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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Closer (Part 2)

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It seemed Mack wasn’t the only one who swapped bodies. The crowd around him erupted into hysterics as people reacted to finding out they weren’t in their own bodies. It took a good amount of time for everyone to calm down and start filing out. Mack knew he had no hope of leaving before the crowd did. He just leaned on the car and waited. A few people still seemed to linger as the crowd finally thinned out. A few of the stares made him feel uncomfortable in a way that he never could’ve imagined before finding himself in the body of a model. He tried to shrug it off. After all, his main concern was wondering if his own body had stuck around. Or if the woman he now was had swapped into a body nearby. Maybe he could change into an outfit that was just a little more reasonable...

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