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Thursday, August 21, 2014

So Far (Part 6)

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Tiffany decided enough was enough. She needed to get everyone back to their own body, but she could only do one swap each night. The first thing, she decided, was to get her own body back from Marvin. She cast the spell, but was shocked when she woke up still in Steve’s body. She immediately went to confront Marvin, who had a devious look on his face.

“What’s up...STEVE?” He asked Tiffany snidely.

“What did you do? I tried switching back, but we’re stuck.”

“I don’t know why you think that’s my fault. I just stayed up all night playing D&D with my friends. I have to say, they were all quite surprised to see a beautiful body like yours involved in RPGs.”

Tiffany didn’t know what D&D and RPGs were, but they sure sounded nerdy. She couldn’t believe what Marvin was already doing to her reputation. Worse still was that if she couldn’t predict his sleep patterns, she wouldn’t be able to cast the spell and switch back. This was NOT good.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What If It Wasn't an Accident?

An accident with the Medallion of Zulu had caused Josh to switch bodies with his sister, April, on the morning of her wedding. Seeing as how they wouldn’t be able to switch back for 12 hours, April pleaded with her brother to pretend to be her for the ceremony. Josh reluctantly agreed as he went through all the hair and makeup routines and found himself dressed in a beautiful white gown.

With minutes left to go before the ceremony, a bridesmaid casually asked him, “So you didn’t get cold feet after all?”

Suddenly Josh froze. What if the accident with the medallion hadn’t been an accident? What if this was his sister’s way of getting out of this whole thing? What if he was going to be stuck like this? Stuck in her body in her life with her husband? It wasn’t too late to run, was it? He could run off. Sure, he’d still be stuck in his sister’s body, but at least he wouldn’t be tied down to a husband!

Then the music started...

Friday, July 11, 2014

Reality (Part 3)

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The phone rang several times before someone finally answered, and Harvey smiled with a sense of relief.

“Sarah!” He said quickly, “It’s me! It’s Dr. Wexler.” He paused, “What do you mean who else would it be? I need you to do something for me fast. I need you to...I need you to...I honestly can’t think of what I need from you right now. I’m sorry to trouble you, Sarah. You should head home. You work late enough as it is! I’ll see you on Monday!”

Dr. Wexler didn’t make the call in time. A new reality had been written. His life would be mostly the same, except he was now Dr. Harriet Wexler instead. There were plenty of other shakeups in the world as well, but he wouldn’t be aware of any of them...nor would anyone else.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

So Far (Part 5)

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After speaking with Marvin, Tiffany knew she needed to ruin Xing and get back to her own body as soon as possible. And for that she needed Steve. Tiffany noticed a change about Steve before even getting close. He was wearing tight clothes and a huge smile on his face. This worried her.

“So I got the geek out of your body,” She told him.

“Babe?” He asked looking into his own eyes.

“Yeah, I switched with him. He’s in MY body now, so you really owe me.”

“Actually, I’ve been rethinking this plan.”

Tiffany’s face turned even more sour.

Steve continued, “I went out with Xing’s friends last night. They’re really fun. I can’t remember the last time I had such a good time. I know it’s weird, but I’m actually liking this! I want to stay Xing Liu not just for a few days but forever! And I’m not going to ruin my future for you!”

Tiffany’s heart sank. She knew she had to undo this. Xing was tough competition, but an athlete like Steve in her body would be unbeatable. This was all backfiring!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Slacker (Part 7)

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After calling in sick, Neil mostly just sat in bed for most of the day, not feeling like doing much of anything. When he finally got up at about 3, he looked down at his sheet nervously. There was a giant blood stain. He felt a twinge of worry; what was happening to him? Was he injured? Dying? Then it dawned on him. His life had been going so well since the Shift, he had forgotten the obvious -- he was a woman now. What was happening was completely natural, and would now happen to him each and every month. He wasn’t sure if he was ready for this!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Reality (Part 2)

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Harvey checked his watch. It had been twelve minutes already and he was only halfway there. There was no way he’d make it in time, but there had to be people still there! Who was still there? He thought about it for a minute, and it dawned on him. Sarah usually stayed late; he’d call her and instruct her through the process of using the machine to reverse all of this! He started to dig through his purse to find his cellphone. He couldn’t believe how much was in such a small bag! Of course, if he couldn’t find that phone, he’d knew he’d be adjusting to finding things in a purse shortly. He was hoping that didn’t happen. And with very little time left, he found it. He quickly dialed Sarah and waited as it rang...

Friday, July 4, 2014

Normal Day (Part 3)

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I awoke feeling even stranger than last time, but knowing I was in a new body, I immediately rushed to a mirror on the wall. I was shocked when I saw my reflection. I was a woman! This was NOT what I had specified! I demanded answers. The odd man explained that trying to perform the body swap a third time would be far too dangerous to attempt, and he pulled out my list. The handwriting was a mess. The old man’s arthritis was certainly why. Many items were barely legible. A “b” looked like an “f” and instead of a request to “be male,” it certainly looked like a request to be “female.” I started to be thankful that gender seemed to be the only major screw up! I asked about my new body, now a bit more fearful of possible unknowns. It turned out she was young, successful, a non-smoker, mostly everything I could ask for. The only catch; I was now a woman, and there was nothing I could ever do about it!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

So Far (Part 4)

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It took Tiffany a while to consider her next step. She could convince Steve to screw up Xing’s life, but not as long as Marvin was in Steve’s body. She couldn’t just switch Marvin and Steve again, because Marvin would simply excel with Xing’s body. Ultimately, she dreaded the next step in her plan.

Tiffany woke up the next morning and rushed over to her own off-campus apartment. Sure enough, her own body was there getting ready for practice with a huge smile.

“And I thought it was fun being in THAT body,” Her own body told her, “Being in your body is even better.”

Tiffany rolled her eyes. She had no choice. She used to spell to switch her own body with Marvin. She was now in Steve’s body and Marvin was now in hers.

“Look,” She told him, “I saw how you were able to move with Xing’s body. With my body, you should be able to do even better; just don’t screw up my life in the next few days.”

“As long as your a good boyfriend to me in that time,” Marvin fluttered back.

Tiffany roller her eyes again; what had she done?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Derek smiled as he looked over the legal brief his lawyer had sent over. When he had swapped bodies with Nancy a few days ago, it was supposed to only be for a week, but Derek simply loved being in her body. He knew he needed to find a loophole to stay in it. He hired the best attorney he could find. This brief was the result. It might not guarantee that he’d be able to stay in Nancy’s body forever, but it should tie things up long enough in the court to allow him to remain being her for a very, very long time.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Reality (Part 1)

Dr. Harvey Wexler had to admit that he had really outdone himself this time. His latest invention was nothing short of genius. With a few short lines of code and the press of a button, his machine could literally change reality. He turned small buildings into skyscrapers, filled a dry lake with water, and even tweaked with a few people he worked with. Of course, at the end of the day, he returned it all to normal. Tests were one thing, but he didn’t just want to change things at random unless it was for the benefit of mankind. He made his way home thinking about all the good he could do in the world when he suddenly felt very strange. All of his surroundings blurred around him. It was clear that someone was messing with his machine! The buildings had grown taller, and he had been turned into a woman! He noticed all the changes now, but he knew he didn’t have much time. If he didn’t get back to his invention, he would start to think of the changes as normal; they’d become his new reality. He estimated that he had about fifteen minutes before his memories would accept the altered reality as fact. If he walked fast, he could get back to his lab in ten minutes and reprogram things back to normal in three. Of course, he didn’t take into account that he was now wearing heels. He fumbled in the unfamiliar shoes, adding precious extra moments to his travel time.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Normal Day (Part 2)

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I spent the week working on my list. I tried to describe my own self as best as possible without being too exact. I wrote things like “be between the ages of 20-25,” “weigh under 170 lbs.,” “be drug and disease free,” and “be male.” Writing was difficult with the old man’s mans. He must’ve suffered from arthritis. When I returned the next week, the experiments of the secret floor were no longer kept secret from me. I found that the odd man was part of a whole team of scientists working on body swapping technology. After a quick tour (where I saw them working on another unwilling victim), I handed over my list. The odd man nodded, and they put me under once more...

Friday, June 27, 2014


It had only been about an hour since John visited a website that changed him from male to female. It was a fun time, but he intended to return to the site in order to change back. But he suddenly blanked on the address. He soon realized there were other things he couldn’t his own name. What was it? Jen? Jen didn’t seem right. He had been a man, after all, until just a little bit ago, and what man is named Jen? He knew he cared about the baseball game on TV tonight, but he couldn’t seem to recall what time it started or what channel it was on. New thoughts seemed to replace these missing ones. He recalled that he needed to go buy makeup, and he instantly knew exactly what shade he needed, for instance.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Normal Day (Part 1)

It had started out as a normal day for me. After taking the train into work, I headed up the elevator. An odd-looking man got in just as the doors were closing. He hit me with some sort of drug, and I passed out. I awoke on a floor of the building I thought was vacant. Instead, it was apparently where this man conducted some strange experiments. And I awoke inside the body of an old man. I was horrified, and I begged for my own body back. He explained that was simply impossible. After a while, we arrived at a compromise. I’d allow him to experiment on me again. I wouldn’t get my own body back, but I would give him a list of specifications about the new body I would want, and he’d follow them.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

So Far (Part 3)

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“You did this to me?” Steve asked. He sat down and grabbed a water, “Why would you do this to me? Are you...a lesbian?” A smile came across his face as he asked this question.

“No!” Tiffany shouted quietly, “Dear God, No! I needed a favor. The woman whose body your in; she’s just TOO good. She’s a threat to everyone on the team. You need to sabotage her. I tried switching her with Marvin --”

“Does that mean Marvin is in MY body?” Steve’s smile was wiped away.


“If you switch Marvin into her body, and then me into her body, does that mean that dweeb is in my body?”

“I didn’t think about it.”

“I don’t care what your plan is, but if you want my help, Babe, you’ve got to get that guy out of my body, stat!”

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Start the Music (Part 7)

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After the routine was over, the various Steve’s were escorted off stage. While they maintained a psychic bond, it seemed strange to use it unnecessarily and one of the Steves spoke up.

“What do you suppose happened to our original body?” He asked.

“Maybe we’re still him as well, but I’d feel sort of bad for him. I mean, these bodies are SO much better.”

All the Steves nodded in agreement.

“But if we’re also still him, wouldn’t we still have a psychic link? I just don’t hear him in here.”

“Do you want to? He’d probably just whine about how much better the rest of us have it! I can’t believe that loser was us just a little bit ago!”

Monday, June 23, 2014

So Far (Part 2)

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After practice, Tiffany was furious. She couldn’t believe Marvin was able to use Xing’s body like that. As she looked back over the spell book, it was a mistake she wouldn’t make a second time. While she had rejected her boyfriend Steve as an option the first time around, this time she was blinded by rage. Sure, it would be cruel to stick him in Xing’s body for a bit, but she knew she could convince him to screw up Xing’s life. She cast the spell in a fury.

The next morning she arrived at practice and once again saw Xing’s body. She knew it must be Steve inside of there, the baggy shorts were certainly his style. She approached him as he stretched.

“Babe,” He whispered to her, “You’re not going to believe this, but it’s me, Steve! I woke up in your teammate’s body this morning. It’s so weird, but it’s also sort of amazing the stuff I can do!”

“I know.” Tiffany replied, “I did it to you, and I have a favor to ask.”

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Not a Bad Way to Spend the Day

When the wife of Josh’s boss approached him at the annual company picnic, he was wary. She had always been a little strange and aloof, but she had a few drinks and started to seem downright crazy. She talked about being bored with her life, complaining that her husband made too much money, which didn’t allow her to work. She started begging Josh to switch lives with her. He dismissed it at first, saying his boss would certainly notice. She turned serious for a moment, telling him that he just didn’t understand. She’d prove what she was saying. The next thing Josh knew, the world was spinning around him. He felt tipsy, and he soon discovered he had switched bodies with his boss’s wife! The rest of the picnic was a blur, and sure enough, Josh woke up the next morning still in the body of his boss’s wife. He woke up alone, her husband already off to work nice and early. He suddenly understood her boredom. There didn’t seem to be anything to do, that is until he discovered a membership to a local club. Playing tennis and hitting the pool didn’t seem like a bad way to spend the day, even if he did have to do it in a woman’s body.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Except Younger (Part 2)

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Nathan turned around to admire this body just a little more. He couldn’t believe how good looking his mom had been so many years ago! A sudden sense of panic set in. What was going to happen when his mom returned home and found a younger version of herself in the house? This whole thing had been caused by trying on her clothes; maybe he could change back by putting on his own. He looked around, but it seems that they vanished! The panic worsened. What if he was stuck like this? He may be in his mom’s body, but he certainly wasn’t his mom! He’d have no identity like this! He tried to calm himself down as he made his way from the attic back to the kitchen. He took a seat, just waiting for his parents to return. They had to believe who he really was, right? I mean, after all, they were his parents. They should be able to figure out who their son is no matter what he looks like!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

So Far (Part 1)

The women on the university cheerleading squad had worked hard to make it into the starting lineup for the first time their senior year. They were all a little insulted that the coach announced a new girl, a freshman, would be joining them as well. Her name was Xing Liu, and the others couldn’t deny her talents. However, their jealousy wouldn’t cut her any breaks. They were making fun of her constantly, but it seemed to do little to deter Xing. The head cheerleader, Tiffany, decided that this simply wasn’t good enough; she needed to figure out a way to force Xing off the team. In a desperate attempt, she turned to witchcraft. She thought about cursing Xing with bad luck, but another spell caught her eye, one that was sure to ruin her young teammate for good. It was a body swap spell. All she needed to do was find another target. One that was so inept at cheerleading. She thought about her boyfriend, Steve. But Steve was on the football team; he had athletic skills. Plus, she couldn’t dream of doing that to him (or allow Xing to be in control of Steve’s amazing bod), so she thought about Steve’s roommate from sophomore year, Marvin. Marvin was a skinny dork, more interested in studies than the school’s sports. With no athletic abilities, he was perfect. She cast the spell and waited. The next morning, she saw Xing’s body on the field doing moves that even put her earlier ones to shame. Tiffany was shocked. Had he spell failed? She ran over to try and figure out what was going on.

“Tiffany!” Xing’s body shouted, “I haven’t seen you in a long time! You’re not going to believe this, but it’s me, Marvin, Steve’s old roommate! I woke up this morning, well, with this body! And it’s amazing what I can do with it! Just watch!”

Tiffany was fuming on the inside. Her plan had failed, so far...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Except Younger (Part 1)

Ever since he was 10 years old, Nathan would sneak into his mom’s closet and wear her clothes. Even now, a decade later, when he would return from school on break, he’d seize the opportunity to try on things from her wardrobe. On one particular visit, he was digging through the attic and found some old workout clothes that his mom hadn’t worn in years. Unable to resist, Nathan soon found himself ripping on his own clothes and putting on his mom’s. Next, he pulled a sheet off a nearby mirror in order to look at himself. The dusty, dull old mirror suddenly began to shine as the light hit it just right. Nathan stood still as he stared in the mirror. The reflection was not his own. It was his mom’s! But not his mom; it was his mom from more than 20 years ago, long before he was born. He stood still in disbelief just to be sure the reflection would mimic his actions. Then he looked down in shock to discover that it wasn’t just the reflection. His whole body had changed! He was now a young version of his own mother somehow!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Winter Break (Part 6)

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Kurt couldn’t believe he was doing this; he was kissing his own body! He tried telling himself that this was wrong, that he shouldn’t be doing this, but the only thing he could sense throughout his entire body were completely amazing feelings. In this moment, he wanted nothing else but for this kiss to continue forever.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Start the Music (Part 6)

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“I think it’s just the three of me...of us?” One of the Steve’s said inside his head.

“I suppose we could try to do the same to the other dancers. I mean, I just thought about it, and it happened.” The song came to a close and Steve began clapping, “You know, you really ARE a better dancer. I can see why they put you up front.”

“You ARE up front,” Steve heard a chorus of voices say, “We are all you now. There’s no need to be jealous of yourself!”

“Backup dancers, too!” Another voice chimed in.

“This is so weird.” Steve whispered aloud.

“I know, right?” The Steve next to him whispered back.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


At first, when Jim was abducted by aliens, he thought it was kind of cool and interesting, and then they started conducting experiments on him. They started switching his brain into all sorts of different bodies, before dumping him back in the woods with the body of a tall blonde woman. Of course, his wife no longer recognized him, and he couldn’t convince her who he really was. He just took some guns from his shed out back and set out to find the aliens and force them to give him his body back.

He located the ship on the outskirts of a nearby city, and strangely enough, another woman was there in full combat gear.

“Let me guess,” He asked, “They got you to?”

“Yessir,” The woman replied, “The name’s Private Henry Carter. I think they were aiming for a general, but I got in the way. They’re trying to infiltrate our ranks. What about you?”

“The name’s Jim. I’m just a private citizen. A private citizen who’s ready to kick some alien ass.”

“You a good shot?”

“The best.”

“Want to cover me as I sneak in? If I’m not back in ten minutes, I need you to come in with guns blazin’.”

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Ryan thought that finding himself in a woman’s body in the wake of the Great Shift would motivate him to exercise more often. After all, he wanted his body to look good. But after a week solid, he learned an important lesson: jogging was really difficult! He had probably only been running for about five minutes and he was already exhausted. He took a quick stretch as he groaned, realizing at the very least, he’d have to run five more minutes back to his house. Maintaining a good body was hard work!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Polar Opposite (Part 4)

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By the next morning, Irving still hadn’t decided what he was going to do with himself. He woke up and threw on an old shirt. Looking at himself in the mirror, he suddenly felt inadequate, like all the other women were better looking than he was. He had to tell himself it wasn’t true. He was hot, and he knew it, right? He forced a smile and wink while giving a thumbs up. Yeah, that was a winning look. He found himself needing to build up his own confidence continuously. Was this an issue that all women faced? Why hadn’t he felt like this yesterday? He had been so sure of himself, and now? Now it was like he wasn’t sure of anything. He took a deep breath and pulled himself back together. He could do this.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Slacker (Part 6)

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After thinking about it for just a few minutes, Neil shrugged with a smile. “Why not?” He said, “It will give me something to do during the day and get me out of my mom’s house. Heck, I can probably get my own place with this paycheck.”

And sure enough, within a few weeks, Neil was on his own and independent. However, one morning he started to feel moody. He didn’t feel like going to work. He called in sick. For a moment, he thought he was returning to his old slacker ways, except he realized that he actually wasn’t feeling well. Something was wrong; he just knew it. Except that nothing was really wrong; he was just about to learn something about being female.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


The massive swapping of bodies that would come to be known as the Great Shift caused plenty of arguments across the globe. After Jim and Amber swapped, she blamed him. He tried explaining that he had nothing to do with it to no avail; she just continued yelling. He tried storming off in anger, but instead, he couldn’t keep in balance on Amber’s very high heels and ended up flat on his face. Amber simply freaked out even more. He was going to give her body all sorts of bruises if he wasn’t careful!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Start the Music (Part 5)

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Steve looked at one of the women in the front and concentrated for several minutes and suddenly in a snap he was now her. His new outfit was a bit skimpier with leather shorts instead of pants and he felt like he had a bit more energy -- maybe she was in slightly better shape, but it’s not like the body he was just in was any slouch.

Then he heard a voice in his head, “Damn! It didn’t work.”

Steve was a little taken aback and thought back to the voice, “What didn’t work?”

“Who is this?” The voice replied.

“My name is Steve. I’m one of the women dancing. At least I am now.”

“No, I am Steve,” The voice replied, “The same thing just happened to me.”

“No, I am.” A third voice chimed in.

“Wait, so all these women are me? And we have some sort of psychic connection?”

Friday, May 2, 2014

Not a Single Word

Eugene never expected anything like THIS to happen to him while he was on vacation in Japan. He had just gotten into his hotel room and began to settle in when the lights started to flash. The next thing he knew, he was in an office building, amongst a group of people going home for the day. Looking down, he could see that he was dressed in a reasonable skirt suit, and he now had a very nice female body. A huge grin soon showed on his face. He wasn’t sure how he had swapped bodies with this woman, but it was a dream come true. He couldn’t wait to start living her life. The only problem? He didn’t know a single word of Japanese!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


It had been just yesterday that Mary had broken the news to her husband Donald that she was pregnant with their first child. She had actually been surprised he hadn’t noticed. He reacted with anger and fear. He wasn’t sure he was ready to be a father and stormed out. Late into the night, he suddenly found himself back at his home and in his bed. He quickly discovered that he wasn’t in his own body -- he was in Mary’s! He was panicked about the sudden swap until he turned on the television. It appeared he wasn’t the only one in this situation; the entire world had swapped bodies! He was worried for his own body and for Mary. But as it turned out, despite the distance, she had swapped into his body. She found a way home a few hours later and the two worked out Donald’s worries. He still wasn’t sure he was ready to be a father, but he was sure that he’d make a great mother.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Return (Part 6)

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Over the months, Jack got used to his new body, his new job, and his new life. He got used to wearing makeup and heels, but he still resisted wearing skirts and dresses -- though he had to whenever he worked at the clinic. But luckily, today he had a day off and was going to the hospital to be studied. They hadn’t discovered anything that could’ve caused the transformation, but they did help him to adapt. In fact, he was pretty sure he’d still be fighting this every step of the way if it wasn’t for this program. He seemed to wait an extra long time in the waiting room reading a magazine before the session started. It turned out, he was in for a surprise. They found it! They found what caused his transformation, and it turned out that they could also change him back. Jack thought about this for a minute. He asked them not to. He liked his new life; he didn’t want to go back!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Start the Music (Part 4)

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Steve decided the best course of action was to continue to put all his effort into his dancing, hoping someone would notice him and promote him to the front row for the next performance. But as he busted a move, he realized how odd that all seemed. He didn’t even know what he was doing or how he was pulling off these moves. And thinking of next time? He had just randomly swapped bodies moments ago, he hoped there wouldn’t be a “next time.” Then again, he HAD just swapped bodies, hadn’t he? And maybe he could do it again? Heck, he hadn’t even tried to swap and ended up in this body. He looked at one of the women in the front and concentrated for several minutes, but nothing seemed to happen.

“Damn! It didn’t work,” He thought to himself.

“What didn’t work?” He could hear a voice in his head reply.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Coming Up for Air (Part 3)

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With only a few hours left before the end of his honeymoon, Chris was pretty sure that he wasn’t going to be able to find the medallion. It just seemed so unlikely at this point. He had been searching pretty much every waking hour. He no longer blamed his wife for throwing it out. He knew he could live the rest of his life in her body if he had to, he just didn’t want to! With precious little time, he still held out hope. And that’s when he spotted the shimmer of something in the water. he felt his heart race as he swam over, but it turned out to be nothing more than an odd reflection of the sun on the ocean surface. He sighed, knowing he was going to have to make his way back now.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pixel Perfect

Joe took a deep breath before pressing Enter. Once he hit it, he would be transported to the virtual world he had created and he’d be inside the body he had programmed for himself. Hovering over the key for just another moment, he finally tapped it. His brain was sent through the circuitry into the pixel perfect body he had made. Despite the animation of his program looking a little cartoony, every element felt very real. Skin felt like skin, hair felt like hair, and the fabric of the bikini felt like spandex. His only flaw? He hadn’t made the code correct his vision! He still needed glasses inside this virtual world. It was a minor inconvenience; he never wanted to unplug and leave!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Ken couldn’t figure out why he felt so strange. Then there was a flash...and another one. He held his head in hopes of clearing his brain, but he felt quite a shock when he felt long straight hair atop his head. Looking down, he found a nice-looking female chest and the flashed were photographers. He was in someone else’s body at some sort of an event. He didn’t know how this all happened, but he only guessed he should play along. He struck a few poses before continuing on his way, quite unsure of where he should be going.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Start the Music (Part 3)

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Of course, there was some variation amongst the various dancers, but (again) Steve felt like he was pulling it off flawlessly. In fact, he was no longer concerned with why he was in a woman’s body or why he felt compelled to dance or even how he instinctively knew all the moves. No, now he was simply feeling jealousy. How come he had to be one of the dancers in the back? Why couldn’t he be one of the women in the front? He knew he was way more talented than any of the rest of them! Despite keeping a big smile on his face, he glared at the dancers in the front. with pure envy.