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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Extra Credit

The last thing Robert wanted was to fail out of college in his first semester. But the results of his introductory science course weren’t looking good. He begged his teacher for some sort of extra credit. Ms. Park was hesitant. Extra credit wasn’t something she generally offered, but she had been working on an experiment with the university that lacked volunteers. She suggested that if Robert was willing to help him out, she might be able to pass him. He quickly agreed and met her in one of the college’s labs that Saturday.

It turned out the experiment she was testing was a brain swapper. With no other volunteers, it meant Robert would be swapping with Ms. Wong. He was scared, but he was more scared of explaining to his parents that he failed out of college. And so after a lengthy process with a lot of strange equipment, he ended up in the body of his own teacher. He begged to switch back right away, but she explained it wouldn’t be possible to do so for at least 24 hours. In the interim, he was going to spend his time in her body at her house.

He felt extremely uncomfortable in Ms. Wong’s body, and even more so being in her house. He was only able to loosen up when he found her wine cellar and broke open a bottle. He finally was able to relax and smile. A brief moment of paranoia came over him, as he was afraid a RA might walk in on him, but then he remembered where he was and the body he was in -- there was no way he was going to get in any trouble.

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