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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Popular trends

Harold and Kevin were the two nerdiest guys in their grade. Being social outcasts, their only friends were each other. But everything changed when one morning they woke up in the bodies of Jessica and Ashley, two of the most popular girls in school. It took both a while to figure out that the other had swapped as well, but the intelligent pair had it figured out before the start of school. What neither of them had any idea about though, was how to dress properly. They grabbed what they perceived as “cool,” which happened to be the girls’ prom dresses. Both were also surprised to find out that Jessica and Ashley wore contacts. The boys opted for the girls’ backup glasses instead. It should’ve caused instant laughs from classmates, but Jessica and Ashley were so popular that everyone just thought that the girls were trying to start a new fashion trend.


  1. LOL, great picture :) And I bet Jessica and Ashley are pissed too :D

  2. First those girls are hot second, Kevin and harold are lucky