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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Make a Wish

Ever since the invention of the bodyswapper things had sure changed. For one, the Make a Wish Foundation got tons of requests from sick children wanting to switch with sports stars or celebrities for a day. The organization accommodated whenever possible. For instance, Tommy and Marty asked to switch with two up-and-coming models for a day. The models happily agreed, and all four hung out for the day with their bodies switched--the models in the bodies of the boys and the boys in the bodies of the models. Everyone hoped one day the bodyswapping technology would offer some sort of cure for such sick children, but unless spare bodies became available or cloning became possible, the sick children would simply get a day in the bodies of their dreams.


  1. I love this one :D Those lucky boys :)

  2. Great story! Brilliant, Original & charming but sad as well.