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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Role Swapper: Mailbox

Based off of this interactive story
Roy was already laughing hysterically at what the Role Swapper could do. His roommate Jack had been saying goodbye to his girlfriend Sarah when he zapped her. Next, he zapped their blue mailbox. Sarah’s entire body now matched the blue with the mailbox atop her head. To kiss Jack goodbye, she opened the front as he stuck his lips inside. Then she walked away, Roy guessed to work. Meanwhile, on the other side of the gate, Sarah’s head lay atop a post with letter’s in her mouth. Her clothes were wrapped around the post. Roy realized this Role Swapper device could really change reality in strange ways! He’d better be careful how he used it! Plus, he’d have to remember to switch Sarah back when she returned to see Jack this evening! Not that he could forget!

Monday, January 30, 2012

The haul

Bubba had been hauling toxic waste in his rig for decades. He never asked exactly what it was, just where to pick it up from and where to drop it off. He’d get some on him from time to time, and he noticed it had seemed to burn all the hair off the parts of his body where it spilled, despite his protective gear. Then one day there was a large accident where Bubba was covered with the stuff, and soon his whole body seemed to be affected. It not only removed his body hair, but his skin became softer, his hair grew out, and his featured became more delicate. As a few more minutes passed, his chest ballooned outward, and he felt a sharp pain in his crotch as his penis retracted and became a vagina. On the plus side, he looked years younger. He never asked the hauling company what he was transporting, but he felt the need to bring up the question now...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy (Part 1)

Though there was no shortage of misery caused by the Great Shift, this was not the case for Louis. He was actually instantly overjoyed with his new body, an attractive female one with tight leather pants. It was hard for him to contain his smiles, which seemed to be the case for many others in the area as well, who were also happy with their new bodies. Not a single person around seemed to be upset in the slightest.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Children and parents (Part 1)

Emily was shocked when she found herself in the body of one of her daughters, Valerie. She was shocked, but didn’t know what to do. She was relieved when she laid eyes upon her other daughter.

“Maggie! It’s so good to see you! I know this is hard to believe, but I’m Mom...I’m in Valerie’s body, but it’s Mom. I know it’s hard to believe...”

Maggie’s body shrugged, “It’s not so hard. I’m not Maggie either. I’m your husband. I’m Frank!”

Friday, January 27, 2012

One night (Part 6)

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On his walk home, Zach was still smiling. He was happy with his decision. He loved Denise’s body, and he loved her life. Both were his now. He knew it wouldn’t always be easy, but he enjoyed feeling sexy and pretty. He was actually getting excited about primping and trying on some outfits!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Mario was at the playground with his mother when the Great Shift hit. He didn’t fully understand fully that he had swapped bodies with a woman walking by; he just continued to play on the jungle gym. She was trying to think of the way to explain to the young boy that he was a full-grown woman now, but she had no idea how to even begin to bring it up.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Student body (Part 5)

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Two weeks passed since the Shift, and students were finally being called back to class. Richard had done his best in that time to prepare himself on how to overcome Cassia’s social anxiety. As the bell rang at 9am, he stood up in front of class and looked at all the eyes staring at him. He froze for a moment, knowing this new nervous feeling all too well now. But another moment passed and he was able to suck it up and continue teaching the class as he normally would. Or as normal as he could now that he was inside the body of one of his own students!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Sam really wanted to scream, but he was completely unable. About an hour ago, he had been staring at a large breasted mannequin when he soon realized that he was on the other side of the glass. He tried to move his eyes and turn his head to look back to see his body, but he found that he was completely unable! His arms, stuck in an upward position, got incredibly tired, but he could not put them down. He felt the weight on his chest from the large, plastic breasts, but the weight only hurt his fake, plastic spine. He was stuck int he body of the mannequin, and there was nothing he could do about it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dark alleys (Part 1)

Peter had been walking home late night from a bar when the Great Shift hit. He ended up about a block away in the body of a woman. He quickly ran to his old body to get his keys and continue on his way back home. But as he walked down the dark streets and narrow alleys, he suddenly felt vulnerable. He turned around to head towards the nearest subway station, hoping the other people riding the train would help him feel safer.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trouble (Part 2)

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Otis finally managed to stop himself. He was having so much fun in his sister’s body, but he knew that if he continued on her path that things could get scary. She had a few pregnancy scares in high school, and he didn’t want to be responsible for one in college! He downed another drink and giggled. He wasn’t sure what caused him to swap bodies with his sister, but her carefree lifestyle was much more fun than his stuffy conservative one! He should try to find a way to switch back, but he sort of didn’t want to. He just couldn’t do that to her, but then again, if he stayed as her for the next four years, he could make sure she stayed out of trouble throughout college!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Illegal swap house

It wasn’t long after body swap technology was developed that Christian fundamentalists had lobbied to make it illegal. The brave and curious often ignored the law to seek out illegal swap houses, often in rundown buildings. Last week, Ben and Mary had agreed to a swap, both of whom were curious about life on the other side of the gender fence. Ben returned a week later, a little sad to have to swap back already, but found the swap house shuttered and locked, probably closed down by the government. He texted Mary that they would have to find another place to swap back...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Magic typewriter (Part 2)

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Of course, Charlie was completely taken aback by the wish-granting typewriter and darted into the other room before he typed in something else foolish. After a few minutes, he remembered that he still needed to call the police about the robbery. But as he dialed, an idea popped into his head--he could use the typewriter to just wish all his stuff back. He approached cautiously and started to type, “I wish my closet was filled with sexy clothes.” He hadn’t meant to type that. He tried again, “I wish there was a hot stud at the door ready to fuck my horny ass.” Charlie was even more shocked at this words. His heart beat faster when the doorbell rang.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The more things change...

Jack was initially surprised by The Great Shift. He expected a lot to change going from being a white man to becoming a female minority. Though he had to wear his wife’s clothes to work, no one treated him any different. His day-to-day life was pretty much the same. His marriage was a little shaky now that both he and his wife were in the bodies of women, but quite honestly, it had been on the rocks long before the Shift. There were plenty of television specials and news articles about how people had trouble adapting to their new selves, but Jack was simply amazed at how astonishingly similar things stayed.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It was difficult for Ted to climb down the side of the building, but he was not about to stay captive in that building anymore. They had done strange experiments on him, switching his brain into a woman’s body. The new body made the climb down the side even more tough than it would have been otherwise, but he was determined to escape.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tourist (Part 2)

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Todd reached for his cell phone and e-mailed his work that he was sick. That solved one problem. He tried communicating with the woman through a series of hand gestures and a few words he hoped she knew. It seemed futile as she responded with only a confused expression and more words he couldn’t understand. Todd became more and more frustrated at his lack of ability to communicate with the woman in his body. He soon started yelling. She started crying and ran off. He yelled out with apology, but it was too late. His body was lost to the streets of China Town.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Burning hopes (Part 2)

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Stephen had successfully avoided Zhang for a long time after he stole her body and life. He skipped the graduation ceremony and took a job halfway across the country. But after two years, it seemed that a remeeting was inevitable. He was absolutely shocked to see Zhang in his old body. He didn’t know what to say or do, but she seemed to brush it off. She actually turned his life around and was now happy being Stephen. This shocked Stephen more than anything.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Territorial (Part 3)

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A month later, Terrance was doing his best to adjust to his new body. He hadn’t been back to a club since the night of the Great Shift; he mostly just hung around at home these days, sitting on the fire escape, and wearing his old Yankee cap and a pair of pants. He often tried acting a bit more feminine. He felt completely ridiculous when he tried to put on a dress; today was his first attempt using makeup. It’s not like his attempts mattered though, the once cocky male couldn’t even stand to be on the street in his new female body.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The necklace (Part 3)

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Jake walked cautiously from the alley to the street on the heels he now wore. Walking in heels was one of the many feelings that he realized he would have to adjust to. He wondered if he could use the necklace to swap with someone else. Theoretically, he could have any body he wanted, but a large part of him just wanted to keep the body he had now.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Paradise (Part 2)

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The woman was frantic. She demanded that they stop the boat right now and search the area for the medallion that swapped their bodies. Jerry told her the water was deep here, that they would need scuba gear to search, but that the way the tides in these waters worked, they’d have better luck just waiting on the beach; it would likely come back to shore in a day or two. The woman wouldn’t hear of it; she quickly dove into the water in search of the medallion.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Student body (Part 4)

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Though classes would be canceled for the next few days,the teachers still met each day to discuss how they would help students cope with the after effects of the Great Shift. Richard still found that he was often too nervous to speak up. He wanted to advocate for improvements to the school, but instead he found himself sitting quietly in the back. He slipped out to the restroom; it would be his first time in the school’s women’s room. When he entered, he was disgusted to find that it was just as graffitied, dirty, and run-down as the men’s room. Many of the toilets did not even have seats. The experience reinforced his views, but when he returned to the meeting, he still found himself unable to speak up.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Other side of town (Part 3)

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Wes walked a few more blocks until he felt he couldn’t walk a step more. He was outside of an apartment, and he pondered just buzzing a couple bells. Maybe someone would take pity on him and let him sit down for a while, especially considering the chaos of the world’s situation right now. He still wanted to get back home, but for now he’d settle for a short rest.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Alien adventure (Part 7)

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Jason walked down the hallway. The voice on the headset continued its calming message, but a siren started to wail overhead, drowning out the voice. Jason figured the aliens were on to his escape. He knew that there was no way to go back to his old body or life, but there was no way that he was going to be forced to stay on this alien ship.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Magical accident

“What did you do to me, Ron?” Harry shouted at his Hogwarts classmate.

“I’m sorry, Harry,” He responded, “I guess one of my spells effected you in a way that was rather unpredictable.” Ron laughed under his breath. It was funny seeing his best friend transformed into a sexy woman, even if it was an accident.

“This isn’t funny, Ron! I’ve got a date with Cho in a little bit, and I certainly can’t go looking like this!”

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bachelorette Party (Part 1)

Though Ryan loved his fiancĂ©, he didn’t trust her friends. They were always encouraging her to break up with him, cheat on him, or whatever. He had a great deal of concern for the Bachelorette Party and developed a devious plan. He took a whole bunch of sleeping pills and then cast a magic spell he found to switch bodies with his wife-to-be’s maid of honor, Megan. After casting the spell, it felt like he was drowning; Megan had been downing a bottle of champagne at the time of the swap. The other bridesmaids were cheering. Ryan started coughing and gagging as he tried to put down the bottle.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Popular trends

Harold and Kevin were the two nerdiest guys in their grade. Being social outcasts, their only friends were each other. But everything changed when one morning they woke up in the bodies of Jessica and Ashley, two of the most popular girls in school. It took both a while to figure out that the other had swapped as well, but the intelligent pair had it figured out before the start of school. What neither of them had any idea about though, was how to dress properly. They grabbed what they perceived as “cool,” which happened to be the girls’ prom dresses. Both were also surprised to find out that Jessica and Ashley wore contacts. The boys opted for the girls’ backup glasses instead. It should’ve caused instant laughs from classmates, but Jessica and Ashley were so popular that everyone just thought that the girls were trying to start a new fashion trend.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Super Mario Sisters

King Koopa had tried countless times to kidnap Princess Toadstool and take over the Mushroom Kingdom, and he had be thwarted again and again by those darned Mario Brothers. Their main motivation always involved rescuing the Princess, probably out of some never-satisfied crush on her. Then it dawned on him--eliminate the motivation! He had one of his minions slip a unique magical hormonal mushroom into the plumbers’ path. The change was almost instant as they morphed from overweight men into attractive women. They both screamed. But King Koopa smiled. Why would they bother him now? No longer would they have to vie for the Princess’s attention; they could now satisfy each other’s sexual desires. Heck, if they wanted to, they could probably satisfy themselves! Now Koopa could continue his plans to take over the Mushroom Kingdom with no interference from the Super Mario Sisters!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Bat, The Cat, and The Bodyswitching (Part 2)

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Scarecrow was quick to find advantages to being stuck in Zatanna’s body. First off, he not only retained his brilliant intellect, but it seemed much of Zatanna’s magic was linked to her body, giving him access to much of her power. But perhaps the biggest advantage was her body itself. Inside her body, he was able to trick superheroes into all sorts of clever and magical traps. It wasn’t long before he gave up any effort he might have of trying to get his own body back.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Enjoy the scenery

When Bill visited the a tropical paradise in the Pacific, he wished he never had to leave. It seemed that someone was listening, but he wish wasn’t granted quite in the way he expected. He ended up swapping with a woman who worked at the resort. After a few weeks on the job, he realized working on the island wasn’t nearly as much fun as visiting, and this woman’s job was a lot of work for very little pay. However, he loved his time off when he could just relax and enjoy the scenery--and enjoy his new body.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


“I’ve been struggling living your life for a week now, and I think I understand.” Ed sighed, “It’s not easy being poor. Your apartment is practically falling apart and expensive to maintain. I think I’m about one shift away from losing your job as a waitress. Can you please switch our bodies back now, Misty? I can’t imagine you’re doing much better as a stock broker at my firm.”

“Actually, Ed,” Misty responded, “Your boss says I’m doing better than ever. I had really intended to switch back with you after a few days, but now I’m not so sure. I have seen what life is like for the well-to-do, and I like it! I think I’ll be keeping your body, and you can keep mine. I only wish I had used my grandmother’s magic to switch bodies with a rich snob like you sooner!”

Monday, January 2, 2012

The princess and the pauper

Kevin was hiking on the hill outside of a town in a small European country when he spotted a woman, who looked a little too prim and proper to be up there. Indeed, she was a princess of a small kingdom, but she longed to be a regular person. And this is why she was so glad to meet Kevin. She had a small charm to switch bodies with someone willing, and she begged Kevin to swap with her. He couldn’t imagine why she wanted to give up a royal life, one where she had servant and wealth beyond all dreams, where she didn’t have to lift a finger. He instantly agreed, and soon found himself in her body. She smiled as she ran off in his body. Meanwhile, Kevin walked down the mountain himself, prepared to rule a kingdom as the princess. But when he returned, he found himself being forced into a royal marriage that the princess had objected to. Kevin objected louder, but it did little good...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

ASAP! (Part 3)

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When Dr. Blake arrived at Miho’s dorm, he heard loud, blaring music coming from the door. He unlocked it to find Miho’s roommate, Katie, and a boy getting drunk and dancing.

“Miho! Oh, my god!” Katie slurred, “You’ve like GOT to listen to this.”

Katie through some headphones on Dr. Blake’s head. It was even LOUDER. Then Katie asked if he wanted some booze. He thought about it. Miho’s body was young, but he was certainly old and responsible enough for a drink, right? Plus, it had been an incredibly stressful day. He decided it would be one drink and then straight to bed..