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Friday, February 8, 2013

Average day (Part 1)

It had started out like an average day for Joe. After breakfast, he needed to get some shopping done, so he went to the mall. In the midst of the crowd, he noticed someone drop a small, round device. He thought it looked like a clear grenade at first, but he figured no one would be crazy enough to drop a grenade in a crowded mall. Then it exploded. He didn’t expect it to hurt, and it didn’t. But he also didn’t expect to be alive, but he was. In fact, the entire crowd seemed to be fine; they were just knocked to their feet. Speaking of feet, it didn’t take Joe long to notice something different about his. His shoes were pinching. He looked down to see purple boots that were quite feminine. In fact, his whole body was now quite feminine. The strange clear grenade hadn’t blown anyone up, but it did swap everyone’s bodies! And Joe was now in the body of a young woman who had been walking around the mall.


  1. Love your work! I've seen this girls pic around, do you have any idea who she is?

  2. Hey a mindbomb story! awesome! Thanks for posting!!