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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Turn (Part 2)

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After Theodore complained to Sam, he felt strange again. Suddenly, he was once again looking at the woman’s body he had just been in. At first, he thought he returned to his own body, but then he realized he was now in Sam’s body.

“What the hell?” Theodore asked.

“I had a theory,” Sam replied from the woman’s body with a smile, “That the swap was initiated by your stare and the woman’s anger. I simply recreated the stare, and you easily recreated the anger. Sure enough, I was right.”

“But, wait, what!? How did that work, and did you actually WANT that body?” “How could I not? Now I get to walk around with this all the time, and I won’t mind when people stare. Heck, I kind of want them to! I know what I got! And I am already enjoying showing it off!”

“You are so weird, dude...”

Saturday, December 30, 2017


Theodore turned around sharply to stare at his friend Sam before snapping at him, “Are you going to help me look for my body? Or are you just going to stand behind me and stare?”

“Sorry, man, sorry,” Sam stammered, “But have you seen how glorious and round it is?”

“I can’t exactly look at my own butt right now, now can I? That being said, of course I saw it. It was exactly what I was staring at when she stole my body. I’m pretty sure that’s why she did it. And, honestly, if I could swap with you right now so that you knew what it was like to have this body, I would. Now just help me find my body, so we can force her to swap back with me!”

Friday, December 29, 2017

From What He Could Tell...

David held the small, compact mirror as far from his face as he could to try and get a good look at himself. From what he could tell of what he could see of his reflection and from what he saw when he looked down, he guessed that he was not only a woman but an absolutely gorgeous one! There was one thing that did puzzle him, did this happen?

His question wasn’t answered until he turned on the television. There were news reports about a Great Shift that swapped everyone’s bodies. He supposed that did explain his situation, and now his concerns drifted to how he could get a better look at his new body.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Closer (Part 2)

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It seemed Mack wasn’t the only one who swapped bodies. The crowd around him erupted into hysterics as people reacted to finding out they weren’t in their own bodies. It took a good amount of time for everyone to calm down and start filing out. Mack knew he had no hope of leaving before the crowd did. He just leaned on the car and waited. A few people still seemed to linger as the crowd finally thinned out. A few of the stares made him feel uncomfortable in a way that he never could’ve imagined before finding himself in the body of a model. He tried to shrug it off. After all, his main concern was wondering if his own body had stuck around. Or if the woman he now was had swapped into a body nearby. Maybe he could change into an outfit that was just a little more reasonable...

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Mack had attended the auto show each and every year since he was a kid. He always liked seeing the latest models of cars, but he always hated the fact that he couldn’t get closer. Twenty years ago, you could walk right up, but these days? Not so much. The crowds had gotten much worse. Plus, in recent years, the cars were always behind a rope with only a representative from the company or a model close enough to actually touch the car. As he wished he could get closer, there was a sudden flash of light and he felt woozy. He reached his hand out to grab onto something to catch his balance and felt the smooth metal of a fancy new car. He pulled his hand back quickly, unsure of how he had gotten behind a rope, but sure he was going to get in trouble for it. Then he noticed the hand he pulled back. It wasn’t his own. Instead, the nails were long and manicured. The fingers were thin, delicate, and feminine. This hand wasn’t his own, and nether was the body it was attached to.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


“Come on, Jenny,” Sebastian mumbled to himself as he sat on the bench waiting for his sister, “Any day now would be great.”

He was growing impatient as his sister was quite late. Then again, he couldn’t believe she had talked him into this in the first place. Jenny always dated the wrong types of guys and was pretty afraid that her most recent ex might do something to harm her. She begged Sebastian to threaten him just so he’d leave her alone. He refused. Then she came back with a second offer. She pulled out a small medallion and told her brother that she could do the threatening; she just needed to borrow his body for a while. The idea of body swapping seemed crazy, so he agreed. Sebastian was shocked after she touched the medallion to him, and the two did indeed switch bodies. She ran off, and told him to wait for her.

As he waited, he felt his phone vibrate in his back pocket. Sebastian didn’t recognize the number, but he answered it to hear Jenny on the other end. She was calling from the police station. She apparently took threatening her ex a little too far and now needed Sebastian to come bail her out. He groaned. In a few short hours, he was pretty sure his sister had managed to screw up his entire life.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Off the Bus (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Justin let a few cabs pass before finally hailing one. He wanted to make sure he didn’t recognize it...or more specifically, the driver. He hesitated as he got in, and driver began grilling him about why. Justin took a long sigh before explaining about how he had run into a magical taxi about a year ago, about how his body was stolen, and about how he ended up stealing a body as well. He went on to say he never took cabs anymore, but with the bus not going to his home, he had no choice.

The driver laughed, “I hear some crazy things on my drives, but that’s some tall tale. You’re pulling my leg, right? Because I gave you a hard time.”

“Yep,” Justin replied, “I’m just joking with you.”

Justin smiled. He knew he wasn’t joking, but he was also happy to finally actually confess the whole thing to someone. He had loved every minute of being a woman, but it felt weird keeping the secret that he wasn’t actually one. He had only gotten the body after stealing it due to the magic taxi so many months ago. He had finally gotten that off his chest, and it felt great.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Off the Bus

Justin exited the bus feeling a little nervous. It was apparently running on an abbreviated route today, which meant there was still nearly forty blocks to go before he was able to reach his apartment. He looked at the shoes he had picked to wear today and was filled with a sense of regret. He knew he was going to have no choice in the matter. For the first time in over a year, he was going to have to hail a cab...

Saturday, December 23, 2017


The odd gazebo in the park had caused a few freaky events through the years, swapping the bodies of people every once and a while. Gary was taking a quick breather after negotiating a big deal for the company he was CEO of, and Marisa was eating a quick snack after attending a long lecture at her college. Gary was pretty shocked when they swapped, but was even more shocked to find out how poor she was. Gary was a bit disgusted by the thought, but he realized it was for the best. When she explained she lived in Brooklyn; he was aghast that he might have to take the subway. She smiled as she reached down and handed him a pair of roller skates.

He was appalled, “I am the CEO of a fortune 500 company. I drive a Jaguar to work, and you want me to roll around in these?”

“Well, you can’t drive anymore,” Marisa replied, “My body never got a license. You’ll just have to cope for a while until we can swap back, I guess.”

He rolled his eyes. He didn’t want to deal with any of this.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Return Trip

When he arrived on Exchange Island, Ryan didn’t swap into a new body right away. It took a few hours before he found himself on the beach wearing a bikini in a woman’s body. He figured leaving would be similar; that he might not get his own body back right away. Even after getting on the plane and taking off, he just wasn’t worried. That is, until he talked to other passengers and discovered he was the only one that hadn’t swapped back into his own body. Quickly, he jumped up to ask a stewardess. He was keenly aware of how feminine he ran, and he realized how well he had adapted to being female on his short trip to the resort. The stewardess confirmed with him that he should’ve swapped back. In fact, he should have said something sooner. They were so far away now that he might never find a way back to his own body. If they returned, he’d just swap again and then swap back to this body when it was all over. His jaw dropped. That couldn’t be possible! He couldn’t be stuck as a woman for the rest of his life, could he?

Thursday, December 21, 2017


It seemed like a nightmare for Jason when it happened. He had never gotten along well with his sister Allison, and the two were always trying to make each other miserable. Well, he could think of nothing more miserable than being stuck in her body for the next few days after their dad testing out a new machine that ended up swapping their bodies. However, it wasn’t long before Jason began to see an upside. Now he was going to able to horrify his sister in ways that were unimaginable before. He quickly decided to raid the kitchen and pull as much junk food out as he could find. He was going to gorge himself on as much of it as he could. He wondered how much weight he could end up putting on her body. Maybe her clothes wouldn’t even fit by the time she got her body back! She’d freak out! She fought so hard to not gain weight; this was going to be perfect!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Ticket prices were high just to get into the concert, and once he was inside Ronald felt claustrophobic. There was so many people; there was barely enough room to breathe. He sighed as someone spilled a drink on him. He wished he was in the VIP section in the upper level. It seemed spacious. The next thing he knew, he felt strange. He suddenly had room to move around, and he was actually looking down on the crowd. His wish had been granted -- though it took him another moment to realize it had been done so in a way he never could’ve expected. He had been swapped into the body of a person up in the VIP area -- the body of a woman wearing leather from head to toe. Ronald told himself that it didn’t seem that bad.

That’s when a guy came up behind him. The man smiled and said, “Alright, baby, now it’s time to earn that VIP pass.”

Ronald didn’t feel very comfortable, and asked sheepishly, “How?”

That’s when the man’s eyes diverted to checking out Ronald’s body’s butt.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Makeup had been one of the hardest things for Frederick when the Great Shift first struck. He figured when he got stuck in a woman’s body, he should embrace things like that, but it was actually really hard! Getting the eyeliner to look good and to get it not to smudge; it took practice. He set about to get better. After about two months in, he had to admit to himself that he was finally getting the hang of it. In fact, better than getting the hang of it, he actually had it down perfectly. There wasn’t an eyelash out of place or a single stray mark. He had mastered the art of makeup, and he felt a weird sense of pride about it...

Monday, December 18, 2017


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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Here I Am

After the chaos of the Great Shift settled down, Max wanted little more than some time to go on a much deserved vacation. Adjusting to life as a woman was hard work, and he just wanted to get away. He settled on a rather remote location. It was all going so well until a man grabbed his arm in the market.

“I never thought in a million years I’d ever seen my own face again,” The man said.

Max was scared, but the man refused to let go and continued to talk, “Before the Shift, your body was mine. I swapped into this body thousands of miles from my home. I never expected; I never would have dreamed I would ever see it again, but here I am. Here I am...”

Saturday, December 16, 2017


George imagined that the woman couldn’t have possibly made it far. She had just walked by his worksite only about two minutes ago. He never felt good about all the other guys whistling and hooting at any attractive woman passing by, but this one took it quite personally. She looked at every guy working at the site and her eyes glowed red for a moment. Even though George hadn’t participated in the rude behavior, he wasn’t spared the effects of the woman’s strange magic as he transformed into a woman along with the rest of his co-workers. His clothes changed too -- his overalls became much more feminine by turning into a leather-ish material and becoming much more form-fitting. He jumped into action as fast as he could. He figured if he went down there and apologized to the woman, she might reverse what she did to everyone. Of course, he couldn’t quite get down there fast enough, but he knew which way she went. However, it wasn’t long before she seemed to be lost in a crowd. Now he was stuck with a woman’s body because his co-workers couldn’t keep their mouths shut when an attractive woman passed. It didn’t seem fair, but at least they were also all stuck in the exact same situation. It served them right, even if he didn’t deserve it too!

Friday, December 15, 2017


Emmanuel had never meant to get lost on the ocean with his fishing boat, but once he did he feared it would be the end. It got worse when his boat hit a reef, and his boat started sinking. The next thing he knew, he was washing ashore on the beach. When he looked up, he was a little surprised to see a large hotel. Then he looked down at his body and was even more shocked.

A runner passing by walked by and helped him to his feet. He smiled and said, “Just arrived on Exchange Island, I’m guess? I know the body swapping can be a bit of a shock, but you get used to it soon enough. It’s actually weirder going back to your own body after the vacation is over.”

Emmanuel couldn’t believe it. Body swapping? It would certainly explain why he was now a woman, but it seemed impossible.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Independence (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Joel heard a commotion in the halls that told him he wasn’t the only one who had just swapped into someone else’s body. A frantic woman wearing a skirt just as short as his entered the dorm room.

“Jessica?” The woman asked, “Did it happen to you too?”

“Yeah,” Joel admitted, “So I’m not actually Jessica.”

“It’s so weird, right? I mean, just about everyone is now someone else. We’re still going to go hit the bar though; a lot of us are pretty curious about how widespread this thing is. You in?”

“I think I should at least change first...”

“Come on, girl. You look good.”

Joel blushed. He looked at himself in the mirror again. He realized he couldn’t tell Jessica what to do and what to wear anymore, and this woman was right; her body looked great in this outfit. And he felt great in it too! It was still weird in a lot of ways, but he figured he could suck it up for the night and go out like this.

“Alright,” He sighed, “I’m with you. Let’s go.”

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Ever since she left for college, Joel missed his daughter dearly. He thought about calling her on a daily basis, but he held himself back, telling himself that she needed her space and independence. It was on one of those days when he was thinking of her that a bright light shone into his room. The next thing he knew, he was on her campus and in her dorm room. Then there was the most striking thing: he was in her body! As he looked in the mirror, he was sure shocked by the fact that he was now his own daughter, but he was even more shocked by her outfit.

“What the heck was Jessica thinking?” He thought aloud, “Was she really going out like this? Does she really own something like this?”

He started to regret not calling her when he had those impulses. Maybe if he had, she wouldn’t even consider wearing something like this! After all, it couldn’t have hurt to remind her that her father cared about things like this!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Ralph awoke and puled his baseball cap off the nightstand, but he couldn’t help but notice the long pink nails on the ends of his fingers. They made it difficult for him to pick up his phone, turn the camera on, and reverse the image. He couldn’t believe the face looking back at him. She was absolutely gorgeous. When he pouted his lips; she did the same. It was hard for him to believe, but there was no denying it: he was this woman. He was trying to figure out how this could have possibly happened, and what he could do to get his own body back...

Monday, December 11, 2017


John had worked as a counselor for many years choosing to work a low paid government job in order to help those who needed it the most for no cost. He often sat in an office for eight hours a day barely seeing one or two clients each day. But with the Great Shift, his work took on a whole new meaning. His days quickly became packed with back to back clients seeking help for a specific problem. Usually, they would come in panicked.

John would reply calmly, “Look, I get it. You’re freaked out due to the fact that Great Shift placed you in a new body. That happened to everyone. There’s nothing special about it. You think you’re different because you found yourself with a new gender. Well, I was a man before all this. Now let’s talk about it. And let’s talk about how you deal with it. Because, believe me, it’s not that hard.”

Sunday, December 10, 2017

In the Club

Within the club the Great Shift was pretty much self-contained. And with all the booze, pills, and other illegal substances, it took several hours for anyone to even notice the effects. It was Alec who noticed first. He felt like his high was coming down; in fact, he wasn’t even sure if he had a high at all. Things felt different, but he couldn’t quite place it for about an hour. It was when he needed to pee. He pushed through the people to find a bit of space and finally noticed his new body. He was a little more than confused, and he realized he was going to quickly learn how to pee as a woman. Even more concerning was if he could figure out a way to get out of this purple leather body suit in order to pee at all...

Saturday, December 9, 2017


The grave sat alone in the yard, unmarked. No one knew the man who had been buried there, and it was often a source of mystery in the town, even more so when a young woman came by to visit it from time to time to place a flower or other object by the grave. One day, one of the town residents finally asked the woman as she grieved who the tombstone belonged to.

“It’s mine,” The woman said rather flatly, “Or rather, that’s my body. I don’t know how or why, but while I sat in the hospital bed awaiting death, something happened. I don’t know if it was a weird electrical jolt in the hospital wiring that did it or maybe it was some sort of spiritual thing, but I found myself swapped into this body. A few hours later, my original body died. I didn’t have any family, so I made sure my body had a proper burial. I didn’t know whose name to put on the grave. Should I put my own? The woman who I swapped with? I didn’t even want to explain how I knew, so I allowed it to remain blank. But I come back here every now and again to remember who I was...”

Thursday, December 7, 2017


In all fairness, it had been a fun twelve hours. Pete had spent much of that time running around his apartment, wearing skimpy clothes, and looking at himself in the mirror. But with time up, he was ready to get back to his own body. He pulled the Medallion of Zulu out of it’s hiding place and gave a sigh. He was going to miss being a woman, but he knew as long as he had this trinket, he could do it again any time he wanted. As he reached for a piece of his own clothing in order to return to normal, the medallion fell out of his grasp. It rolled along the floor and into a heating vent. Pete got down on his knees to look. He could see it down there, but he couldn’t figure out how to pry open the panel to get to it. He thought about calling the building super, but he would probably then have to explain why the medallion was so important and who this unknown woman asking for this was. Maybe he could call a friend; someone he trusted. He just wasn’t sure. What he did know was that he’d be stuck with this body until he could get the medallion back...

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Extra Credit

The last thing Robert wanted was to fail out of college in his first semester. But the results of his introductory science course weren’t looking good. He begged his teacher for some sort of extra credit. Ms. Park was hesitant. Extra credit wasn’t something she generally offered, but she had been working on an experiment with the university that lacked volunteers. She suggested that if Robert was willing to help him out, she might be able to pass him. He quickly agreed and met her in one of the college’s labs that Saturday.

It turned out the experiment she was testing was a brain swapper. With no other volunteers, it meant Robert would be swapping with Ms. Wong. He was scared, but he was more scared of explaining to his parents that he failed out of college. And so after a lengthy process with a lot of strange equipment, he ended up in the body of his own teacher. He begged to switch back right away, but she explained it wouldn’t be possible to do so for at least 24 hours. In the interim, he was going to spend his time in her body at her house.

He felt extremely uncomfortable in Ms. Wong’s body, and even more so being in her house. He was only able to loosen up when he found her wine cellar and broke open a bottle. He finally was able to relax and smile. A brief moment of paranoia came over him, as he was afraid a RA might walk in on him, but then he remembered where he was and the body he was in -- there was no way he was going to get in any trouble.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Best Friends

“I still can’t believe our girlfriends were dumb enough to swap bodies with us,” Marco mused, “I mean, once they did that, why did we even need them around anymore?”

“Come on, it’s not like you expected this before they did this to us,” Ivan countered, “We were both freaked out about being in their bodies at first, but we learned pretty quickly.”

“Yeah, when you swap into a body that you’re attracted to, it’s not like you care much about your original body anymore. And it doesn’t hurt when your best friend is now in a body that you often dreamed on cheating on your girlfriend with, ” Marco added while sliding his hand onto Ivan’s butt.

“Tell me about it,” Ivan smiled while returning the favor, “This was the best thing that could’ve happened to us, even if we didn’t plan it.”

“I’m glad we ran away together after they did it to us. I wouldn’t change any of this for the world...even my original body back.”

“Me too. Me too.”

Monday, December 4, 2017


Doug realized now that he probably should’ve kept his mouth shut. When he saw her in the college library, he knew hitting on her was inappropriate, but he thought she was so attractive. He made a comment that she promptly ignored, but then he put his hand in an inappropriate place. The next thing he knew, she read aloud loudly from the book she had. He felt woozy for a moment, then things went black.

When he awoke again, he realized things were now very different. He was now her -- the woman he had hit on. He didn’t know how, but he figured it was in the book she had been reading. He picked it up and began to read, hoping to find some sort of clue as to how to get back to his own body...

Sunday, December 3, 2017


Ever since the Great Shift happened, Lawrence couldn’t quite explain what was happening to him. Sure, he understood that he was now in a woman’s body, but that didn’t explain things. According to all reports, despite people’s new bodies, they retained who they were. Their likes, their attitudes, their personalities, and everything. Except Lawrence now felt giddy at the sight of things like shoes. He marveled at fancy dresses, and just adored shopping. He knew for a fact that before the Shift, he was never into any of these things. He was having trouble comprehending why he was changing. It couldn’t possibly be simply because he now had a new body, could it?

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Nothing to Panic About

“Okay, nothing to panic about yet,” Gerald told himself as he checked his phone, “I’m five minutes early. She just might not be here yet. I just sit here and wait, she’ll show up, and then we can swap back.”

Gerald continued to fidget with his phone as he waited for Alexis to show up. He had swapped with her two hours ago just to find out what it would be like to be a woman for a bit. It seemed like a good idea, but he was getting quite anxious about getting back to his own body. In fact, the last few minutes, he had been increasingly uncomfortable. He hadn’t noticed some of these feelings earlier, but now they were beginning to bother him. The tightness of his pants, the restriction of his bra, and the uncomfortableness of the heels. It was finally starting to feel so strange...

Friday, December 1, 2017

Brain Scan (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

After about a month, Jason was finally released from the hospital. It still felt really weird to have a woman’s body, but he was getting used to it. It certainly helped that no one on the staff tried to get him to “embrace his feminine side” by wearing dresses or skirts or anything like that. He did have plenty of meetings with various psychologists to get used to the fact that he now had Michelle’s body instead of his own.

He also had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which was a pretty good deal but also had a lot of provisions. On the good side of things, the hospital was giving him a huge monthly payout for the rest of his life. He would probably never have to work again. Michelle was single and lived alone, so it would probably work out all right for him. On the other side, he had to agree not to make contact with his original body or his family again. He realized this would be tougher, but he also had no desire to drag them into this. If he did happen upon them, he could never reveal who he really was. In fact, other than to a select number of people, he could never reveal who he was to anyone. As far as the world was concerned, he was Michelle Chang, a woman who had recovered miraculously from a brain injury.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Brain Scan

Jason had gone to the hospital for a routine procedure when his doctor asked if he’d like to participate in an experimental procedure to help a dying patient. He was a little skeptical, but his doctor explained all they needed was a healthy brain scan from him. They’d use his healthy scan to help fill in the gaps for another patient who had been struggling with severe brain damage. They had hopes the healthy scan could be used to copy pathways needed for breathing and other basic functions.

Jason didn’t seem the harm, so he agreed. However, as he was being scanned, it felt like the entire world was glitching. He wanted to scream, but he seemed unable. Everything went black for a moment, and then he woke up in a hospital bed. He looked down to discover a body that was not his own under the sheets -- it was a woman’s!

It was a few days later before he finally got an explanation. The doctors gave him some clothes to wear and brought him to a room in the psychology ward. He nervously bit his finger as they explained it all. His brain had been scanned without incident. His body had returned home to his family that day, safe and sound. And shortly thereafter that scan was used to help a brain damaged woman named Michelle Chang. However, her brain was a little too damaged. Instead of just copying pathways vital for a beating heart and taking breaths, most of Jason’s memories and personality were also copied -- the essence of what made Jason himself. The original Jason in his own body was still out there, normal, and unaware of the fact that there was now a second Jason with the exact same brain patterns inside Michelle’s body. Jason inside Michelle’s body didn’t even know how to take the news. He just sat there blankly, a little afraid and not knowing what to do. The doctors began to offer options...

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Hidden in Plain Sight (Part 3)

Click here for Part 1.
Click here for Part 2.

Andrea was nearly ready to cry as she pleaded with John one last time to simply hear the words “I love you.” John paused before finally being able to form his thoughts.

“It’s not that you’re a guy now,” John confessed, “I mean, it is a factor, but it’s not just that. But you’ve been here this whole time lying to me, letting me worry about you; it’s hard to let that go. How can I trust you?”

“I was scared, John. I didn’t know how to tell you. I just...I don’t know...” It was now Andrea’s turn to be at a loss for how to explain her actions. She knew she had lied to him, but was it really too much to ask for forgiveness?

Monday, November 27, 2017

Hidden in Plain Sight (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

John couldn’t seem to find the words. He just stood there silently, but Andrea grabbed him by the shoulders.

“Please,” She said, “I’m sorry for not telling you sooner, but I needed to feel sure that you could still love me like this.”

“Well...I...” John trailed off before saying much of anything.

“If our situations had been reversed by the Shift, it wouldn’t have mattered to me. If you became a woman, I would’ve still loved you. Please say you still love me.”

“Two women...kind guys...” John trailed off again.


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Hidden in Plain Sight (Part 1)

It had been a week since the Great Shift and John was very worried about his girlfriend, Andrea. He hadn’t seen or heard from her since the massive body swapping. He tried calling her phone, but she didn’t pick up. John was worried that she simply might be afraid to see him due to whatever body she ended up with as a result of the Shift. He often confided his fears to his neighbor Tom, who like John hadn’t been shifted. Tom seemed always upbeat, telling John that he was sure Andrea was okay. Then one day in the hallway of their apartment building, Tom arrived out of the elevator wearing a dress.

“I have a confession to make, John,” He sighed, “It’s me. It’s Andrea. You were right. I didn’t want to tell you what body I swapped into because I was embarrassed. We’re both... we’re both guys now. I can’t imagine how weird that makes things for you. Actually, I sort of can...”

Saturday, November 25, 2017


Steve sighed. He knew teleportation was a new technology, but he had used it three times for business now and three times something weird had happened. The first time, he had selected a body to swap with at his destination and there was a mixup resulting in him swapping with the wrong person. The next time they couldn’t find his body on the return trip, resulting in a multi-day delay. And now this! He had selected the woman to swap with at his destination due to her professional-looking photo. It turned out she had since dyed her hair, and he felt completely silly.

He did consider flying, of course, but it seemed like such a waste to take an eight hour flight for a day of meetings abroad. Instead, it seemed much more logical to use the teleportation service. Your mind would simply swap with someone at the destination of your choice. It was instant and easy. Then again, he was now going to have to go to important meetings with a body that had blue hair. He had also requested that she wear “professional attire,” which she clearly hadn’t. He knew it wasn’t too hard to go to a store and buy a skirt suit, but he also knew he didn’t have time to go to a salon for a dye job. He sighed again. Other people he had met with encountered situations that were similar with the teleportation service. Everyone seemed to overlook them, but they were growing increasingly frustrating. If the company couldn’t get this sort of thing worked out, he couldn’t imagine they’d succeed in the long run, even given the amazing convenience they brought to the world of travel.

Friday, November 24, 2017


To describe Alvin as uptight would’ve made him seem much more at ease and relaxed than he actually was. But his neurotic attention to detail and dedication to hard work had earned him a scholarship at the graduate program at Harvard, and he was very excited about it. What he never would’ve expected was for the Great Shift to strike the week before he was scheduled to start. And he ended up finding himself in a body that was very, very different. His first reaction was to cover his eyes, pretend like it just wasn’t happening to him.

But he could only escape reality for so long before he peaked down to see his new body. The most obvious feature was that he was now female with long, blonde hair and a lot of exposed skin. To his horror, so much of that skin seemed to be covered with all sorts of tattoos. He couldn’t imagine anyone taking him seriously like this! How was he going to make it at Harvard? He could just imagine everyone would be judging him the moment he stepped on campus. All his hard work gone to waste, only to wind up in a body like this! He was mortified!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Self (Part 2)

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A few of the lab techs noticed Victor’s body movements after the swap and approached him. They asked him how he felt.

“I feel fine,” He said, “But I’m not sure I want to swap anymore.”

The researchers looked puzzled.

“I like being me. I like being Shawna.” He said, “I see that Victor guy over there. He looks like a dork; I don’t want to swap with him anymore.”

The researchers were confused, but Victor wasn’t. In the short few moments he had been in Shawna’s body, he had convinced himself that since he looked like her, he must BE her. The swap was irrelevant, and since he was her, he concluded that the swap must not have happened. It made perfect sense, philosophically.

The researchers were more concerned. Now they wanted to coax Victor back a little closer, so they could jolt him again in order to swap him and Shawna back to their own bodies. But Victor wasn’t having any of it. There was no way he was going to be Victor ever again!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


As a graduate student in philosophy, Victor had many theories about the self. So when the science department was looking for volunteers to participate in a trial for their new body swapping machine, he jumped at the chance. After filling out a large stack of forms, he was set to swap with another participant, an undergrad by the name of Shawna. The actual swap was quite quick. He got jolted by a lab assistant, and the next thing he knew he found himself in Shawna’s body. He kept telling himself that despite his new body, he was still himself. Yet he had to admit that with this body, it was hard to feel like himself. When he stood up, everything just felt wrong. Maybe it was because he was teetering on heels he wasn’t used to wearing. Maybe it was because he kept pulling down on the bottom of his sweater that he expected to cover his belly instead of exposing it. Or maybe it was because his new booty was much bigger and way more curvy than he was used to. He quickly began to think he might prefer being Shawna to being Victor...

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Try Again (Part 2)

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After a few weeks, stores began to reopen and things started to get back to normal. Ron adjusted to Ming’s life, and even found some success as a model. She was behind him the whole time; telling him what to do and how to do it. After some amount of time, he was finally sick of it.

On a trip to the gym he turned back with a jolt and snapped, “You don’t need to follow me around all the time, you know? I think I am perfectly capable of exercising by myself. It’s been routine now for three weeks. I am not a child, and you need to get over the fact that this is MY body now and not yours.”

Ming was shocked. She was only trying to help at this point. It was weird hearing her own body so angry. She didn’t have any words to respond. She just watched her own body walk into the gym alone. It would be the first time since the Great Shift that she wouldn’t be within just a few feet of the body that had once been hers.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Try Again

“Do I really have to do this?” Groaned Ron as he tried walking with books balanced on his head.

They soon tumbled down. He picked them up and placed them back on his head before attempting to walk again.

“As long as you have my body,” Ming replied, “You need to hold yourself properly. I have my modeling career to consider.”

“But everything is canceled due to the Great Shift. Can’t we just hold off on this stuff? Maybe the whole body swapping thing will just reverse itself.” “And what if it doesn’t?” Ming said sternly, “And most things being canceled just gives you time to prepare. If I had a shoot and you showed up acting like you and slouching or whatever, I’d be ruined. Now, let’s try again...”

Sunday, November 19, 2017


It was Jack’s first date with Theresa. He had met her on an online dating site, and it seemed promising as they talked and ate. But as they finished up the main course, a flash of light shone through the entire restaurant. The next thing Jack realized, he had Theresa’s body and she had his. Instead of freaking out, he shrugged and smiled.

“I’m not sure why this happened,” He said, “But I’m still having a good time. Do you just want to continue like this?”

Theresa smiled back, “Yeah, yeah, it’s okay. I think I can cope.”

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Jeff sighed as he struggled to walk in the high heeled shoes on his feet. “I can’t believe I have to be a bridesmaid at your sister’s wedding,” He sighed.

“It’s your own fault,” Carrie replied, “You wanted to try out that weird magic totem that swapped our heads onto each other’s bodies. Then we just couldn’t seem to switch back! You know how my sister has been obsessing over these dresses for months, and you know I’d never be able to squeeze your body into that thing. That left one option. You were going to be the one to wear the dress and stand up there with her.”

Jeff sighed again, “I know. I know. And, honestly, when we couldn’t switch back. I thought I could handle it. Having a woman’s body didn’t seem so tough when we swapped while wearing jeans and sweatshirts. But I can’t begin to describe the feeling of discomfort I get wearing these clothes.”

“Welcome to being a woman,” Carrie smiled.

Friday, November 17, 2017


Earl had only left his home town once or twice in his entire life, and, in all honesty, he was actually a bit of a xenophobe. But something inside him changed when the Great Shift struck. Part of it was undoubtedly due to finding himself in a different body -- with a different gender and a different ethnicity. He was also one of the few to swap bodies with someone thousands of miles away. As a result, he was not only exposed to a different culture for the first time in his life -- he was immersed in it. It didn’t take him long to embrace the culture he found himself in, and for him to embrace his new body as well.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


“So, you’re saying everyone swapped bodies, not just me?” Isaac asked his buddy Brian on the phone.

“Yep, yours truly included. I’ve got to say that it’s cool being 6 foot 5. That’s probably how you’ll recognize me, in fact. You’re at the corner of 8th and Elm, right?”

“Yeah, I’m looking around for you. I’m in the body of some chick in a blue dress...a little bit fat.”

“Okay, yeah, I see you. Just turn around. And I don’t think you’re fat...I think your pregnant.”

“Wait...what? Pregnant?”

And that’s when Isaac felt his belly something was kicking him from the inside.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


“What the heck did you do, Lisa?” James asked angrily.

“I’m -- I’m sorry,” Lisa apologized as she held her head, “It felt like we were drifting apart in our relationship, so I cast a spell that was supposed to bring us closer together. I didn’t expect that it would swap our bodies.”

“Well, it did. And now, you wanted us to be closer; well, we couldn’t possibly be any closer physically. But, honestly, the last thing I want to do right now is even look at your face. The only problem is that no matter how much distance I try to get or space I need away from you, I am going to end up just seeing you every time I look in the mirror! It’s only going to make me want to be further away from you emotionally.”

Thursday, November 9, 2017


Andrew and Luke scowled at their friend Kevin with sour looks on their faces.

“Dude, how did you talk us into Spring Break at this Exchange Island place?” Luke asked.

“You promised us hot chicks,” Andrew added, “But I didn’t expect those hot chicks would be us.”

“Yeah, it seems like the only one of us who swapped with a guy was you.”

Kevin smiled and paused for a moment before replying, “They told me at the desk that it was all random, but I can’t say I’m going to be complaining about sharing our room for the next week. You’ve just got to embrace it and enjoy it. God knows I will.”

Andrew and Luke just continued to scowl.

Monday, November 6, 2017

First Year

Jeremy was initially a little nervous about the program his university had announced for all incoming freshmen. In order to aid diversity and increase tolerance, the college required that all students in their first year swap bodies with another student for the entire year. Aside from body swapping being a new technology, Jeremy was also worried about who he would end up swapping with.

His fears were quickly quelled on the first day when he found out that he would be swapping with a very attractive Asian woman. In fact, after the swap, he couldn’t have been happier. He even wound up carrying a mirror around the quad with him just so he could look at his now gorgeous reflection any time he wanted.

Suddenly, he soon found himself feeling silly about worrying about the swap, but now found himself very worried about swapping back. He was already enjoying this new body so much, what if he returned back to his own body to a slew of disappointment?

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Exchange Mountain

After spending his last vacation on Exchange Island, Nathan was eager for a return trip. However, due to the cost, he simply couldn’t afford it. However, the company that ran the resort had just opened up another, which they were calling “Exchange Mountain.” Nathan was intrigued. It was offering a similar body swapping experience for half the price.

Just as he had lucked out at Exchange Island by swapping with an attractive woman, the same happened at Exchange Mountain. Granted, he wouldn’t be spending any time outside in a skimpy bikini in weather like this, but there was a spa, and he could always spend some time in his room. But first, he didn’t mind covering up to hit the slopes for a bit of skiing.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Night Away

Jeff did his best to turn and look behind him to see a large booty encased in tight pink cloth. “What the heck is going on?” He asked in an unfamiliar, high pitched voice.

Suddenly, he felt a hand on his arm. “Relax,” He heard a woman’s voice say, “It’s me; it’s Walter. You told me you wanted a night away from your wife. You wanted a night free of consequences. So I cast this magic spell to give us these bodies. We can literally do anything we want until the sun rises, and we return to our own bodies.”

“But...I’m a woman...we’re women! This feels so weird.”

“I’ve cast this spell before. You have no idea how many different people I’ve been; how many different women! Trust me, it’s fun. Just enjoy it.”

And so the two friends enjoyed the night in their borrowed bodies. They went to the club, did some dancing, had some drinks. But when the sun finally started to come up, they expected to return to their own bodies. But something went wrong. Instead, they were now traped in the bodies of the two women...

Friday, November 3, 2017

Cheesy Line

David knew it was a cheesy line, and he hated to admit that he had used it at the club a few times. He hated even more to admit that it had worked. In fact, he wanted to hold his tongue when he saw her, but he just couldn’t stop himself when he saw her at the train station. She was literally wearing silver pants so shiny that he could see a reflection in them. And so without much hesitation, he walked up to her.

“Hey, are those mirror pants?” David asked with a sly grin, “Because I can see myself in them.”

“Oh, you want to see yourself in these pants?” She asked, “Be my guest.”

David’s grin grew wider, but before he could say another word, there was a strange poof. The next thing he knew, the woman was gone and he was alone on the platform. It took him another second to realize he now had the body of the woman he had just been hitting on, which meant that he was now literally in her pants -- though certainly not in the way had intended or implied!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Worth It

Emily had lived down the hall from Adam for at least a year now, but he had never had the courage to even talk to her, let alone invite himself in for some reason. However, he had seen her around enough that when the Great Shift struck, he immediately knew whose body he was in. When it happened, he thought about going and knocking on his own door. Instead, he began snooping around. He opened a closet to reveal more clothes and shoes than he could imagine. He opened up the medicine cabinet and found it stacked full of beauty products. He decided that it probably wasn’t effortless for Emily to look good all the time. Though he now realized that if he wanted to maintain her good looks, whatever her daily routine was would now be his responsibility. As he closed the cabinet, he caught a look at his reflection and he smiled. Whatever he needed to do, however long it would take him, it would well be worth it!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Pumpkin Spice Latte

David left the coffee shop and took a sip of his Pumpkin Spice Latte. He couldn’t help but stop and chuckle about it for a moment. The suburbs, the lattes, the yoga pants...he never pictured himself dating a woman who partook in those sorts of things. In fact, they seemed so cliché that if had met such a woman, he probably would’ve just laughed at her. But now, thanks to the Great Shift a little over a year ago, he was exactly that type of woman. When he swapped with Gina, he vowed to never engage in those sorts of stereotypes. However, it turned out that moving into her suburban home was a fairly reasonable way to adapt to his new body. It turned out that yoga pants were extremely comfortable. And, of course, it didn’t take him long to realize Pumpkin Spice Lattes tasted great. It was really a life very far removed from his own, but he had come to adapt to it and embrace it.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Nothing to Be Afraid of

Jim had never believed in the supernatural. He considered it all a bunch of superstition. When his friends dared him to take a shortcut through the graveyard on Halloween, he thought nothing of it. But after taking just a few steps in, a spirit came after him. She started by transforming his body. She turned it into a female one that matched her own from when she was living. Then she changed his clothes, giving him a high heels and a tight leather outfit. Finally, she tried to take over his mind, but he was actually able to fight the final part without too much effort. After it was all done, he just turned to his friend who were still waiting at the entrance.

“What are you all staring at?” He asked, “I told you there was nothing to be afraid of.”

Monday, October 30, 2017

Not Exactly

Ross looked down. He recognized the sweater, the skirt, and the entire body. How could he not? It was one he had a crush on for so many years. He couldn’t believe it, but he had swapped bodies with Rachel. However, it was Rachel who was even more scared. She wasn’t looking down; she was looking straight forward at a mirror on the wall.

“Rachel?” Ross asked, “Did we just swap bodies?”

“Not exactly,” She replied nervously, “I mean, not completely. We have each other bodies, but we...we still have our own faces.”

“We what?”

Ross looked up to join Rachel in looking straight ahead at the mirror. Sure enough, he did certainly have Rachel’s body, but he also still had his own face!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

It's a Wonderful Wife (Part 3)

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After three days, Jason and Leah were no closer to figuring out how to restore Jason’s body to normal. Leah hadn’t put her phone down for a second, searching at every single moment for a solution.

Jason sighed with a suggestion, “Maybe we just give up for a bit. If we relax for a while, the solution could just come to us.”

“Relax for a bit?” Leah scoffed, “Do you know how weird it is to see my own face every single time I look at you?”

“You don’t think it’s weird for me? I have to adjust to actually BEING you. Being a woman! It’s foreign territory for me! I’m just saying the stress of this isn’t good for either of us. We might just figure it all out better if we let our minds rest for a bit!”

Saturday, October 28, 2017

It's a Wonderful Wife (Part 2)

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It was pretty chaotic as Jason and Leah tried to figure everything out. Somehow Jason now had an exact copy of his wife’s body. They called in sick, got dressed, and began to research. Jason sat at the foot of the bed at a laptop while Leah opened a book and began to look on her phone.

“Are you finding anything that could have done this?” Jason asked.

“Nothing but weird fiction-type stuff,” Leah replied, “Do you have any sort of memory about what happened.”

“No, I just...I woke up like this!”

For the rest of the day, the pair kept looking, but found nothing to explain Jason’s odd transformation.

Friday, October 27, 2017

It's a Wonderful Wife (Part 1)

It started off like a normal morning. At about seven, Jason’s alarm went off and he begrudgingly shuffled to the bathroom. Still half asleep, he started on his normal routine until he looked in the mirror. Instead of his own reflection looking back, it was Leah’s, his wife. For a few minutes he poked, prodded, and pulled -- not quite believing what he was seeing. He pinched himself to make sure this wasn’t all just a dream. Had they swapped bodies in the middle of the night somehow?

He rushed out of the bathroom and back to the bed. He heard a light snore and pulled back the covers. His wife was still there with her own body. They hadn’t swapped; he just somehow became a copy of her. He shook Leah awake. She was certainly surprised to see her own face looking back at her. She breathed a sigh of relief as she checked her own body to make sure she was still herself, and then the couple began to talk.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Appropriate Revenge

Carly got a notification on her phone, and she checked it to find that she had a text from Aaron with an image attached. She reluctantly opened it and was instantly horrified. After the two had swapped bodies, she had no idea what he was going to do. However, the fact that the first thing he did when in her body was get her hair cut...and that he sent her a photo of it! Was he trying to goad her? Make her angry? Well, two could play at that game. She just needed to come up with a plan to do something horrible to his body as an appropriate revenge.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Whole Different Level

Rodney listened intently as Jasmine explained some of finer points about being a woman, owing to the fact that the two had swapped bodies. Rodney returned the favor by explaining a few things about being a man. After they had finished, they both spent a few minutes staring. It was weird for them to be looking back at their own bodies, seeing someone else controlling it. It was Rodney who finally broke the silence.

“So,” He muttered, “That’s what i need to know about being a woman. Is there anything I need to know about...being black?”

Rodney was, quite honestly, just as curious about his new race as well as his new gender.

Jasmine smiled back. “Plenty,” She said, “But now we’re talking about our changes on a whole different level...”

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

One Step at a Time

“One step at a step at a time...” Ronald muttered to himself as he continued to walk. The heels on his feet proved to be quite difficult to walk in, but he didn’t have much choice since the Great Shift swapped him into this body. Fortunately, he checked the purse in his hands and found identification that had an address that wasn’t too far away. Each step was more of a challenge than he would have liked, but if he could just get to this woman’s house, he could just sit down and take this boots off! He’d be happy to escape the chaos out in the streets as well. With everyone swapped into the body of someone else, it was pure madness out here. Of course, Ronald would probably be freaking out himself about his new female body, but he had to put so much focus on just not falling down in these high heels that he hadn’t had too much time to really think about it...

Monday, October 23, 2017


In an effort to foster understanding and tolerance at the university, all incoming freshmen were required to switch places with another student for the first week of classes. With the advancement of body swapping technology, the swap wasn’t just a theoretical endeavor.

After settling into his own dorm, John found himself on the floor of a different room with his head pounding. He couldn’t believe he was a woman -- he was just thankful that her style didn’t seem too girlie. Apparently, swapping with the opposite gender was fairly common. The college felt it was important for the male students to understand the difficulties that incoming female students faced. In fact, since implementing the program a few back, incidents of harassment on campus have dropped by a significant amount...

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Back to Work

Mike sighed as he got dressed for work this morning in his overalls. It was slated to be his first day back on the construction site in a little more than three weeks. After the Great Shift, the union had negotiated pretty good with management about an extended period of paid time off and also ensured everyone got to keep their jobs no matter what body they ended up with. Mike was pretty sure he could handle his old job despite his new body, he just wasn’t sure he could handle his co-workers.

When the Shift hit, he instantly went from installing some rivets into a steel beam to sitting behind a computer screen in an office wearing a short skirt. He rushed to the bathroom to see the face of a woman looking back at him. It took him a minute, but he recognized her. She had walked by the site for about a week a few days ago. Everyone on the job hooted and hollered at her, making rude comments or catcalls. She must have found a different route to walk shortly after that, as Mike didn’t remember seeing her for at least a few days. Still, looking out the window, her office was pretty close to where they were all working.

Now that body was his, and he was going to have to face all the guys he worked with. He was prepared for a long day of hearing the same sorts of comments everyone dished out when a pretty woman passed. He was, after all, a pretty woman now, but he really wasn’t sure he was prepared to deal with that...

Saturday, October 21, 2017


John immediately could tell something was off. He looked down to confirm that he now had someone else’s body instead of his own. To top it off, the body that he now had was that of a woman’s! It felt odd, strange, and curious, but the larger question at hand was how it happened. And an even more concerning one was how to reverse it. He wasn’t sure how he ended up in someone else’s body; that would be answered soon enough as he found other people were swapped as well. News reports began airing about something called “The Great Shift.” The exact scientific detail of how often remained vague. And as the days, weeks, and months passed, the prospect of getting back to his own body dimmed. Of course, he adjusted. After about a year, it was hard for him to imagine returning to his own body even if such an opportunity presented itself.

Friday, October 20, 2017

No Reset

Loosely based on this story.

“I still can’t believe we haven’t used that body swapping remote in over three months,” Alex told his two friends, “Especially because when you first swapped us into these bodies, I begged you for days to hit that reset button to get us back to normal.”

“I told you being a woman was fun!” Ryan retorted.

“I don’t think I ever want to go back to my own body and life,” Jake interjected.

Ryan smiled, “Good, because I’ve returned the remote.”

“You did what?” Alex asked. He paused before continuing, “I guess I’m okay with that actually. I mean, I guess there’s no way back to our original bodies, but the more I think about, the more I’m fine with that fact. Being a woman is great!”

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sick Day

After coming home from a hard day, Malcolm put his hands on his hips, frustrated at the sight he saw. There was his own body sitting on the couch wearing nothing but underwear, drinking a beer. He sighed.

“Honey, did you call in sick again today?” He asked.

His own body nodded.

“Look, we agreed to go back to work today, to try to pretend to be each other until we can find a way to swap back to our own bodies. I held up my end. I went to your job. I may not have enjoyed being in your body, being a woman in the workplace, but I did it. You need to start doing the same. You can’t keep using up all my sick days.”

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Daniel checked his phone again. There were about a dozen calls or texts from Gwen asking and begging about when they could swap their bodies back. The constant messages were the reason he had set the phone to silent mode only a few hours ago; it was really the easiest way to ignore them. But as another one arrived as he was checking, he finally decided she deserved a response.

He began to type over the course of several texts:
“We both signed the agreement when we swapped. It said we would swap back when we both agreed we were ready. I am not ready yet. I will let you know when I am.”

He felt pretty good after sending that, expecting that she would finally leave him alone for a while. However, a mere five minutes later, she was texting him again, hoping to find a way to change his mind to swap back sooner...

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


“Oh my God,” Eleanor said stunned, “Jack, is that really you?”

“I’ve been trying to tell you for weeks now,” He replied dryly, “But, of course, you didn’t want to listen to a thing coming out of Ashley’s mouth. I understand, but I’m glad you finally know that it’s your husband inside this body.”

“Yeah, but if your in her body, then who’s been in yours for all this time? Who have I been sleeping with?”

“I’m going to guess Ashley’s in my body. She must’ve stolen it.”

“But why? She hates me. She hates us!”

“Maybe that’s why. Maybe she wanted to torture me by sticking me with her body. Maybe she had some sort of plan. Whatever it is, I’m not sure; I can only guess. I do know I want my body back. When you see her, pretend you don’t know about the swap. See what information you can get from her. Help me get my body back...”

Monday, October 16, 2017


In the massive worldwide body swapping phenomenon that would come to be called “The Great Shift,” it was fairly common for a husband and wife to swap bodies with each other. In fact, in the small town of Clarksville, such a couple swapping bodies occurred almost universally. The guys now in their wives’ bodies wanted to continue on as normally as they could. On Sunday afternoon, this meant enjoying a football game and drinking some beers. The women, on the other hand, insisted that the husbands keep their former body in good shape -- and that included attending their regularly scheduled yoga class on Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, the couples were able to reach a compromise. The yoga class still went on as planned, but the guys were allowed to drink beer during it, and they set up a TV in the front in order to make sure they wouldn’t miss a moment of the game...

Sunday, October 15, 2017


As an 80-year-old man, Al didn’t know much about youthful fashion trends, but when the Great Shift stuck him in the body of a 20-year-old woman, he had to learn quickly. He asked his granddaughter for advice and to borrow some clothes. Just about everything she gave him made him feel ridiculous. He looked down at the faux leather outfit she loaned him, and couldn’t help but feel like the skirt was way too short and the whole thing revealed far too much skin. He couldn’t imagine she ever actually wore this thing out! In fact, she didn’t. Much like many women her age, she was quite prone to buying clothes that seemed cool at the time, but she never had any intention of wearing. She saw the Great Shift and her grandfather’s swap as a good way to unload some stuff and clean out her closet. Plus, she saw it as a bit of a charity; he thought of it as a bit of a curse.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Testing... (Part 4)

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After about two weeks, Ryan had adjusted quite well to his new body. In fact, when the new remote finally arrived in the mail, he didn’t rush to open it. Instead, he just brought it inside and put it on the kitchen table, then walked outside to go take care of a few errands. He had already decided that he wasn’t going to swap back to his old least not yet. He enjoyed being a beautiful woman, and that sure was something he didn’t want to give up quite yet. It was nice to know that the remote was sitting there waiting for him if he ever changed his mind, but he didn’t see that as very likely at this point. He also figured it might be fun to actually use it with people he trusted. However. he wasn’t going to jump at that any time soon; he knew his current body was quite attractive, and he had trouble thinking of anyone he would actually trust to swap back with him. Still, it was nice to know it was there. Then there was the matter of the other remote he had been forced to send off. He had picked an old friend from college. He wasn’t even sure if had given a current address. And, quite, frankly, he was sure it would be entertaining to see what sort of mess anyone else with a body swapping remote might get into...

Friday, October 13, 2017

Testing... (Part 3)

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It was a waiting game now. Ryan had gone to the website he found in the magazine and ordered the device. The oddest part of the process was that he was required to input two addresses. One was for delivery to him; the other was for a friend. The latter wasn’t optional. He began wondering if this is how he had gotten his own remote in the first place. Had someone else screwed up like he had? Would he even know if they had? It sure seemed the only one aware of any swaps was the person holding the remote. Given all that, once he got a new remote in the mail, would he even want to give this body up? It was a lot to process and a lot to think about...

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Testing... (Part 2)

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Despite his initial sense of dread, Ryan decided not to panic. Instead, he thought about his situation rationally. Fashion magazines always had descriptions about where to buy the products worn by the models. If the purse had a line in the magazine before the swap, the remote would probably have one after it. Sure enough, he was right! With a bit of a proud smirk, he closed the magazine and prepared to go the site mentioned in the magazine to buy another bodyswapping remote. But he quickly had pause. He realized that when he swapped bodies, he inadvertently created a world where bodyswapping remotes were common enough to appear in fashion magazined. He could only guess that this meant just about anyone on the street might own one. Then again, he guessed that was always possible, considering how the remote mysteriously arrived at his door in the first place.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


When Ryan received the package with the remote inside, he was a little skeptical about the note. It said the remote could swap two people’s bodies. Despite his doubts, he wanted to test it. He thought about asking family or friends, but he felt like they would make fun of him for even believing such a thing. Even if he tried to do it spontaneously, if it failed, he’d have to explain why he was waving a remote around them like some sort of weirdo. He came up with an alternate plan. He bought a fashion magazine and brought it home. He flipped through it before settling on an Asian model wearing a casual white t-shirt and leather leggings. He didn’t know why he picked a woman; maybe he thought a woman would be some sort of challenge for the remote. But he wasn’t also sure the remote could swap people using only a picture -- heck, it still wasn’t sure if it could swap people at all -- but he aimed and sure enough, it worked! He marveled at his body for a while before looking for the remote to swap back. Except it wasn’t in the place he swore he had put it down; there was a purse there instead. He dumped the contents out, but he still couldn’t find it. Then he opened up the magazine again. Where the model had once stood was now his body, and instead of the purse that she once held, there was the body swapping remote! He was stuck!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


When dealing with smuggling illegal materials, getting caught was always Hank’s greatest concern. However, that concern was greatly diminished after he came across a body swap gun amongst the material he was smuggling. Now, he and his partner had a process, to always do their deals as someone else. Today he was meeting up with a buyer at a storage facility in the outer burbs. As usual, he arrived early and waited for an owner of a nearby unit to show up. He hesitated when he saw her; he always hated swapping with women, but he was running out of time. He made the swap. As usual, the person he swapped with was more confused about being in a different body than he was; he used that opportunity to knock his own body out. Then he had to wait. Standing there in high heels was a huge pain, and he’d be stuck in them for the next couple hours. The body swap was set to last that long. It was plenty of time to close the deal and make sure everything was secure. In the event this was a set up or the police showed up, it was enough time to see his body taken to the precinct, but he’d automatically swap back to his own body before he had to spend the night in jail. There was no way he could screw this up...

Monday, October 9, 2017

Immediate Service

For most people, it happened shortly after the plane landed on Exchange Island. In fact, Anthony could clearly observe just about everyone on his plane reacting to the their new bodies. However, Anthony was still, well, Anthony. He went to the hotel and a woman with a red dress greeted him just inside the door. She told him bags would be taken to his room and to let her know if he needed anything.

He wasn’t going to say anything, but he felt the need to. The whole point of Exchange Island was to swap bodies with someone, and he hadn’t done that!

The woman told him not to worry. She’d check on it right away. She searched Anthony’s name on the iPad she held and informed him that his plane had an odd number of people on it. These things did happen from time to time and that he shouldn’t worry. He’d be swapping with another person any moment now.

Anthony was about to press for more when he realized the iPad now in his hand and the red dress he now wore. The woman now in his body asked, “I hope this is to your liking. We do aim to please our guests with immediate service.” Anthony just smiled before he handed the iPad to his former body.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


“I did some research,” George sighed as he looked up from his book, “Body swapping may seem implausible, but with the proper conditions of frequencies transmitted over a positive electrical charge, elements of the psyche could very easily transmit from one body to another, which must be what has happened to us.”

Marie rolled her eyes. She had no idea what George was saying; she just hated the fact that him saying it may her body look like a nerd. The fact that he had refused to wear her contact lenses didn’t exactly help either.

George could see a certain confusion in Marie’s reaction, so he tried to simplify. “I guess what I’m saying is that I think if we can recreate the conditions that swapped our bodies in the first place, we can swap back!”

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Transplant

“Please stop pouting, Tim,” Harold explained calmly to his son, “You knew this day would come eventually. After that terrible car accident, the only way the doctors could save your life was to put your brain into your mom’s body. We all knew it would be hard for you to adapt, but you knew you’d eventually have to start acting like her, and that includes going to her job.”

“I know,” Tim sulked, “But I also don’t forget who was driving, Dad! I still blame you for being stuck like this, and I still blame you for losing mom! I also blame those stupid doctors for doing this to me! I still don’t get why I can’t just tell everyone who I really am!”

“We all signed confidentiality agreements. The doctors procedure that saved your life was experimental and likely illegal. If you tell everyone, then who knows what kind of trouble everyone will get in; including us! I know it’s hard, but I’m thankful my son is alive. And I hope you are too...”

Friday, October 6, 2017


After a blinding flash of light, Brian could feel that something was wrong with his body, but he didn’t realize exactly how long until he looked down. He had become a woman! He didn’t realize at the time that he had actually swapped bodies with one due to a phenomenon that would come to be known as the Great Shift. The oddest part was that despite the changes, it didn’t feel all that weird. He knew his chest and butt jetted out further than before. He knew his hair was longer than he had ever worn it, but it all still felt reasonably normal. He almost expected to be falling over with this different body, unable to keep the most basic of balance, but he still stood there without any problem. He wasn’t sure if it was muscle memory or if even the most drastic differences between humans weren’t that different after all...

Thursday, October 5, 2017

No Guarantee

Wendy couldn’t explain why she was looking at her own face. That is, until she looked down to see the body of her own daughter. She turned her head back to look her own face right in the eye.

“Abigail? Is that you?” She asked.

“Why are you calling me Abigail, Abigail?” Wendy’s original body said before quickly adding, “Wait, what’s wrong with my voice?” After another pause, she finally added, “I’m in the own...wife...”

“Luke?” Wendy then asked, realizing she may now be in her daughter Abigail’s body, but it appeared it was her husband Luke who was now in her body. She could only guess that Abigail was now in Luke’s body, but there was certainly no guarantee of that at this point.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Invention by Accident

Peter knew he was a bit of an eccentric. In fact, he often described his process as “invention by accident.” He often didn’t know what he was making until after he finished making it; or he’d plan for one thing and end up with something else. This seemed to be the case when the tested his latest invention on his pets, resulting in his cat barking and his dog meowing. This gave him some theories about what his latest creation did, but he still needed an additional test. He volunteered himself and his unknowing neighbor Chloe. He was surprised after using the device that he didn’t swap voices with Chloe -- he swapped bodies! He was expecting to just do a quick test and swap back their voices before she even noticed. Now, as he sat there in her house, he realized he would have to go back next door to explain everything to her. She was actually quite calm about it until they tried to swap back and discovered swapping two humans was more complicated than the two pets -- which meant the device had overheated. Peter told Chloe not to worry. He removed the glasses from his old body and put them on his new body. He told her not to worry -- though both thought it odd to hear Peter’s voice come out of Chloe’s body; he would just duplicate his work. He didn’t tell Chloe that nothing he ever made ended up working quite as he intended.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Don’t Get into Trouble

“Don’t get into trouble” was what Eric’s brother Allen had said each day this week before leaving for work. Eric easily complied, spending his days on the couch, mostly playing video games. Even though the warning didn’t seem necessary, Eric understood Allen’s worry. It was a very long seven days since a inexplicable cosmic occurrence had swapped Eric into the body of Allen’s wife, and Allen was just looking out for both her body. It wasn’t a bad deal for Eric, being able to just goof off around the house all day, which generally meant a lot of gaming. But today, he had a slightly different feeling. The games began to feel...boring. By noon, he thought it might not be a bad idea to go out and buy a new one. It would actually be the first time he stepped out of the house in this body. Going to the mall didn’t seem very eventful. It wasn’t until he got home that he noticed anything weird. Instead of buying a new game like he intended, he had bought all sort of clothes, shoes, bras, panties, and so forth. The receipts totaled over a thousand dollars. The weirdest thing was that he had basically been on autopilot at the stores. He wasn’t sure if Allen would consider this “trouble” or not, but Eric was sure his brother wouldn’t be happy, regardless...

Monday, October 2, 2017


Max supposed it was some sort of poetic justice. Every time he went out to eat, he rarely left more than a 12% tip. He knew it was cheap, but he just couldn’t bring himself to leave a cent more. He was about to pay the bill on a meal when the Great Shift hit and his body was swapped with a waitress.

In the weeks that followed, people’s real identities were being sorted out. As a result, Max didn’t have access to his finances or any other part of his life. In the interim, he still needed cash. As a result, he had to pick up the job of the body he had, which meant for the time being, he was a waitress.

He wasn’t particularly good at it, and his tips soon reflected that. In fact, even on his good days, his best tables would rarely give him more than 15%. It all seemed fitting, he supposed. He just couldn’t wait for this to all be sorted out, and for him to no longer have to sort tables.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Relax (Part 2)

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Beth didn’t sleep well that night. She was worried that she would never be able to swap back to her own body. She was even more worried about what Derek was doing with it. She insisted on seeing him the next day; when she saw him, she was shocked as he waved hello and stuck out his tongue. She wasn’t amused.

“What are you wearing?” She demanded to know.

“It’s not much different from what I normally wear,” Derek explained, “Just a bit more feminine, I suppose.”

“But you aren’t YOU right now. You can dress like you. You’re me, and you need to dress like me. What about all those instructions I gave you yesterday?’

”I followed the lose guidelines. I even put on makeup and did your hair!”

“I know. It’s not ALL bad. But what if one of my friends saw my body looking like a punk...”

Derek interrupted before she could finish her thought, “They’d wonder how you got so cool so quickly.”

Saturday, September 30, 2017


“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Beth screamed, “What just happened? How did we switch bodies? How are we going to switch back?”

Derek slouched down a little in his seat and took a deep breath, “Relax. Look, I don’t know how or why this just happened either, but let’s not panic. Maybe whatever caused it will just sort of undo itself in a few minutes or days or whatever. In any case, there’s not much we can really do about this, unless you’re aware of some sort of mind swapping technology that the rest of humanity isn’t. I think I can handle being you for a while.”

“But there’s so much you don’t know about being a woman, let alone being me! I’ll have to give you tips and lessons, and make sure you don’t wreck my life. And you’ll have to tell me about being you too!”

Derek shrugged, “I’m sure you’ll be fine; just don’t stress and you’ve pretty much mastered being me. I’m sure I’ll be fine too, but whatever you want to tell me, feel free. I’ll do my best to listen...”

Friday, September 29, 2017

No Way Back

After using the strange device he had to steal a woman’s body, James ran as fast as he could. Even though he was stumbling in unfamiliar heels, he kept running. Finally, when he made it to a bridge, he threw the device into the river to ensure there would be way to ever swap back to his own body.

He turned back to where he had run from, expecting to see his own body approaching and chasing him. To his surprise, it wasn’t there.

She had to have been angry at him for taking her body, right? She had to be upset about losing such a great body; didn’t she?

James tried to put it out of his mind. Did he really care if she wanted her body back or not? No, he was just glad this body was his now. And, really, now that he had dropped the device in the water, there was nothing she could do about it even if she did want it back.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


When Tim’s girlfriend, Amy, asked if he’d switch bodies with her for a day, he agreed without much fuss. While a little surprised body swapping was even possible, he tried to brush it off and just enjoy his time as a woman. He was a little surprised when he ran into Amy’s best friend, Fiona, to find out that inside Fiona’s body was actually her boyfriend, Greg. As Greg and Tim talked about their surprisingly similar situations of being swapped with their girlfriends, Tim received a text. It was from his girlfriend.

When he looked at it, his jaw dropped.

She had sent him a photo in which Tim saw his own body making out with Greg’s body.

“They couldn’t. I mean, if people find out...” Tim stammered, “Can we ever go back to our own bodies knowing this exists.”

“It’s actually a little funny,” Greg confessed, “But you may be right. We can’t go back. I mean, I’ve actually enjoyed being Fiona, and this is going to be my excuse for not switching back. I guess they enjoy being in our bodies as well.”

“I’ve enjoyed being Amy, but I don’t want to stay as her! I want to be me again! I’ll never be able to go back to my normal life if she shows this to everyone.”

Then he got another text with another picture. Tim screamed. This one was worse...

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Maid of Honor

Adam had a tendency to jump into things and then try to find a way to back out. In fact, that’s how he got into this mess in the first place. He had only been dating Maureen for three months before he proposed, then he wanted out. Her maid of honor, Allie, gave him a way. She confessed to him one night that she was a lesbian and secretly in love with Maureen. She further went on that she had a way to swap their bodies, making her to be the one to go through with the wedding while also giving Adam a way out of the upcoming marriage. Now he was in Allie’s body giving the maid of honor speech at his own wedding. He couldn’t believe how much he crying. At first, he thought he was doing so because he realized he was going to be losing his own body for good. But another part of him felt just a little jealous. He wished he was the one getting married. But he could have been -- he should have been -- he would have been -- if he hadn’t swapped bodies to try to get out of it. He was having a hard time processing all of this.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Work (Part 2)

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When John finally arrived back home, his wife noted that he still had a scowl on his face. She had hoped getting back to work would cheer him up after the Great Shift swapped him into a woman’s body.

“How did it go?” She asked him.

John sighed, “I got a promotion.”

She was confused. That didn’t seem like anything to be upset about. John picked up on her confusion and continued, “I never knew what a jerk my boss was. I think he only gave me the promotion because of my new body. The way he looked at me all day was really awkward. It got worse when he grabbed my ass. He claimed it was an ‘accident,’ but it really didn’t feel like an accident...”

John’s wife was unsure of how to take any of this. In some ways, her husband was learning about the type of stuff so many women in the workplace had felt before. She figured it was a good lesson for him in some ways. At the same time, she didn’t like that it was her husband being the one treated like that!

Monday, September 25, 2017


“You look great, John,” His wife smiled as said after his clomped down the stairs awkwardly wearing her skirt suit and heels, “I’m sure your first day back after the Shift will go fine.”

John sighed. It had only been a week since the Great Shift placed him into the body of a woman. His office had allowed everyone to work from home for a few days, but now it was time to go back. His wife had let him borrow anything he needed, but he certainly felt awkward standing there wearing her clothes.

“This still feels so weird,” He complained to her, “It’s just all so uncomfortable.”

“You need to get used to the clothes.” She paused before she thought a little bit about it, “Or you may just be getting your period. You might want to bring some tampons with you to the office. Since you don’t know your cycle yet, it could happen at any time.”

This made John even more uncomfortable. There were aspects about being a woman that he hadn’t even thought about yet, and that was one of them. He just wished this day was over already. He also just wished things could be normal again...

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Transformation Booth

The booths looked like something out of the distant past. When they started popping up in cities, everyone began to wonder what they were. Cell phones had long killed the need for telephones booths, and these retro-looking ones didn’t even have a telephone inside. Instead, they just had a single large button where a telephone would have been in the past. Many were curious, but few ever dared to enter and press the button.

Finally, one day, curiosity got the better of Mark. He got into one of the booths, closed the door, and pressed the button. There was a flash of light and the next moments were filled with a rush that was more intense than the best amusement park ride, more colorful than the wildest light show. There was a sense of euphoria and joy until it all faded, leaving him feeling a little disoriented as he left the booth.

His first thoughts were about telling his friends they should try it or even thinking about going again himself. That is, until the disorientation faded. He realized the lights and the joy were all just distractions from what the booth really did to him -- it transformed him. He was now a woman, and he was in an entirely different location! The booth had swapped his consciousness with another user in another booth somewhere. He was now her, and she was probably now him. He thought about going right back in again -- no longer because of amazing experience, but because he desperately wanted to try to get his own body back.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Justin and his sister Evelyn had never seen eye to eye. Even as adults, they would fight at any sort of family gathering. It was a few days before Thanksgiving, and the two were at it in the upstairs of their parents’ house. At the most heated moment, lightning struck the house, which had the odd, unexplained effect of swapping the bodies of the two siblings. They were both rightfully panicked, but they also had no way of swapping back. They agreed to pretend to be each other for now.

The next day, Justin offered to go get some lunch for everyone. Evelyn scowled, thinking it was just an excuse for him to make a big charge to her credit card. First, he drove to a coffee shop and was surprised when the guy behind the counter smiled at him and told him it was on the house. Then a cop pulled him over for speeding. The officer glanced down at Justin’s cleavage and let him off with only a warning. By the time he was at the place to pick up food, Justin was actually feeling pretty good about being swapped with his sister. He grabbed his chest with pride, thinking about what this body had already gotten him so far today. Maybe he could get a good discount here too. And maybe if he did find a way to swap back with his sister, maybe he wouldn’t even take it...

Friday, September 22, 2017

Couples Therapy

The couples therapist waited as Brett and Ashley sat down. After writing a few notes, she spoke, “How have you two been doing over the past few days since you both began the exercise to get to know the other better?”

“I gotta say, Doc,” Brett started, “I still can’t believe what you can do with science this days. I still can’t believe I have Ash’s body. It’s surreal, but I can’t wait to get back. You wouldn’t believe what she had me do last night! I still can’t get the awful taste out of my mouth!”

“Whatever,” Ashley interrupted, “You’re never going to get this body back because I love being a guy. It’s great! Peeing standing up, loose clothes, being stronger! He just needs to stop complaining and accept his new role as the woman, because there’s no way I’m giving this up!”

Thursday, September 21, 2017


It almost seemed like the fight broke out spontaneously. The only thing Harrison was concerned about was escaping the chaos, so he ran. After he made it a safe distance away, he soon realized the face that he had swapped bodies with a woman. All the arguing began to make sense. People were confused, angry, or just wanted their own body back. He wasn’t sure why it had taken him a little longer than most to notice. Maybe he was just more concerned about his safety than the fact that his body felt somewhat different. Maybe he was just better at keeping a cool head and ignoring even some of the most obvious changes in order to do so. Still, now that he had time to think about it, he did want answers about how this all happened...

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Like You Never Left

Gordon rolled his eyes as he looked at the caller ID on his cell phone before he reluctantly answered it.

“It’s not even noon yet,” He sighed, “You’ve called five times checking in to see how things are going. I keep telling you it’s fine; I haven’t gotten you fired yet. How’s the research going about finding some way to switch us back to our own bodies?”

He paused as he waited for an answer.

“Yeah, okay, I get it,” He continued, “Look, just do what you can. And, relax, I can handle your body, your job, and your life for a while. Once we do figure out how to swap back, it’ll be like you never left it.”

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Didn't Expect It to Work

Earl clutched the magical book tightly in his hands as he looked in the mirror. He couldn’t the spell in here actually worked; he never thought it would. In fact, that was the reason he picked the body swap spell; it had just seemed absolutely absurd. In fact, even his choice of targets to swap with was because he didn’t expect it to work. Yet here he was now in Melinda’s body. He was sure she was storming over here to yell at him, but even if she drove at top speed he had a bit of time. And in that time he could do whatever he wanted...

Monday, September 18, 2017

Life's a Beach (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

With a shocked expression still on his face, Steve had made it to the shoreline. He thought about diving in to try to save his body. While he knew he was a good swimmer, he didn’t know if this body would be at all strong enough to bring his own back to land. Plus, if he got stuck out there too, there was no way the lifeguards were coming to save him; they were much too distracted. And he soon realized his own body wasn’t the only one struggling out in the ocean. He swallowed his pride and made a choice. He’d save the people he could. It probably meant his own body would drown, but it seemed like the best option at this point. In the next moment, he plunged in, ready to save a few lives...

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Life's a Beach

Steve’s vacation was long overdue. When he was finally able to secure a week off from work, he headed straight to the beach. He enjoyed spending time lounging on the sand and taking a dip in the water. As he swam far from shore, the undertow caught him. The current was strong, but he knew how to fight it as he started to head back toward shore. Then suddenly, he felt his feet on dry land. He looked out to where he had been swimming and saw that his body struggling.

“Help!” He screamed in a voice that seemed far too high pitched, “I am -- I mean -- there’s a man drowning out there!”

But no one seemed to be paying any attention to Steve. In fact, other people were also screaming, mostly saying they were in the wrong body. Even the lifeguards seemed too busy feeling themselves up to help. Then Steve looked down.

This whole body swapping thing had affected him too. He was now a woman in a black bikini while the person in his body was now having a hard time in the waves. He started to head to the water, trying to think of the best course of action.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


One minute until noon. Zach checked his phone again to be sure of the time. He was supposed to meet Emma here at twelve o’clock, but he had made to sure to get here early...over an hour early, in fact. He was eager to use the Medallion of Zulu again to return to his own body. He was actually both surprised and worried that Emma didn’t seem to share his anxiousness. He didn’t want to swap bodies at all, actually; he didn’t even expect it to work when they had tried it. After it did, both he and Emma agreed to meet right back here twelve hours later. He thought about insisting staying by her side the entire time, but Emma seemed quite interested in going on her own to “try out being a guy.” At that same time, Zach was trying to put the fact that he was going to be stuck as a woman until they met again out of his mind.

As he continued to wait, Zach was sure she was going to be late. Heck, even if she wasn’t, he did feel like he had already been waiting around for Emma forever. He just wanted his body back. Where was she?

Friday, September 15, 2017


Dr. Lewis Steinberg was quite proud of himself for creating a chemical compound that once consumed could transform any organism from male to female. This included people, which was a fact he found out after accidentally ingesting some of the compound while testing it out on mice. However, it seemed developing a way to reverse the effects were more complicated. Even after weeks of work, he was still no closer to creating something that could transform an organism from female to male, which meant he was stuck as a woman for the time being...not that he really minded.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Happy Together

“Tomorrow, I will be Mrs. Trevor Beck,” Andrew thought to himself as he tried the veil on while looking in the mirror, “He doesn’t suspect a thing. A week ago I stole Pamela’s body, and he hasn’t said a single thing about me seeming odd or different. In fact, the only thing he’s mentioned is about how much calmer and more relaxed I seem to be about the wedding.

”Pamela didn’t deserve him. She always treated him so badly. When he told me he was going to marry her, I knew I had to stop it. I never told Trevor I was gay and had a crush on him. He never knew I could steal someone’s body. There’s no way he will ever know it’s actually me in here. After tomorrow, we will be happy together.”

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Jerry had been shopping for items at a convenience store when he suddenly felt a sharp pain and bent over. When the pain subsided, he noticed that he was wearing the green smock of a store employee. In the next instance, he noticed he was clearly now female. He must have somehow swapped bodies with one of the employees of the store.

Then he heard a voice, “Mei? Are you okay, Mei? What’s wrong?”

He could only guess that the employee he swapped with was named Mei...

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Edward held onto the side of the sink. He was ready to throw up at any second. He supposed it was either a side effect from the body swapping or else Leah just couldn’t handle her liquor. She had been eager to show off a strange remote she had been sent. It had no return address, but the instructions inside said it could swap people’s bodies. It took about a half an hour before they both decided to test it.

Edward had put down two shots of whiskey and they each drank one before Leah zapped them both with the remote. To Edward’s surprise, it worked, and he now found himself in Leah’s body. The transfer felt like it had taken a lot out of him. He stumbled to the bathroom and slumped by the sink.

He had trouble thinking straight, but he couldn’t believe Leah would feel like this after just one drink! However, his own body with Leah inside seemed perfectly fine. If he was going to have to spend time as her, he wished he could at least enjoy it!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Leave Me Alone

“I’m not exactly in a talkative mood right now,” Chad complained to his wife, “In fact, I could actually use a little alone time. I told you time and again that I didn’t want to go on this vacation, but you insisted on this trip to Exchange Island. And now I’m stuck in this body for the next week and a half. These things hanging off my chest are heavy and uncomfortable, and I’m not exactly in the best of moods as a result. So, please, just let me be for a little while.”

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Edward was just going for a stroll in the park when a blast hit, knocking him off his feet and back a short distance. He wondered if it was a gas leak or a terrorist attack or what. He didn’t feel like he was hurt or in pain at all. The blast may have been large, but he was happy to be okay...or was he?

It took a few more minutes for him to realize it, but things weren’t normal. He looked down at a body that clearly wasn’t his. The other people in the blast radius also seemed to be affected. As they picked themselves up off the ground, he noticed them feeling up their own bodies. A few screamed upon the realization. Edward looked down at the tight leather pants and the toned stomach he now had. Whatever that blast was, it had somehow placed him into a woman’s body.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Little Worse

Two days before the biggest game of his life, and Ethan couldn’t believe he swapped bodies with his aunt. He needed to impress the recruiter in order to secure a college scholarship, and he couldn’t imagine it would go well with his aunt using his body to play. After giving his aunt a crash course, he came up with a plan to better increase his odds. On the day of the big game, he picked out the tightest jeans his aunt own, a skimpy top, and some heels. He sat in the stands and tried to pose in seductive ways. He hoped to distract the other players. It was extremely awkward for him. He hated being his aunt and being a woman; he hated acting feminine even more. However, he knew he couldn’t make his aunt play any better, but maybe he could make everyone else play just a little worse.

Friday, September 8, 2017


“So, I’ve run the numbers and if my calculations are correct, there is a possibility that we will be bale recreate the effects of the Great Shift,” Dr. Kenneth Watson explained to his colleagues. He certainly wasn’t happy about swapping into the body of his colleague, Dr. Ellen Kim, and his hopes of getting his own body back were greatly increased thanks to his research.

“There’s only one problem,” He continued, “While I know the exact conditions needed to cause another swap, the question is if we can actually pull any of it. And the other question is if we would be able to control it.”

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Just Two Weeks

Daniel looked back to the lab with a pensive expression. He knew he’d be back in two weeks to get his body back, but until then he was going to be stuck in Erika’s body. He knew he had agreed to the experiment to swap bodies with another person, but after seeing that it was Erika he’d be swapping with, he was less sure. He was a little unsure about spending the duration at a woman, something about that just seemed weird. However, there was no way for him to back out. He was going to be her for the next two weeks. Still, he looked back, hoping for it to all be over as fast as possible.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wake Up (Part 2)

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Walter continued exploring and picked up a paper that had been delivered to the front door. He brought it out back to the pool and began to read. The big headline on the front page was entitled “A Great Shift,” which detailed a body swapping event that took place worldwide. In some places, it had been the middle of the day. Where Walter was, it had taken place at night -- which certainly explained why he woke up as a woman this morning. He kept reading about all the details and all the chaos. He was actually pretty glad things happened on the over night where he lived, and he was also pretty happy with the body he ended up with -- after all, it could’ve been a whole lot worse.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Wake Up

Waking up in someone else’s bed happens from time to time. Walter could remember a few times after drinking too much when it had happened to him. But waking up in someone else’s body? Well, that was a new one. He was having trouble getting his head around the fact that somehow he woke up as a woman. He pulled lightly at the pink pajamas, still not quite believing any of this was real, yet it didn’t feel like he was dreaming.

He started to explore the house. He decided that if he had to be a woman, this one didn’t exactly have a bad life. The house was big; there was a pool out back. He could probably get used to all this...