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Monday, December 11, 2017


John had worked as a counselor for many years choosing to work a low paid government job in order to help those who needed it the most for no cost. He often sat in an office for eight hours a day barely seeing one or two clients each day. But with the Great Shift, his work took on a whole new meaning. His days quickly became packed with back to back clients seeking help for a specific problem. Usually, they would come in panicked.

John would reply calmly, “Look, I get it. You’re freaked out due to the fact that Great Shift placed you in a new body. That happened to everyone. There’s nothing special about it. You think you’re different because you found yourself with a new gender. Well, I was a man before all this. Now let’s talk about it. And let’s talk about how you deal with it. Because, believe me, it’s not that hard.”

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