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Thursday, April 1, 2010


It was a page straight out of science-fiction stories. Chad had broken down outside of a creepy mansion, and he was looking to use the phone. He rang the buzzer on the gate, and a creepy old man said that he'd send his assistant out. The hottest woman he had ever seen came out with a very stiff demeanor. She introduced herself as "Igor" and brought Chad up the walk to the mansion. Inside, he was introduced to the old man, who explained he was a scientist. As the man tried to explain his work, Chad just kept trying to ask about using the phone. The man continued, talking about his latest experiment that swapped Igor's body with the last visitor to the house, a young woman named Kate. He had enjoyed Igor's new look, but he no longer had the physical strength to help the man with his work. The next thing Chad knew, he was hit on the head, knocked out. When he awoke the old man had apparently struck again. Chad was now in Kate's body, and Igor had taken over Chad's strong manly body.

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