was now a woman! And then he started to learn more details. She was a princess of a country with a very low GDP. Even his meager means made him one of the richest people here; it seemed inconceivable, but he quickly grew to love his power and relative riches. It took him no time at all to decide he didn’t want to ever swap back. Even if her net worth was equal to his, this country was so poor that his money went extremely far. It didn’t seem like a fair trade at all!

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