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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Who (Part 5)

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The next few days went well. Emma taught Jacob things about being a woman and about being her mom. Jacob was a little apprehensive, but he knew he needed to pretend to be Evelyn as much as possible, so he went along with it. At the same time, Emma was clearly working her ass off in an attempt to find a solution. Jacob would get quite a few texts a day about something he found online or something she read in the library. Most of what she found was often garbage, but an old book she got from the library seemed to be their best lead. There was only one problem: they needed both bodies to be present to restore them to their original bodies. However, neither had seen Jacob’s body since it since the swap.

Emma hadn’t really thought about it, because she had been seeing or hearing her mom’s face or voice every day; it never dawned on her that her actual mom was missing. Jacob had just been so concerned with getting his own body back that he hadn’t thought about where his own body was. Now the search was on for Jacob’s body, which they could only guess had Evelyn’s mind inside of it...

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  1. fascinating, mysterious story. I like it that they are working well togther. Nive pcs