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Friday, April 30, 2010


Craig was a little surprised how quickly things got back to normal after the Great Shift. He would've expected a massive worldwide bodyswapping event to have canceled the semester, but classes at his college started up again within a week. Sure, it was a little hard to figure out who was who, and he himself had to be assigned a new room in the girls' dorm, considering his new situation. However, as he went to lunch in the cafeteria, things just seemed unbelievably normal....


Mark never wanted kids; he had just told his fiance so, much to her disappointment, but fate just seems to find a way to be a little twisted. When the Great Shift happened, turning into a woman wasn't the biggest surprise for Mark, it was to two kids in his arms. He was just glad he didn't drop them! He felt a strange, instant motherly connection to the kids. When the small children realized they were swapped with each other, they cried. Mark felt an instinct to comfort them, mother them. These weren't even his kids, but he knew he would take care of them now and do anything for them.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Split (Part 2)

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Instead of getting up immediately, Mike arched his head back. Something about having a flat crotch up against the ground felt so good, and while he hadn't gone looking below his dress yet, it felt like he was rubbing directly against the carpet. He guessed this dirty girl just failed to wear panties this morning...


Martin was afraid to look in the mirror. He could tell that the transformation virus had affected him, changed him; he knew he was a woman just from looking down, but was he pretty? Ugly? It's not like that really matter; he wasn't really comfortable losing his manhood, but maybe it would soften the blow if he was least attractive. It turned out, as he slowly adjusted his head to look in the mirror, that he was not only attractive, but downright gorgeous.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Enjoy it

"Bye, Brenda!" Philip shouted back to his old body after the two had accidentally swapped. Brenda was already having her doubts about how accidental the swap truly was. Philip just seemed too happy, too confident in her body. It didn't seem right. Shouldn't a typical straight male be a little more freaked out to be in a woman's body? Truth be told, Philip wasn't freaking out because being in a woman's body had always been a secret dream of his, something he never told anyone. It may have been an accident, but that doesn't mean he wasn't going to enjoy it!

The long walk home

With many roads being closed due to accidents by swapped drivers, it ended up being a long walk home for a good number of people after the Great Shift. Clusters formed and friends were made on people's treks back to their homes. John met Ralph, for instance. Both had been men before the Shift, but now found themselves in the bodies of two women. John (the brunette) told Ralph (the blonde) how exposed and vulnerable he felt in his new body. Ralph explained back that he simply felt sexy, though he added that he certainly had no desire to be a woman before this all happened, but he just didn't mind it either.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Never asked (Part 2)

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Chuck struggled to try and get a good look at his new ass, as he could feel the pants he now wore were tight against it. He was just sure that it looked good. In fact, from what he could see, he was sure his whole body looked good. He looked down to see the high heels he now wore as well, which he was also sure only added to the sex appeal of his new body. This was the best thing ever!


Justin knew his friends were womanizers but didn't realize quite how bad until after he secretly agreed to swap bodies with his friend Bebe for a week. Before he could even let his friend Todd in on the secret, Justin found a hand planted firmly on his breast. He was shocked that his friend would treat him like this. He responded by slapping Todd straight in the face and stormed off. When he got back to his male body in a week, he knew that Todd was due for a beating...

Monday, April 26, 2010

18 and pregnant

Carl had just started college two weeks ago and was loving his new freedom. He enjoyed binge drinking, hanging with his new friends, and just goofing off. He never expected his life to change suddenly with the event that would come to be known as the Great Shift. He suddenly found himself in a young woman's body, and not just that--a pregnant young woman's body! As he put his hand on his stomach, he felt it kick. He suppose drinking was off the table this weekend, and the thoughts of responsibility that this baby implied was very worrisome to the college student...


While others reacted to the Great Shift with nervousness or curiosity, Jeffery reacted with pure excitement and glee! He jumped up and shouted with joy after finding out that he was in the body of a seriously sexy woman. Wearing only a small bikini allowed him to immediately appreciate his curves. He was screaming so loud that many were paying more attention to him than their own new bodies.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Glen could feel something was wrong when the Great Shift hit. He felt long hair on his shoulders, his center of balance was off, and there was a large bag at his side. He dug through it to discover an ID with a photo of what he guessed was his new identity. He couldn't wait to get a mirror to really be able to see his new face. If his new body looked this good on a driver's license, he must actually be unbelievably attractive.

Perfectly in place

After telling Mark and David exactly where to stand, demanding that they stay perfectly still, John adjusted the stool ever-so-slightly. He told his friends that if everything in the room wasn't perfectly in place, the spell to swap back to their own bodies wouldn't work. John had enjoyed being a woman ever since they had accidentally cast a previous spell that swapped him and his two friends into the bodies of three gorgeous women. He was lying about the reversal, of course. What he was about to cast was a finishing spell, to make sure the women they swapped with would never be able to cast a reversal and get their bodies back!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

True desires

Brett's wife had hoped that swapping bodies with her husband would enlighten his outdated attitude towards women. He often treated her in a way that seemed straight out of the 50s. However, he seemed to immediately adapt to his new role after the swap. Brett not only seemed to enjoy being a woman, but he also seemed to be quite content to be a subsurvient wife. His wife began to wonder if his years of a macho attitude were simply because he was hiding his true desires...

Where do you think you are going? (Part 5)

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Roger's plan for the next day to avoid his sister's questioning was a bit more difficult. He arrived home late, so that she was asleep, and then the next morning he left at the crack of dawn...once again to the beach. It was a brilliant plan: asleep after she went to bed and awake before she got up. Too bad Roger would soon be too tired to enjoy the day.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Organ donor (Part 2)

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After taking some time to explore his new body, Ben had to admit that if he had to be the victim of a botched sugury, it could've been way worse than this. Plus, the settlement from his lawsuit with the hospital would mean that he would never have to work another day in his life...well, that is, if he chose to. Ben instinctly felt the need to go back to school--but unlike the body's original owner, he decided to go to med school to become a doctor (heck, he could afford it). It was something that he never had the desire to do, but maybe there was just something instinctive in this woman's body pushing him in that direction. Maybe the body's instincts are simply stronger than the mind gives them credit for...I mean, after all, he had been uncomfortable with his new body at first, but it wasn't long before he got used to it...very used to it...

The room

Martin exited the room, quite pleased with the transformation that occurred inside. He had been scared when he arrived an hour earlier, and the strange men inside the room told him that he would be subject to a random transformation. He saw lifeless bodies on the floor with arms where heads should be and feet coming out of chests; it was all very unsettling. But Martin's transformation was rather basic, relatively speaking. He changed into a full on woman and a beautiful one at that! He left the room, happy with the change.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting back

While some enjoyed the new lives given to them by the Magic Taxi, Phil was not among them. He had searched and searched for his old body in the hopes that he could swap back to himself again. After the cab started giving him unspeakable pains, he finally swapped with someone, a young woman. It certainly wouldn't have been his first choice, and if he hadn't been in so much pain, he probably would've been more thoughtful about the swap. Now he spent his days trying to take as many cabs as possible in the hopes of finding the Magic Taxi again, and maybe, just maybe, eventually use it to get back to his old body.


In hindsight, the newlywed couple of Darren and Betsy Peters had wished they had given the homeless woman some money when she asked for change. Of course they had no idea she was a witch punishing those who didn't give with some very unique changes. Three short hours after shubbing the witch, Darren and Betsy had changed into each other. Though Betsy was a little amused, she missed her body. Darren was just absolutely shocked at the void between his legs now and the awkward balance of Betsy's high heels. He wasn't amused in the slightest!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


In a million years, Mike never thought he'd find himself being able to do a split. However, strange things did occur when the Great Shift happened, and he found himself in a woman's body, who had just happened to be right in the middle of the gymnastic exercise. The feeling of his now flat crotch on the floor with both legs spread out was an unusual feeling for him to say the least. Now his next challenge would be how to manage to get out of the position and back on his own two feet...even if they were someone else's feet!


Sarah was appreciative when he brother gave her a concert ticket to the hottest emo band. He had never done anything nice for her before, so she was happy at his sudden niceness. However, she didn't know the sinister plan he had hatched. When the two crowded to the front and the music started, he implemented his plan and swapped their bodies. She screamed when she found herself in her brother's body, but no one could hear anything over the loud music coming from the stage. Meanwhile, all her brother could do was smile, happy to be in the body of his own sister...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Courage (Part 2)

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Derek quickly made it back to Dawn's friends now that he was in her body, but Dawn in his body was right behind. He lit up a cigarette much to her annoyance. Ick, Derek stuck out his tongue. The cigarette tasted like ash, but he knew that it was further irritating Dawn. He could see the fury in her eyes, but he was loving this.

Organ donor

Ben was nervous about going to the hospital to donate a kidney. He had heard all sorts of horror stories about doctor's screwing up by performing the wrong operation or removing the wrong body part, but he knew donating an organ was the right thing to do. He never expected them to screw up like this! Instead of taking out his kidney in a routine procedure, the doctor's messed his paper work up and removed his brain for an experimental one! When he awoke, he was shocked to find himself in the body of one of the hospital's nurses, who had donated her body to science shortly before going braindead. It wouldn't have been so bad if the body they put his brain into was at least male! he wasn't sure how he'd cope with his new life as a woman! surgury

Monday, April 19, 2010

His own mother!!

Jonathan was having an average day at high school when the Great Shift hit. He was completely disgusted when he found himself back at his house inside the body of his own mother! What made it worse was when he looked down to see the types of clothes he wore when he was at school all day! His friends had always told him that his mom was a MILF, but now he's learning how much of one first hand...

The NEW Great Shift Captions

Jared was a little releaved when Google shut down the Great Shift TG Captions website. Finally, he'd no longer randomly transform into a woman when surfing the web! That is, until the NEW Great Shift TG Captions website opened up. He found himself instantly transformed upon visiting, and this time a pop-up came up, "This time the change is permanent!" He looked down at his new female body; he could live like this...easy.


Danielle was a little frightened by the thunder storm outside. Her brother, Marty, sighed; he thought that at age 18, his sister was a little too old to be scared of a little rain. But her fears turned out to be justified when a bolt of lightning struck the house, swapping the two siblings' bodies. Danielle was not about to let Marty in her body just run around as he please. She started doing his hair and makeup. It was like playing with a life-size doll that looked just like her! Meanwhile, Marty was getting a little sick and tired of all the girlie stuff that his sister was making him do; he was ready to make a break for it!