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Friday, April 2, 2010

The origin of the Magic Taxi

Despite all the stories of the Magic Taxi, the question remained: who was first? Ralph Cranston picked up a fare one day, an old lady with a surley disposition. She bitched and moaned the entire ride before yelling at the end that Ralph overcharged her. She claimed she would curse the cabbie, but he just laughed it off before driving away to pick up his next ride. She looked like a sweet enough woman, young with red hair. She was timid when Ralph tried to strike up a conversation. He certainly didn't expect to swap bodies with her after the trip Ralph didn't know much about being a woman--he was a confirmed bachelor for life--but he knew what he liked. He bought himself a leather jacket and high heeled boots. The first time he popped a cigarette in his mouth he coughed; this girl apparently didn't smoke. He had loved driving a taxi, so he took the licensing test and got a new gig driving a cab. The woman's friends were a little shocked at the changes in her. The college educated girl now driving a cab for a living. It was all too weird. Ralph didn't really care; he liked his new life, but little did he know that his original cab would cause many more swaps in the years to come...

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