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Saturday, December 23, 2017


The odd gazebo in the park had caused a few freaky events through the years, swapping the bodies of people every once and a while. Gary was taking a quick breather after negotiating a big deal for the company he was CEO of, and Marisa was eating a quick snack after attending a long lecture at her college. Gary was pretty shocked when they swapped, but was even more shocked to find out how poor she was. Gary was a bit disgusted by the thought, but he realized it was for the best. When she explained she lived in Brooklyn; he was aghast that he might have to take the subway. She smiled as she reached down and handed him a pair of roller skates.

He was appalled, “I am the CEO of a fortune 500 company. I drive a Jaguar to work, and you want me to roll around in these?”

“Well, you can’t drive anymore,” Marisa replied, “My body never got a license. You’ll just have to cope for a while until we can swap back, I guess.”

He rolled his eyes. He didn’t want to deal with any of this.

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