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Monday, December 25, 2017

Off the Bus (Part 2)

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Justin let a few cabs pass before finally hailing one. He wanted to make sure he didn’t recognize it...or more specifically, the driver. He hesitated as he got in, and driver began grilling him about why. Justin took a long sigh before explaining about how he had run into a magical taxi about a year ago, about how his body was stolen, and about how he ended up stealing a body as well. He went on to say he never took cabs anymore, but with the bus not going to his home, he had no choice.

The driver laughed, “I hear some crazy things on my drives, but that’s some tall tale. You’re pulling my leg, right? Because I gave you a hard time.”

“Yep,” Justin replied, “I’m just joking with you.”

Justin smiled. He knew he wasn’t joking, but he was also happy to finally actually confess the whole thing to someone. He had loved every minute of being a woman, but it felt weird keeping the secret that he wasn’t actually one. He had only gotten the body after stealing it due to the magic taxi so many months ago. He had finally gotten that off his chest, and it felt great.

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