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Saturday, June 14, 2014

So Far (Part 1)

The women on the university cheerleading squad had worked hard to make it into the starting lineup for the first time their senior year. They were all a little insulted that the coach announced a new girl, a freshman, would be joining them as well. Her name was Xing Liu, and the others couldn’t deny her talents. However, their jealousy wouldn’t cut her any breaks. They were making fun of her constantly, but it seemed to do little to deter Xing. The head cheerleader, Tiffany, decided that this simply wasn’t good enough; she needed to figure out a way to force Xing off the team. In a desperate attempt, she turned to witchcraft. She thought about cursing Xing with bad luck, but another spell caught her eye, one that was sure to ruin her young teammate for good. It was a body swap spell. All she needed to do was find another target. One that was so inept at cheerleading. She thought about her boyfriend, Steve. But Steve was on the football team; he had athletic skills. Plus, she couldn’t dream of doing that to him (or allow Xing to be in control of Steve’s amazing bod), so she thought about Steve’s roommate from sophomore year, Marvin. Marvin was a skinny dork, more interested in studies than the school’s sports. With no athletic abilities, he was perfect. She cast the spell and waited. The next morning, she saw Xing’s body on the field doing moves that even put her earlier ones to shame. Tiffany was shocked. Had he spell failed? She ran over to try and figure out what was going on.

“Tiffany!” Xing’s body shouted, “I haven’t seen you in a long time! You’re not going to believe this, but it’s me, Marvin, Steve’s old roommate! I woke up this morning, well, with this body! And it’s amazing what I can do with it! Just watch!”

Tiffany was fuming on the inside. Her plan had failed, so far...

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  1. LOL! Great start & use of pic.ows the firl handling the swap I winder