Tuesday, January 3, 2012


“I’ve been struggling living your life for a week now, and I think I understand.” Ed sighed, “It’s not easy being poor. Your apartment is practically falling apart and expensive to maintain. I think I’m about one shift away from losing your job as a waitress. Can you please switch our bodies back now, Misty? I can’t imagine you’re doing much better as a stock broker at my firm.”

“Actually, Ed,” Misty responded, “Your boss says I’m doing better than ever. I had really intended to switch back with you after a few days, but now I’m not so sure. I have seen what life is like for the well-to-do, and I like it! I think I’ll be keeping your body, and you can keep mine. I only wish I had used my grandmother’s magic to switch bodies with a rich snob like you sooner!”


  1. Oh dear, lol, can't really blame her. Looks like he'll have to resort to other means to bring in the money ;)

  2. [POWERFUL, Great story & use of pic! This is one of your very best. The new black woman had better get use to being poor & as for the new Ed maybe he'll even marry the boss's daughter. Great job!