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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Used Body Salesman

On some days Paul wished body swappers were never invented. He was probably one of the best used body salesmen in the country, but he also really hated his job sometimes. Today was one of those days. He saw a few guys lurking around the showroom who seemed to not know what they wanted. Of course, Paul knew a sure fire strategy of how to convince them.

He went into the back and swapped himself into one of the bodies the store had for sale. Then he walked out onto the showroom floor to do a seductive dance. He had learned how to be very feminine for these types of occasions. The guys were drooling. Paul knew the exact type of body these creepy guys wanted; they were just too shy to admit it without some prodding. He announced into the microphone that the guys could bid on this body and sure enough they did.

Paul knew that sort of performance netted him three times as much as more traditional sales, but he always hated doing them. He hated being in a woman’s body -- even if for only a short time -- and he hated acting all sexy. But it sure was able to move his inventory of used bodies!


  1. I agree: funny & clever, having to "move his body" in order to move his inventory of bodies must make him rich but not very pleased about the day to day "grind"!