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Saturday, December 16, 2017


George imagined that the woman couldn’t have possibly made it far. She had just walked by his worksite only about two minutes ago. He never felt good about all the other guys whistling and hooting at any attractive woman passing by, but this one took it quite personally. She looked at every guy working at the site and her eyes glowed red for a moment. Even though George hadn’t participated in the rude behavior, he wasn’t spared the effects of the woman’s strange magic as he transformed into a woman along with the rest of his co-workers. His clothes changed too -- his overalls became much more feminine by turning into a leather-ish material and becoming much more form-fitting. He jumped into action as fast as he could. He figured if he went down there and apologized to the woman, she might reverse what she did to everyone. Of course, he couldn’t quite get down there fast enough, but he knew which way she went. However, it wasn’t long before she seemed to be lost in a crowd. Now he was stuck with a woman’s body because his co-workers couldn’t keep their mouths shut when an attractive woman passed. It didn’t seem fair, but at least they were also all stuck in the exact same situation. It served them right, even if he didn’t deserve it too!

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