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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Wifely Duties

“Look, Mikey, you were the one that found that odd game in the attic and insisted we all play it,” Trevor argued, “We all experienced some pretty strange transformations while playing. I get that you and Marilyn ended up losing and got stuck swapped into each other’s bodies. But you still look like Marilyn -- like my wife -- and I’m thinking you still gotta do her wifely duties.”

“Wifely duties?” Mike asked without even turning around, “What the hell does that even mean, Trevor? I know it’s hard for you to get it through your pig-headed skull, but women are people. They don’t just have to do whatever men say or even what their husbands say. I doubt Marilyn put up with this sort of crap from you -- and even if she did -- don’t expect me to put up with anything like that. If you even think about muttering the phrase ‘wifely duties’ again, I’m going to punch you so hard that you won’t wake up for a week.”

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