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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Broken rules (Part 2)

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TG Body Swap Caption
Brian didn’t really know what to do. He was in a woman’s body, and he didn’t know how or why it happened. His own body was passed out next to him, so he grabbed his leather jacket and started wandering around. Depressed about losing his body, he bought some vodka and started drinking. If this was a nightmare, maybe he would wake up. If not, at least the booze would drown out his depression for the time being.

Walking (Part 2)

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Maybe attempting to walk in the heels he found himself in wasn’t the best idea. No sooner than Kris had made his way to his feet then he found himself falling over. He fell on his bottom, which now felt rounder than his former male self. He sighed as he propped himself up. He figure he should give it another go. He also resolved that after checking to see if this body swapping phenomenon was wide spread, his next stop would be this woman’s closet. She had to own some more reasonable outfits!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Do not touch the dancers (Part 2)

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TG Caption magic
Ray had a wide range of emotions from fear to curiosity. He had gone to a strip club and suddenly was in the body of one of the dancers. He wanted to cover up, but found his new breasts were far too large for the outfit he wore to actual close up. The zipper seemed to be purely ornamental. As a bit of panic set in, a voice came from a speaker in the room:

“There’s a reason we tell you not to touch the dancers.” It said, “It is for your own good. There is a magic in this place. We will not explain it fully to you, but know that it helps keep our profits high. It is also what caused you to be in your current situation. We can never predict exactly what the magic will do when flesh touches flesh in this place, but consider yourself lucky. Others have had it much worse.”

Ray didn’t like the sound of all that. He waited for the voice to tell him more, but that seemed to be it. At least for now.

Fighting game (Part 4)

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Brad should have probably seen this coming. He had been transformed into Chun Li, a character from one of the video games he often played, by a magic remote. However, he discovered he hadn’t been the only one. His sister had been transformed to the game’s main villain. Unfortunately, she didn’t maintain her original mind. She caught her brother off-guard and knocked him out. Brad awoke to find himself chained up. He knew her likely plan for him. Much like the game, she’d try to force him to fight. However, he doubted she’d find anyone to match his current skills. And he calculated if he moved just right that he might be able to break free from these chains as well.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Waiting is the hardest part

Luther had responded to an ad in the paper to be a human test subject for the latest medical technology. It didn’t promise to pay all that well, but he really needed the cash. He was left in the waiting room for a long time while filling out a gigantic pile of paper work before he was escorted to a room where he waited some more. After a long while, a light flashed and he found himself back in the reception area, but instead of being seated in one of the chairs, he was standing behind the main desk. The phone rang, and he hesitated before picking it up.

“Hello?” He asked, coughing because he thought his voice sounded strange.

“You haven’t realized it yet, have you?” The voice on the other end asked.

“Realized what?”

“Look down. You’ve switched bodies with our receptionist.”

Sure enough, Luther looked down to see the cute female body that had greeted him some time ago.

Alien adventure (Part 30)

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Jasmine put on the woman’s clothes she found and began to explore. Earth may have technically been her home, but with so many memories taken from her, it felt like a foreign world. The hardest thing for Jasmine to deal with was the feeling of how primitive the inhabitants were--in particular the men! Was this how all males of the species acted or was it exclusive to this particular colony? Was she like that back when she was a male? She couldn’t remember.

Monday, February 25, 2013

What the hell is your problem?

TG Captions Marital Swap
“I know it’s been a week since we all swapped bodies with each other’s wives,” Troy inside the body of Josh’s wife’s body started to confess, “Janice and I were fooling around with a body swap spell and somehow you all got caught up in it.”

“You did what?” Josh asked from the body of Gus’s wife.

“Oh hell no!” Gus screamed from Troy’s wife’s body, “You trap me in your wife’s body and pretend like you don’t know what the hell is going on until a full week later? What the hell is your problem!?”

Get back (Part 4)

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Eugene decided to try again. He figured Kelly couldn’t have gotten far with the magic taxi. She probably wanted her body back anyway. He’d just hail her again, swap back to the driver’s body, and try again. However, twenty minutes of standing on the curb, and there wasn’t a single cab in sight--let alone the magic one. He thought about it; the odds were against him. He might just be stuck with Kelly’s body and her life. He’d better adjust to being a woman!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

At work

Daniel knew reading at work was a bad idea, but he just couldn’t stop himself. When his boss walked by, he quickly tried to close the site. However, his transformed body immediately confessed his secret. After reading one too many captions, he had actually been transformed into a woman!

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Steven had been doing LSD with his girlfriend. The room changed around him to a bright and colorful world. Things seemed more animated and food looked more delicious. The weirdest part of the trip was that when he looked down, he saw his girlfriend’s body instead of his own. However, while most of the effects of the LSD would fade, Steven still kept seeing his girlfriend’s body every time he looked down. As his mind cleared, Steven came to a very real conclusion. Looking down and seeing his girlfriend’s body wasn’t a hallucination, he had ended up in her body somehow!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Leaning down to see

Body Swap TG Caption
Lloyd leaned over as best he could. He was having trouble teetering on the heels he now wore. His mind was still having trouble groping with the fact he was wearing heels. But it made sense considering what he leaned down to see -- his own body! If his body was passed out on the floor, then he must be someone else, hence the heels. Of course, just figuring out that he was in the wrong body did little to explain how it happened, or what had happened to his own body.

Birthday (Part 15)

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After feeling the tingle again, Matt once again found himself in a new body. He was glad to be back in a relaxing bed. From the looks of it, he appeared to be male again. He also felt a warm body rubbing up behind him. It felt good. He imagined a beautiful woman in the bed next to him. However, when he rolled over he was shocked to find himself in bed with another man! This time he had swapped with a gay man! But he also had all this guy’s hormones, and the situation he was in was turning his body on! The whole situation confused him, and he hoped to be hopping to his next body very soon!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Set phasers to stunning

Lyonel loved watching sci-fi television, everything from Star Trek to Star Wars to Doctor Who and beyond. He just wished he could make the things from the show a little more science reality instead of  science fiction. He ultimately decided to try and build one of his favorite devices from one of his favorite show, a transporter. It took a lot of research into existing technologies and how to adapt them, but he managed to make something he was sure would work.. He wanted to test it out to great fanfare, so he planned to teleport  himself into the middle of a sci-fi convention. He must have gotten his calculations wrong. He looked around to find that he wasn’t at the convention and even his body got all screwed up in the teleport: he was now a woman! After feeling like a failure for quite some time, he was finally able to laugh. In a way, his invention was just like the TV show, so prone to failures. Plus, with a body like this, he’d be sure to turn heads at the sci-fi convention even without a perfectly successful transporter.

Make a Wish

Ever since the invention of the bodyswapper things had sure changed. For one, the Make a Wish Foundation got tons of requests from sick children wanting to switch with sports stars or celebrities for a day. The organization accommodated whenever possible. For instance, Tommy and Marty asked to switch with two up-and-coming models for a day. The models happily agreed, and all four hung out for the day with their bodies switched--the models in the bodies of the boys and the boys in the bodies of the models. Everyone hoped one day the bodyswapping technology would offer some sort of cure for such sick children, but unless spare bodies became available or cloning became possible, the sick children would simply get a day in the bodies of their dreams.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How could you forget?

“Did you really think it would be so easy to sneak into this house and steal your body back?” Chad chuckled with his hand firmly on the head of his former body, “Oh, Rebecca, did you forget I’m a wizard? How could you forget about my magic that switched our bodies in the first place? Regardless, what should I do to you now? Apparently, being in my sad, pathetic body wasn’t punishment enough for you. Perhaps I should use my powers to transform you into a rat? Or a cockroach?”

The merge (Part 2)

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A few weeks ago, the only time any guy paid any attention to Gregory was to make fun of him for being the weakling in gym class. That was before his body got merged with Kimberly, one of the most popular girls in school. Now it seemed guys were lining up to talk to him. A few had even asked him to the prom! He wasn’t sure if he liked the attention. Sure, he looked like a popular girl on the outside, but inside he was still a quiet and shy guy! However, he also did secretly want to go to the prom. He ended up asking his fellow nerdy friend, Milton. On prom night, Gregory dolled himself up beautifully, and gave himself one last look in the mirror in his stunning white dress and leather gloves. It would be a night to remember.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Grand finale (Part 1)

Though they may be cheesy, Ron always enjoyed a good magic show. He’d seek them out, particularly ones less well known. Tonight, he was attending one at a tiny venue from a magician he had heard good things about on the internet. Reviews had promised an original experience, one where every member of the audience was involved, with often dark twists. Ron was thrilled to sit down with about a dozen other people for the show. The first trick involved sawing an audience member in half. Ron had never seen it done without a box before! It was mesmerizing and horrifying to see it. When finished, the legs walked off stage on their own and sat back down while the magician placed the protesting torso on on the side of the stage. Several more tricks and it was Ron’s turn to be part of the show. He stood on stage with a woman from the audience. They were going to disappear and then switch places, once again without the aid of any boxes. When the magician waved his wand, the poof was nearly deafening. Ron found himself backstage, holding his ears in reaction to the noise. There was still an illusion involved. He hadn’t actually disappeared; he was just hidden backstage with the props. But he was shocked that he had actually switched places with the woman -- quite literally -- he was in her body! He was scared about the swap, but he hoped everything would return to normal when the magician waved his wand again. But then he thought back to the torso, still sitting on the side of the stage well into the act. He could only hold for a grand finale that would turn everyone back to normal!

Tourist (Part 16)

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When Todd arrived back at the hotel, he took off his coat and collapsed onto the bed. It had been a long day, and he was ready to relax. He wondered if he would ever learn more about his new body, about the life of the woman he was. It’s not like he needed to know. He had enough cash to determine his own destiny, but he had to admit that he was still a little bit curious. Still, any sort of investigation could wait for another day. He was just going to take it easy for the rest of the day.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Only two days

“Are you going to help me look for this medallion or what?” Manfred scolded his wife Fiona as he jumped up onto the ship, “We have two more days on this vacation.If we don’t find the medallion again, then we’re stuck forever. It’s not a bad deal for me, honestly. I don’t mind being you one bit! But you were the one crying yourself to sleep with my body last night, so unless you’re prepared to have a little friend between your legs for the rest of your life, I suggest we start some seriously looking!”

The accident (Part 1)

Chuck realized he should consider himself lucky to be alive. He looked at the front end of the car to see that it had been completely destroyed by an accident. Finding himself alone in the car and in the passenger seat, he could only guess the driver was okay and split. However, Chuck was troubled by the fact that he couldn’t seem to remember getting into a car to begin with. But when he checked his body for any injury, he realized he had a much bigger question: how did he end up in a body that wasn’t his own!? He didn’t know it, but he was one of the many victims of the Great Shift. It had not only swapped Chuck into the body of a woman in that car, but it also swapped the bodies of billions of people across the globe.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Soul (Part 1)

It had been a surreal experience for Troy. His soul had just left his body. He had no control as he felt himself float right out, leaving his body lifeless. He floated for a while before his soul found a new home, attaching itself to a person that couldn’t be more different than who he once was. The biggest difference was that Troy was now a woman, an experience that took some getting used to! His former body died without a soul. Ever since the funeral, Troy had come to the graveyard where it was buried every day. He wanted to tell his family not to be sad. He wanted to tell them that he was still alive but in a different body. But he knew they wouldn’t believe him. They’d probably think he was just a crazy woman, and he also realized such a story might only hurt them more. He decided to keep it a secret.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

All-girls school (Part 2)

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Jake decided to stick out the college and being a woman for at least a few weeks. He spent a lot of his time thinking about it. He got a huge scholarship to attend, but his parents had paid a lot of money for the procedure to feminize him. It wouldn’t be easy to tell them he wanted to give up only a few weeks in. He told himself that he would make a final decision by Christmas break. He had been enjoying his classes. Being a woman wasn’t too bad least on campus where there were no men around. A few times Jake had gone into town with a few of his classmates. He almost instantly understood why so many women complain about men; it was a completely uncomfortable experience. It got more complicated when he felt his female hormones react to being around men for the first time. This would really be a difficult decision!

Friday, February 15, 2013

The end

The bright light caught the attention of most of the world’s population. Some thought it was the sun exploding and were quite surprised to find out they were alive after the incident. However, things were not the same as the light caused people to switch bodies. Some would have preferred the world ended, others were quite happy with the changes to their life.

Witness protection

Last week, Craig had testified against the mob in a high profile court case. And now for the past six days he was undergoing a series of treatments to ensure that he could go into witness protection without ever being discovered. The doctors told him that the process would completely physically change him. Even the best doctors wouldn’t be able to figure out that he wasn’t born a woman. The genital replacement had been painful. He was now on the final stages--getting a new face. It wasn’t nearly as bad. In fact, compared to earlier treatments, it was almost pleasant. He remembered the process of getting his fingerprints changed. That one had hurt!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Science and engineering (Part 1)

Rich had heard a noise coming from the basement of the university’s science and engineering building. He went down to discover Ashley Juarez playing with some of the items in storage. Rich had heard Ashley had been slipping in her studies and figured that whatever she was doing down here simply wasn’t good. He noticed her holding a device, thinking she was stealing it, he lunged at her to try and wrestle it from her hands. The device fell to the ground and shattered, and as it did so it shot out a beam that hit Rich and Ashley. The next thing Rich knew, he was lying on the floor being scolded by his own body. He watched as his own body picked up the device and continued yelling, saying that it would be weeks before it could be repaired. His own body sighed saying that until then, they’d have to live the other’s life. Rich had no idea what was going on until he looked down to discover that he was inside of Ashley’s body! Was she smarter than she let on? Could she have invented a body switching device? It was hard to debate what was clearly right in front of him. He listened intently as Ashley explained what he’d have to do to pull off being her. He still couldn’t believe it all as he walked into her house and into her room. He went into her closet to take off the coat he wore. A sudden feeling of excitement ran over him as it all sunk in. This was his life for the next few weeks, these were his clothes to try on! He was getting excited thinking about the upside of this swap!

His plan (Part 2)

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After activating the device, Rodney felt strange. It was understandable, as he was now inside of Jenn’s body. While she had a hidden desire to know what it was like to be a man, Rodney had no interest in being a woman--apart from implementing his plan, that is. He was sure there were other women who would’ve switched with him, but Jenn just had an innocent look about her; that look was vital to his plan. In addition, after using himself and Jenn as test subjects, he knew the device worked. That was also important for the next part of his plan to amplify the device’s power and cause mass chaos.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Robbed (Part 2)

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TG Body Swap Stolen Body
“My Sargent should be here soon,” Bill told Denise, “It took some convincing, but I’m sure he knows its me.”

Denise watched as Bill sat and waited in the most unladylike manner, his legs spread wide open with a slouch to his back. Any remaining doubts in her head that this woman was really her downstairs neighbor were quickly fading.

Swappers Club (Part 1)

Wayne had paid a hefty premium to be a member of the Swappers Club. The society never gathered together in a single place, but once every two months a few members would go to various places throughout the world where they would go and switch bodies with someone else in a different location for a week. Wayne sat down at the agreed upon spot where the number 21 was dropped in front of him. It meant he would swap with whoever got the matching number. He took a deep breath in before momentarily becoming disoriented. He was now in a new location and in a new body. He saw the number 21 still on the table in front of him, but he also saw his new body. For the first time, he was a woman! He wondered if she had work done. He figured seemed almost cartoonish--with an impossibly skinny waist and a rather large chest. He hadn’t been a member for very long, but his previous swaps had all been with other men. He figured being a woman from time to time was inevitable. It should be interesting. Plus, it was only for a week!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


TG Model Body Swap
Eric woke up hoping last night hadn’t been a dream. A quick look in the mirror confirmed it wasn’t. A woman had come up to him in a bar. She had her head covered except for her eyes. She revealed her face, and Eric was surprised. She was a supermodel. Her face was on billboards and in magazines everywhere. But why was she talking to him? She covered her head back up, and asked if Eric wanted to switch bodies with her. He was puzzled. Why would someone like her want his life? He was a nobody. He didn’t even have a hesitation about being a woman; he quickly agreed. The next thing he knew, he was in her body and she was leading him to her apartment and explaining all about her life. He went to bed with the biggest smile.

He still wondered why she had given up this life. That is, until he went outside. Immediately, he was swarmed by paparazzi. He couldn’t do anything, not even slip off to the bathroom, without someone trying to take a photo. She hadn’t mentioned all this, and he quickly realized that this was what she was trying to escape. She just wanted a bit of privacy, something which Eric now wish he had.


Sam, Tony, and Robert had a problem. The three frat brothers had all developed a crush on the same woman. She was a hot sophomore by the name of Maria. But Maria wanted nothing to do with any of them. One day, Sam brought home a device from his studies at the engineering school that he thought may solve their problem. It was a device that allowed could transform anyone’s body in any way imaginable. Tony and Robert didn’t understand. Sam explained that they could find girls that were willing to sleep with them and use the device to transform their bodies into copies of Maria. He hypothesized that if they were drunk enough, the girls wouldn’t even notice their new bodies. Tony and Robert agreed, and the three put their plan into action at the next frat party. Sure enough, they found three victims. Sam brought them into the basement with the device, but something went wrong. It must have been aimed in the wrong direction, because instead of transforming the girls, it changed Sam, Tony, and Robert! The girls ran upstairs screaming. The guys certainly noticed, but they had been drinking. Instead of being freaked out, they were fascinated and started checking themselves out. Sam suggested an idea as he was checking out his own ass. The three frat brothers would take turns transforming, and the other two would stay as Maria. Each one would get their way with the other two. They were a little skeptical, but drunk enough so that Sam talked them into it. He tried using the device to transform himself back first, but it wouldn’t work. They were stuck! They were all freaking out about it for a while and drank some more beer to calm themselves down. As their drunkenness grew, they became less and less concerned and more and more curious. After an hour, they ended up in a lesbian threesome.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Not thought through

TG Body Swap
Wayne had been so excited to test out his new body switching device that he hadn’t really thought the whole process through. He had used the small device to switch bodies with the first person he saw -- an absolutely stunning woman -- and was quite pleased when he found himself in her body. However, he hadn’t even thought about the fact that upon switching bodies, the device would no longer be in his hands. He certainly hadn’t planned on her running off the way she did. Plus, the heels on his feet made it impossible for him to chase after her. Fortunately, Wayne’s brain was just as brilliant in his new body as it was in his former one. He made quick haste to an electronics shop for a few parts. The body swapping device emitted strong delta waves, even when not being used. He built a simple machine to track those waves to locate his body and the body switcher. Now it was all a matter to find where his body had run off to! He certainly wouldn’t mind keeping this new body, but he did want his invention back!


The four boys had wandered off into the forest during their Boy Scout camping trip. They found their way to a clearing where a strange light shown down. As they walked into it, they felt their bodies transform. Three of the boys couldn’t be more ecstatic. Though they were now female, they were also older. No one would be able to tell them what to do anymore.Only William was concerned. What would they tell their parents? What would they do for money if no one believed who they really were?

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Being stuck in his wife’s body for the weekend was giving Jorge a whole new appreciation for her outfit selection. He had picked some clothes that he always enjoyed seeing her wear, but when he looked in the mirror, something seemed off. Sure, his wife’s hot face and body were looking back. He knew she’d be hot in anything she wore, but the green pants clashed with the purple top. He tried a few other outfits, but nothing seemed to quite go well together. How did she manage this every morning?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nervous intensity

Clifford had been watching the game so far with nervous intensity. There were a number of college recruiters watching. He should be playing in this game, but thanks to a magic medallion that caused him to swap bodies with his aunt, he was watching from the crowd instead. He didn’t expect his aunt to play well, but she was actually doing pretty good. It wasn’t quite as good as he could normally do, but it would probably be good enough to impress some schools. He breathed a sigh of relief; the only obstacle now was figuring out a way to reverse the swap!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Bridal shop (Part 1)

TG Caption Brdial
Victor had seen a thousand brides come through the bridal shop he worked in, and he was often jealous of almost every single one. He wished he could be a gorgeous bride, but there was so much that made that impossible. Even if he could get over the social norms of his male gender, he would still look silly in a gown. Then he saw a woman in the shop one day that seemed unlike the others. Usually they were happy, but she was sad. He talked to her, and asked why she wasn’t looking forward to what should be the happiest day of her life. She explained that it just did not feel right. Something was wrong. As they looked into each other’s eyes, something strange took place. Victor realized he was now the one trying on the dress. He was in her body! And she was in his! They could both see in the other’s eyes that they were now so much more content.

Average day (Part 1)

It had started out like an average day for Joe. After breakfast, he needed to get some shopping done, so he went to the mall. In the midst of the crowd, he noticed someone drop a small, round device. He thought it looked like a clear grenade at first, but he figured no one would be crazy enough to drop a grenade in a crowded mall. Then it exploded. He didn’t expect it to hurt, and it didn’t. But he also didn’t expect to be alive, but he was. In fact, the entire crowd seemed to be fine; they were just knocked to their feet. Speaking of feet, it didn’t take Joe long to notice something different about his. His shoes were pinching. He looked down to see purple boots that were quite feminine. In fact, his whole body was now quite feminine. The strange clear grenade hadn’t blown anyone up, but it did swap everyone’s bodies! And Joe was now in the body of a young woman who had been walking around the mall.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The invention in the basement

TG Transformation Caption
Alice didn’t think too much about her husband Ted hanging out with his buddies, Larry and Brad, in the basement. She just assumed they were drinking beers or something. She had no idea they were building a device capable of transforming their bodies. Their first experiment with the invention was a true challenge. They turned themselves into young, attractive women. The three men were quite proud of their achievement and quite pleased with the results. Their wives’ weren’t nearly as pleased to see three young floozy’s in Alice’s basement!

Ignorance is bliss

Danny hated when his sister would practice her guitar. It was loud and rattled the whole house. He tried to ignore it by playing an RPG game on his computer. But a strange surge of electricity, and the nerdy boy now found himself in the basement in the body of his punk sister. At the same time, she now found herself in front of the computer in her dorky brother’s body. Neither was happy about the swap.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Magic wand

TG Magic Caption
Usually when Bill called Norm to hang out, it was because he wanted to grab a few beers or something, but this time was different. Norm was surprised to see Bill’s sister, Natalie, sitting quietly in a chair. Norm hadn’t seen Natalie since high school, so he was a little surprised. Before he could strike up a conversation, Bill instructed Norm to sit down. Norm unconsciously complied. Bill then showed off a wand, which he claimed was magic. Norm laughed, but Bill soon proved it by switching Norm and Natalie’s brains. Norm verbally objected, but Bill simply responded by using the want to morph Norm’s clothes into a pink dress, black corset, and very tall heels. Norm objected again, and this time, Bill used the magic want to shrink Norm’s waist to an impossibly small size. Norm decided he’d sit down, shut up, and least for now.

Cineplex (Part 2)

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Chris had been running in and out of movie posters all day. He was really enjoying this. It seemed he could only change into a woman. He tried jumping into a poster with only men, but he found he was unable. He realized this presented a problem if he ever wanted to go back to being himself, but he also didn’t consider being able to take the form of just about any female celebrity a “problem.”

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Time running out

TG Body Swap
When Derek spotted Veronica in his former body, he quickly ducked behind a car. He had eluded her for the past 24 hours and if he could do so for just 15 more minutes, the spell he had cast to switch their bodies would be sealed, and there would be nothing she could do to switch them back. However, if she touched him skin-to-skin, he’d wind up back in his former body. He didn’t want that. He liked being Veronica. He hoped that he could continue hiding from her until time ran out.

That's what friends are for (Part 1)

Barney couldn’t believe he was doing this. Ernie was his best friend, but he started to think this well beyond responsibilities of friendship. Ernie’s wife had just left him; however, an important company picnic with clients in attendance required Ernie to bring her--families were good for sales! He begged for Barney’s help. He’d use an experimental device the company had been working on to transform him into an exact copy of Diane for the duration of the picnic and transform him back once they returned home. Barney reluctantly agreed. After the transformation, Barney looked down. Ernie had definitely made some enhancements! Diane’s breasts were big, but they weren’t THIS big...even from this different vantage point, they shouldn’t be THIS big. Barney thought about fighting it, but decided he just wanted to get this whole thing over with.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Put on a shirt and get to work

“You need to stop whining,” Brendan told his girlfriend as he applied lipstick for the first time, “We’ve missed a week of work already, and we really can’t afford to miss any more. We spent that time trying to reverse this body swap, but it’s time to accept that we’re stuck in each other’s bodies for good. Now stop moping and put on a shirt. You need to finish getting ready and head off to my job!”

Talent (Part 3)

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Larry thought that even if he couldn’t play the piano, maybe he could dance? He stood up, but his movements were stiff. He figured it was a long shot. It’s not like he knew how to dance before the transformation, what would have possibly made him think he could do it after? He sighed as he took one last effort with a dramatic spin and twist.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wishing fountain (Part 2)

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Charles grabbed a coin from the purse and tossed it into the fountain. He wished for his old life back, but nothing happened. He took a seat on the side of the fountain, but still nothing. He went through the bag for another coin, tossed it in, and wished for his old body back. Again, nothing. He was beginning to panic. What had he gotten himself into with that wish? And why couldn’t he reverse it?

Saturday, February 2, 2013


When Duncan’s parents had been told their son had been involved in an accident at college, they were worried. They were told he was okay but “different.” They waited to see what that meant. Their hearts beat faster when his car pulled up, but were shocked when a woman got out. He had been involved in a brain swapping accident, but it wasn’t his new body that shocked them; it was how well he seemed to have adapted to the fact that he was now their daughter.

Friday, February 1, 2013

The pain (Part 2)

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As the pain slowly faded, Patrick’s senses started feeling something else: confusion. His whole body felt different, and he was sure his eyes were playing tricks on him.From his perspective, his body now seemed a lot curvier, and he was sure he hadn’t been wearing bright red pants a few minutes ago! His skin even felt softer to the touch, and his nose now smelt perfume. His first instinct was an insistence on delusion.

Time running out

Mitchell was on an undercover mission, but his time was running out. His disguise would only last for another hour or so. In that time, he needed to seduce the enemy, steal the codes, and get back to base. His quickly reapplied the lipstick to his borrowed body. If he didn’t get back in time, he’d be stuck in this body and never go back to his own.